Ishana kneels down and opens a door and climbs down through the ladder all follow her she closes the door

She switches on the light

All gasp

Ishana- never thought i would have to use this room in my life but circumstances forced us , i know what you all are thinking , mom made it after she got to know that man’s truth

All nod

She gives anika saumya clothes

Ishana- you guys need to change else it will be difficult to escape , second thing network in mansion wont be found but we will get here so try calling police

She gives men the clothes

When she was handing over bullet proof jacket for vikram she realised that it wasnt bullet proof

Ishana- wait

And takes of her jacket

Ishana- take this papa

Vikram takes it

All change (anika saumya ishana in other room so that men can change)

All come out

Ishana- guys call police that bastard must have come with his army

They hear footsteps

Ishana- everyone be quiet

And climbs up

And locks second time for security and holds the door so that no one senses them

A voice – police came

Raj – they must have called kill the policemen

And firing is heard

Ishana fumes

After firing

Ishana takes three guns and hides them in her clothes and socks

Anika- no chutki you are not going anywhere

Ishana- di i have to and remember if i am successful then our mom will get justice

Adika get emotional

Ishana- keep calling for help to police and if i die , then dont cry i will be going to mom ok i’m missing her

Aditya – wait chutki we will find a way

Raj – find them

Ishana – i dont have much time bhaisa i have to go pls dont stop me i promised maa

Aditya loosens his hold on her

Ishana hugs adika

Then shivru

Om also hugs her

Vikram was going to hug her but she touches his feet for his blessings

Vikram- vijayi bhava

Ishana controlled herself and climbed out

Instantly firing started

Om- i cant sit back i’m going to help her

All- what why

Om- because i love her and she is my wife jiyenge toh saath jiyenge warna marenge toh saath marenge

All are shocked

He takes a gun and climbs out

Anika- even i’m going she needs us

Aditya- i’m coming too

Anika- rudra saumya shivaay papa stay back here

Shivaay- i’m coming with you

They take guns

Here ishana is shooting when someone grabs she then slaps tht person

It was om

Ishana- what are you doing here

Om kisses her

Om- i love you ishana you arent only my wife but also my life if you die i will die too

Ishana kisses him to shut up

Ishana(crying)- no i wont let you , go back

Om- no we will against this man

Ishana complies

Someone shoots a goon

The shot was very clear

Ishana- bhaisa , omg did he also come out

Adi- shivika are also here

Ishana- go back all of you

All- no we will fight for you

They are firing meanwhile rumya have called police

Vikram sneaks out

Ishana sees him

Ishana- papa pls you go back there

Vikram- i think i know where raj is now plus we have to start evacuating

Ishana- yeah we should come lets go , papa did you lock rumya

Vikram- i did

Suddenly raj comes with sword

Raj- where do you think you are going bhaiya

And is going to attack him but a clash sound is heard

Ishana had taken a sword from nearby showpiece and protected her father

Vikram looks at her in shock

Lights are switched on

Ishana shouts – go

Raj starts attacking her while she defends herself

Raj falls down

A kerosene bottle falls down on him soaking him

Ishana runs to the front door as police has come

Ishana- everyone go out , inspector rudra and saumya are in the secret room go to the library downstairs and pull the blue book you will find it easy to rescue them

Inspector goes to rescue rumya

Meanwhile shivika have come out there is barricading , the oberois and dadasa dadisa see them safe

Aditya goes out next

Then when vikram is coming out ishana sees that raj is now standing and is aiming his gun at vikram

Ishana- NO!!!

and pushes vikram out

And gets shot two time in her back and two bullets were so fast and strong that it came out of her shoulder , blood was oozing out

Ishana holds a door and then shoots in rajs direction due to which he catches fire

