[by Renima Ishqie]
Hey Ishqies, am so glad that you all enjoyed previous parts. And guys sorry for making it short ,but will try to convey the inner feelings of characters within limitations. Thanks for supporting me.

Scene-5 (@ Art Hub)
Ishana dances on bairi piya…..bada be-dard-e….she dances well and omkara observes her movements standing in a corner of the gallery….. While she was dancing omkara realized the pain of ishu for not getting a platform to expose her talent…..As ishu was dancing so well …..Ishu stopped dancing before the song ended …..Omkara wondered…..Anika and Shivaay reaches there but om didn’t noticed it as he had lost his mind in ishu’s dance…

Omkara : Ishana, Why did you stopped dancing ??
Shivaay : Om, we want to tell you something. Please come with me.
Omkara : But shivaay, how can I come….{[email protected] ishu}as you know….Anika please convince shivaay…..
Anika : Omkara if you didn’t go with billuji now you will suffer extreme pain…..
Omkara : What??, guys please tell me what is the matter ??
Shivay : Om, come with me….As I couldn’t say anything{[email protected] ishu and in an anger}why this girl is here?
Anika : Billuji, it is not the right time to show attitude….

Shivaay : Me, attitude? Oh! Anika…you are showing attitude..
Omkara : Shivaay,Anika…..please stop arguing and tell me what …..
Anika : Omkara, now you should go with billuji, it’s an emergency….
Don’t worry….here I can manage things….
Omkara : I know Anika, as you are saying I think I should go with shivaay……
Shivaay : Lets go om…{ Shivaay and omkara leaves}
Anika : Ishana, you danced well…Sorry I was engaged in a work that I was unable to watch it from the beginning….
Ishana : It’s ok….Anika….
Anika : Are you comfortable ?

Ishana : Of course….why you asked so ?
Anika : I felt you are bit tensed….
Ishana: No, not at all….
Anika : Ishana, do you feel hugry?
Ishana {smiles} : No anika
Anika : Am feeling hungry,lets have some samosa with tea…..come with me ……ishana….{Ishana is confused} Don’t think too much…..lets go …..

Scene-6 ( @ Paradise Five star Hotel)
Omkara : Shivaay, why you bring me here?
Shivaay : Om, have a look on the people sitting @ corner…..
{Omkara turns his eyes on the corner and shocked to see Ridhima with Roop and Gayatri…..}
Roop : Ridhima, you are a very good actor….You should grab a filmfare….How you placed the cd ?
Ridhima : Even, shivaay singh oberoi the great wall of omkara was not able to find what happened…..

Gayatri : When police enquired tej after checking the cd I felt they would put Tej inprison. But shivaay ruined our plans….
Ridhima : Don’t worry, I have another plan also…..You know omkara is ……{ Shivaay and Omkara interrupts their conversation by calling “Ridhima “….Ridhima, Gayatri and Roop are shocked …..}
Shivaay : Ridhima, Initially I have a doubt on you. But I was not confirmed until Anika exposed the truth…

Ridhima : Anika??
Shivaay : Yes, when Anika saw you entering into bade paapa’s room and enquired about it you lied something like you lost your CD ….based on your project and you was searching that…. Isn’t it ??
Roop : Shivaay beta, Ridhima has no connection with the girl whom you saw in cd ?? As you know… { Roop realized by accidentally she said it and looks at ridhima and gayatri. Both of them express their anger through eyes….}
Ridhima : Om…she mean to say that….
Omkara : Enough Ridhima, Explanations are given when one person lies. Why you did it ? { Omkara much frustrated and emotional}
Shivaay : Ridhima and Gayatri, how you think about destroying oberoi family?? You can’t fool oberois as we have tight security,spies also…..And it is not very easy to play pranks on oberois….From our spies I came to know your evil plans and I have informed the police commissener. You …. blo*dy people…..
Ridhima : Mr. Shivaay, How dare you use that word?? We done this because your family head I mean Tej Singh Oberoi has ruined our lives. Tej forced and threatened Gayatri’s husband to commit suicide as he got proof against tej singh oberoi’s evil intentions. And what Tej has done to my sister…….{Ridhima gets emotional…..}
Shivaay : Enough…You drama queens…. Police will be here within few minutes….
Omkara : Ridhima….Why ??….{omkara with teary eyes}

Ridhima : Omkara, you was like a puppet in my hands for the past three years. Just like your dad utilized my sister….She tried to commit suicide…..She recorded her own death as it was only way to show her revenge…..But she is alive….When she fall [email protected] the floor the camera placed on the table also fall as her hands hit the camera….and….She is alive…But she is….A living corpse….She is not able to walk, not able to talk, not able to smile and not able to cry….. I want tej singh oberoi’s pain….The best revenge to him will be to separate his son omkara from him as it is easy since omkara didn’t consider tej as his dad….
Roop : I don’t want to hurt my veerji, but what he did to my husband can’t be justified….My husband and veerji were business partners and veerji cheated him and we lose everything…{she gets emotional}

