[ By Renima Ishqie ] Hey Ishqies am back with part 2 of my ff. Since many of you felt it too short I just want to say am writing it in the midst of hectic work schedule. So ishqies ,please forgive me as I can’t make it long. And in character sketch I forgot to mention Tej and Gayatri since they are also the part of this ff. Sorry for the inconvience.

Scene- 2 @ Oberoi Mansion
Priyanka is so much scared. Om, Shivaay and Jhanvi are surrounded near prinku
Jhanvi : Prinku, Relax….I think it was just an illusion
Prinku : No mom, Am damn sure I saw that girl and how can I forget her face ?
Om : Prinku, Are you sure ? I mean in CD it is clear that she has committed suicide.
Prinku : No bhaiya, trust me it was the same girl
Shivaay : I think prinku is right. Well we are oberois and that girl may be a part of gayatri’s

Mission. Gayatri have paid her and that girl acted well and we were fooled with that
emotional drama…..
Omkara : Really Shivaay, that girl’s pain still wakes my mind. I don’t think so
Shivaay : Om, Be practical. Just today you witnessed the true colour of a congirl….
Prinku : Congirl, Bhade bhaiya what happened to om bhaiya, am getting tensed
Omkara : Nothing….Some time life will reward you so much pain and you will not
be able to understand as ……..{Om gets emotional by thinking about ishu}
Shivaay : Om…please control yourself
Jhanvi : Shivaay, what happened ??

Shivaay : Not a big deal.He will be alright .Well prinku where did you saw her
Jhanvi : Prinku, don’t get panic. Please tell it
Prinku : {Much tensed and worried says}@ Art gallery of Om Bhaiya…. just now….
Shivaay, Om and Jhanvi are shocked ……

Scene 3- Ishana’s Home
Ishana stares @ om’s pic ….As she couldn’t control herself from crying. And she is not at all bothered as time has passed and now its morning. Mona sat beside her sister and tries to make Ishu happy
Mona : Good morning Di…Enough….I can’t bear no more tears on my di’s eyes…Di a good news for you
Ishu : Good news, Mona what are you saying ?
Mona wants to show something to Ishana.But suddenly Ishu’s dad wakes up
Ishu’s dad : Ishu, Mona…..I want to say something….

PRECAP : The conversation is interrupted and mona gets a phone call……

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  1. Shaza

    Wow di …it’s awesome …loving it …especially cuz it’s of ishkara ♥️♥️♥️…to all who think it’s too short : u know na ..LIMITED EDITION types ??? there will be different charm ?…………thnq for writing an ff for ishkara fans even when ur so busy ..thnq sooooooo much di ?….waiting for the next one eagerly

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks 4 the kind support ishqie….pls support me on next part also shaza….

  2. Priya15

    amazing di…u r the best di in the world…luv ishkara..luv my di..#WeWantIshkaraBack..

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks priya ishqie….and yaar i have submited third part….and tried 2 make it long……from third part onwards u will get ishkara feel of love

      1. Renimarenju

        Don’t know when tu will post it as just now i submitted it… and comment

      2. Priya15

        i m waiting di..

  3. Naaginfanforever

    Awesome please continue

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks dear ishqie, i have posted third part…..pls comment….

  4. Piyaliii

    Di…Thank you so much for this lovely ff….????

    1. Renimarenju

      Bshama…i will read all these and will comment on 6thpart… to comment on each and every part is difficult…..ok……and again am sorry for saying ur ff as long……sorry

    2. Di agreed to shaza and thanks for messages actually you know I was searching ur profile only to message that please drop ur valuable comments views etc…and you messaged .. You’re ff is like out of the world because after reading my ff or OS u will come to know that I am ishkara face to the core and more than SHIVIKA
      Loved ur ff di

      1. Renimarenju

        Oh! Thanks a lot dear

  5. Its really good going dr bcz of u we can imagine our ishkara

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot

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