Ishana collapsea

They take her to hospital

Rumya are rescued

They goto hospital

Doc- we need o+ blood

Vikram- i will give her

Adika- no need maahi is coming in five mins he will give her blood

Maahi arrives and donates blood

Ishana was shifted to icu

Suddenly her vitals start sinking

Doc rushes and saves her but she goes into coma

Doc- i’m sorry but she has gone into coma

Adika cry

Vikram cries

Anika- why are you crying papa , smile na you wanted her to die , but see its even worse neither she is in life nor in death , she even found happiness in death saying that she will meet maa but now neither she can see us nor maa be happy na

Aditya- great you must have prayed for that wow dad wow you trusted that man he did your work you got rid of her

Vikram- i’m sorry i …

Adika- save this sorry for later

After one week
Ishana opened her eyes they took her back home she was very weak , so weak that she couldnt move on her own adi anika maahi ranveer prinku someone would be there for her vikr wanted to help her but his guilt didnt let him , ishana thought thay maybe vikram blamed her for this incident too

One day
Ishana was sleeping when vikram came he carressed ger face and she woke up

Ishana- what happened papa you wanted something

Vikram was almost in tears

Vikram- no actually i went to siddhivinayak to pray for you..

Ishana- papa i know you want me to go away , you dont have to disturb ganeshji for that just some days more and i will leave myself

Vikram- no its not that i …

Aditya- chutki meds eat now and go to sleep

Ishana takes her medicines and sleeps

Adika- papa how many times we have told you not to go near her , we dint want her to take stress

Vikram- but…

Adika- we are done come lets have lunch

Next day
No one except vikram and ishana was there ishana didnt know that aditya and anika both werent there and she shouted

Ishana- bhaiya

Vikram ran towards her room

Vikram- what happened princess

Ishana- papa you i thought bhaiya

Vikram- tell me i can help you

Ishana- actually i’m feelind cold and suffocated here so…

Vikram- hold on i’m just coming

He goes and comes back with a woollen cap (ishana’s favourite from childhood) and a shawl (ishika’s fav) makes her wear it

And picks her up as if she was a baby

Ishana- papa what are you doing its not good for you in this age you can hurt yourself plus i maybe heavy for you

Vikram- shut up what do you mean by this age i’m still young and second thing you are too thin for your age so you arent heavy for me

He takes her to garden and makes sit and sits beside her

Ishana leans her head on his shoulder

Vikram- princess???
Ishana- from when did you start calling me princess again

Vikram- when i realised tht you were too precious for me to loose you

Ishana(controlling her tears)- hmmm..

Vikram- i missed this , us spending time together , princess

Tears roll from both their eyes

Vikram senses that ishana is crying as her tears made his shirt wet

Ishana- me too papa

After some days ishana recovers totally

She returned to office

And now she was way too strict with her employees shocking everyone


When she was in her cabin (her , vikram,adi, anika's cabin were connected ) she shouted

When she was in her cabin (her , vikram,adi, anika’s cabin were connected ) she shouted

Ishana- what the hell is this

All goto her cabin (even obros were there for some work)

Aditya- what happened chutki

Ishana- i’m sorry but what should i do these good for nothing people have such a bad presentation (throws file at them) i want a perfect presentation else you will be fired

They rush

Vikram- why are you taking out your anger for me on them

Ishana was silent

Vikram kneels down on his knees near ishana’s chair

Vikram- i’m sorry princess i know what ever i have done is unforgivable but…

Ishana- i’m not gonna talk about this

She leaves

Om follows her

She reaches car parking area

Om holds her hand

Om- forgive him ishana

Ishana- did you forgive tej uncle

Om was silent

Ishana- and you think that i will be able to forgive papa do me a favour

Om – what favour

Ishana- kiss me like you are kissing me for the last time

Om kisses her senselessly and she wraps her legs around him

And they break their kiss

Ishana sits in her car leaves

Om- why did she say like that

All oberois and rathores come for lunch as ishana invited them  she had cooked meals herself all praised her

At night
She wears her hoodie and leaves to ahemdabad and doesnt tell anyone about it , she runs away

Next day
Everyone comes to know that ishana ran away and vikram blames himself and gets a heart attack

Doc tells aditya to not let him take stress

Precap: one month later….

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