ISHKARA FF-Life Found Love Once Again-Chapter 79(B)


Evening at Oberoi Mansion

The Raichands arrived there and all are happily chatting with each other… Shivaay looks at Ishana in guilt… Ishana noticed it and goes towards him…

Ishu: What happened, bhaiya?? You are looking disturbed…

Shivaay: Ishu, I need to tell you something… Or I can say that I want to apologize to you…

Ishu: (confused) Apologize?? For what??

Shivaay: For a mistake that I did few years ago… (Looks at her with tear filled eyes… Ishana looks at him confusingly… The Raichands too confused with Shivaay… The Oberois already been told by the youngsters… So, they understand what Shivaay wants to tell her…)

Ishu: Mistake?? What mistake, bhaiya?? As I know, you won’t do anything wrong… Then, why are you… (Omkara interrupts her)

Om: Ishana, let him speak first… Then you will understand… (Ishana nods her head and looks at Shivaay)

Shivaay: (with hurt filled voice) Ishu, few years back, we found an alliance for Prinku… The family came here and we all like the guy very much… He is very humble and down to earth person… We almost fixed his alliance with Prinku… But after that, I found out that he is an illegitimate son of his father… I humiliate him and his family terribly and throw them out from this house… He tried many times to talk to me but I didn’t let him to say anything… (Tears started to flow from his eyes… Ishana eyes are having tears too…) That guy is none other than….

Ishu: Dev, right?? (Shivaay looks at her shockingly… Ishana nods sadly…) I understand it when you started to tell me…

Shivaay: (holds her hand and cries) I’m really sorry, Ishana… That time I gave importance to a person’s surname, background, blood, lineage than a person’s heart and character… I was so mad that time… If I didn’t behave like that, Dev must be alive right now… You too won’t have suffer these much… I indirectly caused his death and your sorrow… (Ishana is surprised to know that Shivaay is blaming himself for Dev’s death) A sorry won’t change the past… I don’t deserve forgiveness… (Looks at her) Scold me, Ishu!! Punish me!! I deserve punishment!!

Ishu: (wipes her tears and looks at him) Do you want to get punished?? (Shivaay nods his head) Are you sure?? (Shivaay again nods) Fine… I’ll give you punishment… (All are shocked)

Savi: Ishu, what are you saying??

Ishu: I’m saying the right only, daadima… (Looks at Shivaay) Your punishment is you have to throw all the medicines that you are having in your room except those medicines which prescribed by the doctors… (All look at her in shock including Shivaay)

Shivaay: What?? This is your punishment??

Ishu: (strictly) Yes!! This is your punishment… You have to throw those medicines… Will you do it??

Shivaay: (smiles in tears) Ok… I’ll throw them… (The Oberois cup their mouths in shock)

Ishu: And, promise me that you won’t take any medicines without doctor’s consultation…

Shivaay: I promise… I won’t take any medicines without doctor’s consultation…

Ishu: Pinky promise??

Shivaay: (cups her face) Ishu promise!! (Ishana smiles in tears and hugs him… Shivaay too hugs her back and kisses her head)

Entire family are watching them with tearful eyes…

Shivaay: You are not angry with me??

Ishu: How I will be angry with you?? If you are the same Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I could have lash at you but you are not the same SSO… You are Annika’s sweet Shivaay Singh Oberoi… I know, she must be the reason for you to change…

Shivaay: (breaks the hug) Right… I took much time to realise that surname, blood and lineage are not important than someone’s heart… Annika made me to realise it… Her love made me to realise it… (Shivaay looks at Annika and she just smiles at him)

Pinky: Oh, my maata!! So many years, we are tellings him don’t eat too many medicines but he never listens… He agrees quickly when this diamond girls tells…

Annika: You are right, Pinky aunty… Whenever I said something about his medicines, he will say don’t come in between me and my medicines… But, today, he agreed to throw the medicines… Ishu, you are definitely having a magic…

Kalyani: Finally, Ishana did what we all couldn’t do these years… Thank you, Ishana putthar…

Ishu: You don’t have to thank me, daadi… I got to know from Priyanka that he is having a medical shop in his room… I know most of the medicines must not prescribed by the doctors… I was waiting for a chance to throw those medicines… So, today I used this as a chance… (Shivaay smiles and hugs her again)

Karthik: How many people more are going to share my Ishu maa?? (Ranveer slaps his head)

Rudra: I’m the one very special to Ishana bhabhi here but now Shivaay bhaiya is snatching my place… Too bad , bhaiya… (Omkara slaps his head)

Shivaay: (breaks the hug) Ishu, how if I didn’t agree to throw the medicines??

