[By Renima Ishqie]
Hey Ishqies, am very happy with your comments as you all liked the ishkara’s bond of pain. This part I have tried my level best to convey their emotions and once again please excuse me as it is short.

Scene-8 (@ Art hub…Continuation from the 5th part)
Ishana : Omkaraji, if you want you can share me your problem as I told you once am also a good listener.

Omkara : Anika didn’t said it??
Ishana : She just said you are so good that you are not able to identify reality. She said you expect something from those people you know very well. While it is not necessary that you will gain what you want.
Omkara : What a co-incidence? Shivaay also said that I should try to accept people with their faults. I am unable to judge this world.
Ishana : Omkaraji, then how do you analyse ?
Omkara : Ishana as you once said I believe in heart…..
{Ishkara-Eyelock-}But now I feel that my heart is like a blank paper…..As ridhima said I will be alone in this struggle…..

Ishana : No, Omkaraji….You are not alone….Am {Ishu felt to say “Am with you always”….But she is not able to express it…So she just said} …..I mean to say I will try to support you….And omkaraji….. Life will give you lessons and if you will be like a blank paper only you will be rewarded with pain….But life has to move on and….May be that’s why I put one face over the other one…..{Ishana literally cries and Omkara feels so sad for her.}I think….I should….go….{Omkara placed his hand on her shoulder and looked her. With teary eyes Ishu looked @ Omkara as his touch was really an unexpected relief for her…..They stared each other as unknowingly their pain was uniting them to a different level of love……}
Omkara : Ishana…….

Ishana : Yes, Omkaraji…..{Both of them are speechless as they really don’t know to convey what is going on through their minds. Suddenly Mona reaches there and calls Ishana as “Di”. Omkara took away his hands from her shoulder and both of them just tried to behave like nothing has happened}
Mona : Di, we have to go…We are getting late…
Ishana: Bye, Omkaraji….{She is about to leave Omkara stops her by calling her name. Ishana turns back}
Omkara : Take Care…..
Ishana : You also…..
{They smiled each other and Ishu left the Art hub with Mona.
Omkara pick the brush given by Ishu and he started painting}

Scene-9 (Ishana’s Home)
Ishu’s dad : Am glad that my ishu beta finally got a platform to explore herself.
Ishana : Well,paapa the credit goes to Mona. If she didn’t compelled me to join the art hub it would not have happened
Ishu’s Dad : Mona, Am proud of you beta….{He hugs Mona}
Ishana : Mona, are you okay ?
Mona : Am ok, di why you asked so ?
Ishana : I felt you a bit tensed
Mona : Me…Tension….Di first of all why I should be in tension when my di has get another chance for a new life? Am so happy….But bit tired as am not feeling well….
Ishu’s dad : What happened beta ??

Mona : Paapa, just a head ache….Nothing serious…..
Ishu : Oh my God, Mona you take rest….You will feel better
Mona : Ok di {Mona goes inside and she thinks “di already suffered a lot. Finally di got a chance to become a dancer. And my problem is nothing as I can handle it ….”}
Scene-10 (@ Oberoi Mansion)
Jhanvi : Shivaay,where is omkara?
Shivaay : Badi maa, I think he is @ the Art Hub
Jhanvi : His friends are his paintings, idols and sculptures.To make the passion as profession is really a big thing….Isn’t it Shivaay ??
Shivaay : I don’t know badi maa. For me business is really a big thing. Am not passionate about my profession but am like a player in this field. If I missed something then I have to suffer the loss. Apart from that we are oberois and I don’t want a loss as Shivaay Singh Oberoi is born to win.
Priyanka : Born to win?? Bhaiya, but Anika didi always score well in field.
Shivaay : May be she can score well. But she can’t score better than me.
Priyanka : And if it happens, what will you do?

Shivaay : Prinku,it is impossible.You don’t understand….
Jhanvi : Oh!Enough Guys. It is too late. Go and sleep guys….

