ISHKARA FF: Life Found Love Once Again-Prologue

Hi, guyz.. This is my first attempt to write a fan fiction.. This story suddenly popped up in my mind.. I’m not that much good in English.. Sorry if you find too many grammatical errors.. Actually, my friend told me that she will help in checking the errors but she is out of country now and will be back in 3 months.. I just want to try to post the prologue first..

Guy(crying vigorously): You can’t leave me.. I cant’ live without you..Please don’t leave me..
Girl(with heavy heart): I’m sorry, Omkara ji.. Our destiny till here only.. May be I’m not your soulmate.. That’s why i’m leaving too early..(weeps)
Om: Don’t say like this.. I’m not going to let anything happen to you..(tears are flowing from his eyes)
Girl: Its too late, Omkara ji..I can feel my life going to end.. Omkara ji, I want to say few things before I close my eyes..(Omkara tries to stop her but she didn’t listen)Please, just once..(Omkara agrees) Thank you for saving my life from Kali Thakur, for accepting me after you got to know that I am Chulbul and Gauri, for loving me, for giving me wonderful family, for forgiving your papa and for giving me back my long lost sister, Anika.. (She said all this in one go scared that she will die before finish saying it)
Om:(scared seeing her speaking fastly) Gauri, please don’t strain yourself.. We will talk later..
Gauri: (take a deep breath and smiles looking at him) Omkara ji, I’m not sad that my life going to end but just feeling bad that I can’t live with you and our family anymore.. (OmRi burst into tears.. Gauri continues saying) Omkara ji, promise me that after I die, you will not take any bad decision.. You should not take drugs again and don’t become stone hearted once again..(cupped his face with one hand) I want my Omkara ji to be happy always.. (stopped for a while and take a breath) Omkara ji, if life give you another chance to fall in love just accept it because it might be your true love and she can be your real soulmate..
Om (knew his wife can’t survive anymore): You don’t have to thank me, Gauri.. I’m the one must thank you for loving me even I humiliated you so many times..I lost my trust in God and love, but you made be to believe in them once again.. You taught me to live my life once again.. (hold her hand that cupping his face and wiped her tears that flowing from her eyes) Gauri, I promise I will not take any decision that will hurt you and my family.. (take a deep breath) But, I won’t fall in love once again.. You are my true love and no one can take your place in my heart..
Gauri(smiles): We will not know when we will fall in love.. It just happen.. But, I dont know why I felt that you will meet someone and will love her more than me..
Om: Shut up, Gauri.. I will not love anyone more than you..Don’t you dare to say it again..(cries)
Gauri smiles lovingly at her husband.. Omkara just hold her hands.. Suddenly Gauri struggles to breath..Omkara screamed calling doctor..Gauri held Omkara’s hand tightly and let her last breath.. Omkara cries terribly holding her hands..


Dr: Mrs. Dev, we are sorry.. Your husband is brain dead.. Only his heart is beating..
(The Girl cries terribly cursing her fate..)
Girl: Why is this happening to me??? I never asked anything since I was small.. I only asked for him, my Dev, my love, my soul.. Now, he left me.. I know I did unforgivable mistakes before.. But, why my Dev got the punishment not me?? I’m the one should die but why he died?? What I will do without him?? How I will tell my family?? (Covered her face with her both hands and cries vigorously kneeling on the floor)