Ishu: (looks at Omkara) Then, I will not marry your long hair brother… (Omkara looks at her in shock)

Om: What?? You won’t marry me if he doesn’t agree throw his medicines?? (Ishana nods) Yesterday only you agreed to marry me and today you don’t want to marry me… Too bad, Ishana… (Pretends to sulk)

Shivaay: Om, she is just kidding… Why are you sulking??

Madhu: Then, what he will do, bhaiya?? This morning only she accepted her love for him… Suddenly, she is saying like this… That’s why he felt bad… (The Oberois look at each other)

Annika: What did you say?? Ishu accepted her love for him?? (Omkara realised that he didn’t tell them yet)

Shivaay: (looks at Ishana) Really, Ishana?? You accepted your love for him?? (Ishana looks down and nods shyly)

Arjun: That means Om didn’t tell you?? (The Oberois shake their heads in negative while Omkara mentally cursed himself)

Om: Actually, I wanted to tell you but Shivaay was worried just now and I thought to tell you later…

Shivaay: That’s ok, Om… Both of your happiness are important for us…

Karthik: But, Ishu maa didn’t say those three words yet…

Rudra: Bhabhi, you didn’t say those words yet?? (Ishana shakes her head) Very good, bhabhi… Let him wait for some days… (Smiles teasingly at Omkara)

Annika: You both are going for dinner, right?? Ishu, come with me… We girls will make you khidkithodh beautiful till Omkara can’t open his mouth looking at your beauty… Let’s go girls… (Towards all the girls)

Om: Bhabhi, no need of that… She is beautiful they way she is… She prefers to be natural and simple… That is what I loved too… (The girls look each other and smile teasingly)

Annika: My long hair devar, we know what to do… Don’t worry… We won’t do anything that can ruin her beauty… (Turns to go but stops holding her head… She almost fall but Omkara holds her… All rush towards her…)

Shivaay lifts her and places her on the sofa… RaDuKa check her…

Shivaay: Don’t know what happened… She is very weak these days… Just now also she did like this… (RaDuKa look at each other and smile) Why are you smiling?? Tell me what is wrong with my Annika??

Raghav: Nothing serious, Shivaay… This is normal in this situation…

Shivaay: Say it clearly, yaar…

Sid: Raghav, that means…. (RaDuKa nod their heads… Siddharth smiles and hugs Shivaay while Shivaay is still confused)

Kalyani: (slaps Shivaay’s head) Don’t you understand?? You are going to be a father… (Shivaay looks shocked)

RaDuKa: Your Annika is pregnant!! (Both of the families jump in happiness… ShivIka look each other in tear filled eyes… Shivaay hugs Annika and kisses her forehead…)

Shivaay: Thank you, Annika for giving this happiness… We are going to be parents…

Annika: (smiles nodding her head) Thanks to you too, Shivaay…

Pinky: Oh, my maata!! I’m going to becomes daadi… Thanks to maata raani…

Jhanvi: We are getting happiness after these years… I hope this will stay with us forever… (Wipes her tears)

Tej: (hugs Jhanvi’s arm) From now, only happiness will be with us… Our bad time has ended…

Rudra: Finally, I’m going to become a chachu… O, next is your turn?? (IshKara are shocked hearing him)

Om: Are you mad?? We are not married yet…

Prinku: Exactly!! Rudra bhaiya, next is your turn only… (Elbows Soumya’s arm playful while she blushes…)

Rudra: No problem… I’m always ready… (Whispers towards Soumya) I think we have to work on it… (Soumya blushes hard…)

Soumya: (pushes him) Shameless guy!! (Runs from there)

Rudra: (chases her) Where are you running, my love Angel?? (Everyone laugh looking at them)


Precap: IshKara cancel their dinner date… ShivRu plan something…

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