Shivaay : Buaji…..
Ridhima : We all done this as you oberois forced we to do it…..
{ A team of police enters there as shivaay called them. They arrests Ridhima,Gayatri and Roop. When they are about to leave Ridhima states “Shivaay, Om….I don’t feel regret as I have done the right thing for my sister. I have done justice for my sister.But omkara ……”}

Omkara: Ridhima, if you don’t mind can I meet your sister?
Ridhima : Omkara, it has no use. As she is….
Omkara : Please,……
Ridhima : She is in City hospital. Her name is Kritika……Om, you are very honest …..Take care of yourselves as may be you will be alone in your battle of life……I really mean it!!!
{Roop, Gayatri and Ridhima leaves the spot with the team of police}

Scene-7 (@ OberoiMansion)
Om is very much upset and shivaay tries to convince om
Shivaay : Om, Am not an artist to capture things in frame. I take every incident as a deal….
Omkara : Shivaay, sometimes I wish if I could be like you….
{Shivaay and Omkara stares each other with teary eyes….}
Shivaay : I think we should not discuss more about this…..I have to make an urgent phone call….Take care….om….{shivaay leaves}
Omkara decide to go art hub as he felt his canvas can help him to heal his inner pain.
Scene-8 ( @Art Hub)
Anika : Omkara, I have checked the floral designs.
Omkara : Anika, We can discuss these things tomorrow.
Anika : Ok, Omkara, I can understand…..
Omkara : Thank you Anika….you have really done …..{om unable to complete words}
Anika : Omkara, I can’t see my friend in a trouble…..See you tomorrow….{she leaves}
{Omkara tries to paint on canvas but his brush falls down and Ishana takes the brush…..They share an eyelock}

Omkara : Ishana, You are still here…..
Ishana : Actually, I think I have forgotten steps of dance…..
Omkara : Not at all, Ishana….Dance is your passion……If you feel your profession as a job only you can’t dance really well…..Dance is an art form….The gestures, eyes will convey so many things while you dance…..Am not a dancer…But I respect art and the one who perform art…..
Ishana : Am sorry…..
Omkara : For what ??
Ishana : Whatever happened @ that day……..
Omkara : Ishana, am also sorry … I blamed your ………..

{They gets very emotional…..Ishu feels omkara is in pain…}
Ishana: Omkaraji….I have no right to advice you….But just want to tell you that you are able to frame so many things in canvas….You can colour pics, idols like the way you want…..As these colours will not cheat you…..But the whole worldwill not be able to do that as colours are mixed with money, circumstances and so many things…….
Omkara : The pain offered by the world is the biggest reward for me…..I have an intimate relation with pain and still it is going on….
{Ishana and Omkara stares each other….Their unexpected turns and consequences which they face may be different ……@ the edge of pain really they want to heal each other’s pain as they can’t tolerate tears on each other’s eyes……}

PRECAP : Anika and Priyanka helps Mona……

So, Ishqies…hope you like it. Please comment on it….

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  1. It was awesome.. Plz post the next asap…nd the pain between omkara and ishana is what is connecting me with this story…luved it very much….

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      Thanks a lot….

  2. Sat

    Wow very nice di. I just loved. Sorry for not commenting in before ffs, I didn’t notice that it was written by you. Please add at least little of shivika. Again, it is awesome

    1. Renimarenju

      Sat….dear…thanks …….shivika i have added , will try 4 more of them

  3. wow superb di

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      Shivu…..thank you

  4. Priya15

    Wow… Di.. The way u described their pain… Aww.. I want to say that looks so natural… Superb di..

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      Thanks priya ishqie….

    2. Renimarenju

      Thanks priya

  5. Disha

    its amazing very heart touching lines by ishana

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      1. Disha

        so happy to hear this love u a lot di

  6. Veryyyyy Heart Touching!!!!!!!!!! Loving ur ff very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Renimarenju

      Oh mukta thamks 4 commenting…..well u can see more emotionalparts

  7. Renima this episode is very much emotional its like i can feel it i dntknw why

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      Thank you shahabana

  8. Finally I am free and now ur ff is better than mine your really awesome writer

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks 4 commenting…And don’t say my ff is better than ur ff… what u have done is really very amazing…..not easy to include our ishqbaaz family members as characters….which really surprised me yaaar……Ur imagination is outstanding

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