The Girl enters Dev’s ward where his heart shown beating.. She sat beside him and hold his hand.. She sobs looking at him..Her tears are not stopping..
Girl(weeping): Dev, why you left me?? How am I going to live without you?? You always said that your heart always beat for me.. See, now your heart is still beating but you are no more in the world..(sobbing terribly) You should not have marry me.. I’m a bad omen and always cause problem for everyone.. See, now you died because of me.. (She lies on his hand and continue crying)
Someone caress her hair..She looked up and saw Dev looking lovingly at her..
Dev:(cupped her face) Mrs. Ishana Dev, you are the one and only best thing happened in my life(proudly).. Don’t you dare to say that you are a bad omen or bad luck.. You are the only one that accept me and love me with my past..(softly) If anyone knew my past, I don’t think that they will show the same respect as you.. You felt that I died because of you.. Actually I lived because of you.. I become a successful person because of you.. You are my luck charm.. You are not a bad omen and you didn’t do any sin before.. None of them are your mistake..
(Ishana just looked at him lovingly and can’t believe her eyes that her Dev is talking with her)
Dev (emotionally): Actually, I’m the most unluckiest person.. Because I can’t live for a long time with you.. Maybe I’m not your soulmate.. That’s why our path end here..(hold her hand) Ishana, promise me that you will stay happy always.. Life have to move on..You have to be happy for your family and if can please hide whatever happened between us for now from them.. They will be shattered if they got to know that your life is…(he can’t continue and bursts in tears) Ishana, if life give you another chance to fall in love just accept it because it might be your true love and he can be your real soulmate..
Ishana:(hold his hand) Dev, I loved you from your past and will love you till my future end..(stopped a while and cupped his face) I will stay happy for you and our family.. But, I can’t fall in love with someone other than you.. You are my love, my life and my soul.. No one can replace it..(looks at him with confidence in her eyes)
Dev: (smiles silently..)Don’t challenge the destiny, Ishana.. We can’t expect what the destiny planned for us..(emotionally)I can’t see my wife like this.. I want you to lead a happy life.. You knew about my past right?? How I was treated by others?? That time I thought my life is waste till I met you and your family(with proud).. (sobbed silently)Now, I don’t want my life become waste without doing anything good.. I just thought if I can do anything eventhough I’m not living in this world.. Will you able to do anything, Ishana??
Dr: Mrs. Dev..Mrs. Dev.. Are you ok???
Ishana came out of her trances.. She realised that it was her dream only.. She keep on thinking on last sentence of Dev..
Dr: Mrs. Dev, did you inform your family members?? Are they coming?? Can you come with us to complete some formalities??
Ishana: Dr, I need to ask you something..
Dr: Yes, sure..
Ishana: …….
Dr: Are you sure??(surprisingly)
Ishana: (controls her emotions) Yes, Dr..(with confident)
Dr: OK.. Follow me..
Ishana follows the doctor..

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  1. Fenil

    looking forward for ff

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thanks a lot, fenil..


    Waiting for next…gauri ki death ki wajah dhikayengi kya flash black pe.dekhna chatha hu uski death ki wajah Kya Hai..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thanks a lot..yeah, Gauri’s death will be revealed in FB.. but you need to wait..

  3. It was wonderful.I really liked the way you made Gauri in this ff.I like to suggest that please bring some gaurika moments that happened in the past and Omkara connect that with it ishaana. I am a little disappointed that it is not a gaurika ff But I can’t wait for this ff to begin.
    My vacations are over.So please don’t mind if I don’t comment.??

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, nanda.. RiKara moment will be there but not very much..I will mainly focus on ishkara.. sorry for disappointing you..but I mainly started this ff for dev.. you will know it later..

  4. Niriha


    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much,niriha..

  5. Aarti32

    Wat is Ishu going to do?? It’s seems very interesting from d prologue..When will u post d episodes!?

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much for your comment.. next one will be the character sketch and I’ll post first chapter after that.. what ishu will do will be revealed later.. you have to wait..

  6. Superb.
    Waiting for next update.

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much,sanyukta..

  7. AMkideewani

    Superb and thanks for IshKara

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much,crazygirls..

  8. RadhikaSharma

    It was an emotional prologue. Interesting story. Waiting for the next update

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thanks a lot, Radhika..

  9. Verna

    Wow interesting post next part soon

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, Verna.. love your dp..

  10. Renimarenju

    It’s really interesting 2 read ……Oh god, much suspense filled prologue,,,,,,i liked it …..ishana…gud start

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you so much, renima.. I’m glad that you liked it..


    It’s really awesome, oh my god, such a great writer u r, hoping for more to come, Amazing amazing wau…..

  12. Ruby_MarNy

    Thanks, lavaniia..

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