Scene-11 ( @Art hub)
Its morning. Anika, Prinku, and Mona are surrounded @the entrance of the Art Hub. Mona is tensed and Anika tries to convince Mona.
Mona : Anika didi, I need some money since I can’t ask my di as she is really in tough situation.I want to attend my exams.
Anika : I know it Mona, I feel so sad for you as you are unable to pay semester fee since your family is badly facing huge debt.
Prinku : I will ask Shivaay bhaiya and he will offer you money
Anika : Prinku, billuji will surely help Mona. But I think this is not the right way.
Mona : Exactly.
Anika : Well, I have a solution. Prinku,why can’t you run the canteen of college?
Prinku : Me, Anika….Am not able to take this responsibility. And I don’t know cooking or anything about dishes.

Anika : Prinku, No problem. Mona will help you. Isn’t it Mona?
Mona : Yeah, I am not an expert in the kitchen. But somehow I can manage it. And prinku, with studies I will help you in canteen whenever I will get time.
Prinku : That’s really nice. So now I will also be a earning member like Shivaay Bhaiya and Omkara Bhaiya. But how could I convince Shivaay Bhaiya? Am sure he will not allow this…
Anika : Let keep this as a secret. Until I will not tell to open it guys please keep it as a secret for Billuji and Ishana.

Prinku : Ok Anika…You are just amazing….
Mona : Yeah didi, you solved my problem…Thank you…..
{Ishana reaches there and asks “Guys, What is going on here”}
Mona : Nothing di, And di…today I have college.And its already late. So bye di…..{Mona hugs Ishu and leaves}

Prinku : Anika, we were talking about the dresses, Right?
Anika : Oh, yeah….Ishu I will be back within 2 hrs. You just go and check out the songs for performance. I have placed the list of songs @ gallery. Lets go Prinku….
{Ishu gets confused and goes inside the Art hub. She saw Omkara as he was fallen asleep near his canvas. The brush which Ishu picked yesterday night was still in his hands. Ishu took away the brush from his hands and [email protected] by thinking…”Seems omkara was not able to sleep well yesterday. She observed the sketch done by [email protected] canvas. She felt the canvas as omkara’s inner wounds as the sketch depicted some unusual combinations of colours. She then again turned to Omkara and thought “let him sleep well. I should not disturb him”. She decided to leave but before she could leave….Omkara holds her hands….}

PRECAP : Omkara argues with Tej……..

So, ishqies, I have tried to convey the unique feel of love through this part. [Actually about this part I felt very emotional when I wrote omkara placed his hand on ishu’s shoulder as I experienced the same moment though it is very different in my real life’s love.]Sorry for opening it as still I don’t know how it came on this part. Hope you don’t mind….

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  1. Priya15

    Wow di..each n every part touched my heart to the core.. Trust me i don’t have words to express these things.. U r an amazing writer….lagta hai ishkara ka confession toh bahut emotional hoga.. I have a request di..pls yeh omkara ji mein ji ata do.. That look so strange.. Pls…..

    Luv u di…

    1. Renimarenju

      Maine next part mein ji ko hata di ….and …when u read that u will love it…Thanks

  2. LOVELY episode renima di. keep going.

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks….i have posted next part also…and tmrw i will post last three parts

  3. Lovely epi di,,,,,,loved it

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks….i have posted next part also…and tmrw i will post last three parts

      1. Disha

        wht you mean by last parts abhi to start hi kiya di itni jaldi end??

      2. Renimarenju

        Disha….Time milti hi nahi mujhe,…..And…..I love to end within ….Yaar…..Last part…mein padho….bas…..suspense ko aise hi rahne do

  4. Disha

    really very nice di ishkara part heartouching

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks dear

  5. Piyaliii

    Di awesome episode….wow,amazing…
    aapke liye meri dictionary k saare best words khatam ho gaye yrr…..kaha se lau itne words…
    You are the best!

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks piyali 4 commenting

  6. I have read all the parts….. N it is really nice.. renima diii…continue writing…..

    1. Renimarenju

      Oh Thank u aditi ishqie…well i have submitted the 9th part also….And soon i will submit last part…..lack of time ffs are short……

  7. Agreed with priya felt so emotional di and yaa I can understand the scarcity of time but if fortune and time permitted so plz write more because I was feeling like this story should never end and continue in real IB too

    1. Renimarenju

      Omg! It has to end….Thanks 4 support

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