(Part-3) [ by Renima Ishqie]
Hey Ishqies, Am with part 3 of my ff and I have tried to make it a bit long and I expect your suggestions and comments as from this part onwards the new face of love will begin and from next part onwards I will portray the unique ishkara’s new face of love….So ishqies, please comment on it.

Scene-3 {continuation of scene-3 from part 2}
Ishu’s dad : Ishu, Mona….i want to say something
Mona : What paapa ? Again you will ask me for drinks?
Ishu’s dad: No dear…I just want to say my daughters are in a tough situation as am an irresponsible father
Ishu :Oh! Paapa ….please stop blaming yourself
Mona : Di is right. You are not alone paapa as di and I will always stand with you though you are right or wrong
Ishu : Paapa, please control yourself….
The conversation is interrupted as Mona gets a phonecall. In phone she says “Yeah, we will be there in half an hour”
Mona : Di, get ready soon. As I said am going to show you the new face
Ishu : What new face ? Another plans for conning? I couldn’t do it any more….
Mona : Di not at all. Now just get ready as we have to be there in time…. Once we will be there, you will get what am saying….Hurry up!!
Ishana is confused and both ishu and mona goes inside

Scene 4- @Art hub
Prinku points out a corner of the art hub and says “Bhaiya I saw that girl there” Om, Shivaay and Jhanvi looks there and they didn’t find anybody
Shivaay : Prinku , nobody is there.
Suddenly shivaay hears somebody calls him as ‘Billuji’ and it was none other than Anika
Shivaay : Anika, why are you here? { surprised and shocked to see anika }
Anika : Am here for Omkara
Omkara : Shivaay, don’t get tensed. I have appointed anika as secretary of this art hub
Shivaay : But why Anika ??
Omkara : Because she is the part of our family. As you know next week exhibhition is ahead and I have to do so many things. Since I need somebody’s help as Ridhima is busy with a project I called anika as she can help me.
Jhanvi : Yeah, That’s good. Anika is able to handle things well.
Shivaay : Badi maa, prinku just relax as now there is no trouble and what all prinku said I will manage it
Jhanvi : Iknow shivaay and now I think we must leave and let om and anika do their work .
Anika : Omkara, as you said I have prepared the list and please check it. {Anika handovers a file to omkara}
Mona and Ishana reaches the art hub.
Ishu : Mona, what is this ?
Mona : Di, I told you this is the new face
Ishu : New face?? { ishu gets anger and frustrated}
Mona, I already revealed my face here. Bitter truth has come out. Now I can’t put a new face…as am….
Anika : Excuse me, who is ishana ?
Ishu {much tensed} : Yes,am Ishana
Anika {smiles}: Hi, am Anika { she looks @ mona and asks her, so you are the girl ?}
Mona : Yes anika didi
Anika : Am sure,omkara will be happy to see you
{Anika [email protected] Ishana and Ishana is much worried and confused….}

PRECAP: ISHKARA-EYE LOCK….New Face of Love Begins…..

Ishqies….Please comment on it….

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  1. Priya15

    wow….ishkara meet..i m excited ..pls update soon di….i luv it..i m waiting for meeting..

    1. Renimarenju

      Oh priya thanks 4 commenting….Next episodeonwards… u will be able to see ishkara meeting, emotions and much more

  2. Nice one plz update asap …..and if u are comfortable than can u make it a bit longer otherwise it was amazing.

    1. Renimarenju

      Piya, will try dear ishqie…..but amidst of work schedule @ office in between breaks am posting it. So please try to understand….And thanks for commenting

      1. Ohk I m so sorry dear

  3. Waiting for ishkara …..

  4. Nice update…please make longer next time

    1. Renimarenju

      Will try to make long…..I already appologised every reader as am posting in between work schedule…..But will try to make it long…..So please support me….Thanks 4 commenting

  5. Sat

    Very nice di, I am loving it. Please update ASAP

    1. Renimarenju

      So sweet of u sat….though i didn’t get time 2 comment on ur ff u commented on my ff……Thanks dear…..will soon read ur ff and try 2 comment

  6. Shaza

    Wow di , it’s awesome..??super eagerly waiting for ishkara meeting ???

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks shaza

  7. Disha

    very nice episode di first and second episode also fab waiting for next

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks disha ishqie……next u can find ishkara love

  8. Sorry di for replying sooooooo late but kya karu time hi nhi mil pata…… anyways the episode is just awesome, fabulous, marvelous!!!!!!!!!! U r super talented di, I mean u write poems so well n this ff is also very nice!!!!!!!!!! Just loving it di!!!!!!!!!! Ek baat btau di, sachhi wali, I’m not reading any Ishkara ff except urs!!!!!!! Actually I don’t get that much time to read all ffs so I just go through Shivika ffs n urs is the only Ishkara ff, I read!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very good n I know all other are also good but sorry can’t give time to them!!!!!!!!!!! Love uhh di n ur ff………..

    1. Renimarenju

      So sweet mukta, time mujhe bhi nahi hai…..i post just because our ishqies miss ishkara,,,,
      Thanks 4 commenting

  9. Sorry d…m commenting…soooo late but today i never opened ff section ….now m reading it ur part 2 n 3 both r awsomeee..superbbbbbn..same as the lines u wrote on episode page…..n d no need to say sorry for short i lved it although it is short or long….so just chill n yeah post next when u can…

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks dear abiha ishqie……

  10. Piyaliii

    Yup di!….
    Episode was awesome se bhi awesome…..
    Mast!!!……as I reading all the parts at same time…there is no suspense…but acha h tension nhi rehta….???????

    1. Renimarenju

      Thank u so much piyali

  11. What to say I am totally speech bound renima di by ” new face” ..
    Let me share something if I am confused till the ending of the ff that surely make me tempted to read and know more… And your storyline is out of universe di

  12. Renimarenju

    Oh Bshama your comment is really inspiring…Thanks

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