ISHKARA FF-Life Found Love Once Again-Chapter 100

This is my 100th chapter!! I can’t believe that I have reached 100 chapters… The story that I never thought it will go more than 10 chapters have reached 100… I don’t know how to react with this… I want to thank you all as well as apologize to you all for dragging it too long… Thank you for your patience and your support… I could not reach these many chapters without your support… Love you all forever….



PriVeer wedding rituals are going on while others are watching them… PriVeer are stealing glances at each other… The pandit calls TejVi for ‘kanyadaan’… TejVi go and do ‘kanyadaan’ for Priyanka… PriVeer are asked to take saath phere around the sacred fire… Ranveer wears her the mangalsutra around her neck and filled red vermilion in Priyanka’s partition… Priyanka eyes are welled with tears seeing the mangalsutra on her neck and touches her forehead which is having sindoor… The priest declares them as husband and wife… Ranveer hugs Priyanka and kisses her forehead…

Ranveer: I love you Priyanka Singh Randhawa…

Prinku: I love you too… (PriVeer take blessings from their elders… The youngsters hug both of them…)

The girls go and help Madhu to get ready as a bride while the guys are helping Karthik… PriVeer too join in helping them even though they have given a chance to be alone… Karthik is brought by the guys and he has been seated at the altar… The pandit started the rituals for him… The girls bring Madhu with them and make her to sit beside Karthik… After a while, the pandit ask them to stand and exchange their wedding garlands… Karthik about to wear his garland to Madhu but Arjun comes and lifts Madhu from the ground while SidRanRaDuKa stand beside him…)

Arjun: You won’t get our angel so soon, Karthik…

Karthik: Really?? Let’s see… (Jumps and wears the garland for Madhu… Everyone is surprised with him…) Have you forgotten that I’m a bike racer?? This height is nothing to me…

Savi: Arrey, come down all of you… The time is running… (The guys go down… Madhu wears the garland on Karthik’s neck… They sit and continue with the rituals…)

Priest: Who will do the ‘kanyadaan’ for her??

Savi: We are many people here to do ‘kanyadaan’ for her… But Ranveer is having more rights to do it… Ranveer beta, you go and do kanyadaan for your sister…

Ranveer: Daadi, me???

Ishu: Ranveer, you are the first one accepted her as your sister after those problems… You are having more rights than us… And this is what Madhu wants too… (Looks at Madhu) Right, Madhu?? (Madhu nods in tears) Go, Ranveer… (Ranveer goes towards Madhu and kisses her forehead… The priest ask him to hold Madhu’s hand and places it on Karthik’s palm… Ranveer does as he said…)

Ranveer: (towards Karthik) Don’t you dare to make her cry… If I found a single drop of tear from her eyes, I won’t spare you… (All chuckle listening to him…)

Karthik: Don’t worry… I will not let her to cut the onions too… (All laugh listening him…)

Ranveer goes down and stands beside Priyanka after finishing the kanyadaan… The pandit continues the rituals… The pandit chants a mantra and hands over a ‘thaali’ (mangalsutra) to Karthik… Karthik takes it and ties it on Madhu’s neck with double knots and NiTiMi tie the third knot for the thaali… All throws turmeric rice on them blessing them… Karthik fills vermilion on her partition and her forehead… MaKar get up from their places and take their vows around the fire… Then, Karthik holds Madhu’s right foot and wear toe ring on her second toe… He does the same with her left foot as well… He could feel few drops of tears falling on his hand from Madhu’s eyes… He gets up from his place and wipes her tears while she just smiles without saying anything… He goes near her ear and whispers “I love you”… Madhu is stunned hearing the magical words from him and she just hugs him… Karthik too hugs her back and kisses her forehead… They break the hug and take blessings from the elders… Ishana hugs both of them and kisses their cheeks…

Ishu: My children are married!!

Karthik: Before their parents!!! (IshMa laugh and Ishana hugs them again… Other youngsters too hug them…)

Kalyani: Both marriages have ended successfully… Only IshKara marriage is left which will be in the evening… Let’s go back and do other rituals for our newly married couples… After that, all of us will take some rest to be fresh in the evening marriage… (Everyone agree and leave from the hall…)


PriVeer and MaKar are standing at the entrance… The girls bring ‘aarthi’ plate and take ‘aarthi’ for them… ‘Kalaash’ already placed there… PriMa pushes them gently with their feet… PriVeer and MaKar about to enter inside the house but the elders stop them…

Jhanvi: This is not the way entering the house after the marriage…

Pinky: Corrects!!! Lifts your wives and enter… (RanKa smile and lift their wives in their arms… They enter inside the house and place them down… NiTi place two plates which are having vermilion liquids…)

Swet: Step on the plate with your feet and place your foot prints on this floor… (PriMa nod and do the same as she said… RanKa lift back PriMa and walk inside the house… They make them sit on the sofa and they too sit beside them… JhaNky bring some sweet and ask the couples to feed each other… They take the sweets and feed each others…)

Rudra: So, it’s time for game… Daadi, the same game right like we played during Shivaay bhaiya’s marriage??

Kalyani: Yes… So, can we start the game??

Prinku: Daadi, we will play that after Om bhaiya and Ishu bhabhi’s marriage…

Shakti: Prinku is right… All must be very tired because of the wedding since early morning… Let take rest for some time… All need to be fresh during IshKara’s wedding…

Tej: Ok, we are leaving now… (Hugs Priyanka and kisses her forehead) Luckily, your sasural’s house is nearby… So, we can meet whenever we wished… (Priyanka smiles… Omkara is about to go to Ishana but Kalyani stops him and twists his ear…)

Kalyani: Wait for another few hours… She will be yours forever… (Ishana smiles shyly still covering her face with a veil… Omkara sighs while others laugh seeing his state… The Oberois leave from there…)

Savi: NiTiMi, take PriMa to the room… (Towards RanKa) You both have some patience till tonight… Now, you all stay with other guys… (RanKa nods) Ishu, you too go and take rest… (Ishana nods and leaves to her room)

Evening at Raichand Mansion

Everyone are busy preparing to leave to the wedding hall for IshKara wedding… The girls are helping Ishana to get ready… They have adorned her beautifully…

Prinku: Bhabhi, you are looking breathtaking beautiful today… Om bhaiya will be flat if he sees you… (Ishana smiles shyly and slaps her arm playfully while others laugh… They heard knock on the door… Swetlana goes and opens the door and sees Siddharth…)

Sid: Have you all ready??

Swet: Yes… Another five minutes… (About to close the door but Siddharth pulls her outside… She falls on his chest holding his shoulders…) What are you doing?? Anyone might see us??

Sid: I never get a time to express about your beauty since this morning… That’s why I thought to express it now… (Brushes her already blushing cheek with his thumb…)

Swet: (feeling aroused) Leave me… (She knows that she can’t resist his closeness and that too during her pregnancy time now… Only she knows how much she has controlled herself when she saw him this morning in the sherwani and now… He looks dashing in all types sherwanis… In fact, Siddharth too can understands how his beloved wife’s mood will be when with this proximity … Swetlana struggles hard to escape from his grip but Siddharth tightens his hold on her and captures her lips with his… That’s it, she can’t push him and kisses him back… Her hand automatically goes towards his hair and pulls him more closer while her another hand clutches his collar tightly… He smirks on her lips seeing his effect on her and continues smooching her lips… He pins her behind a pillar without breaking the kiss, so that no one will see them…)

Ishana’s Room

Tia: Where bhabhi went?? (Swetlana enters the room) Bhabhi, where have you went?? You were here 15 minutes back…

Swet: (shocked) 15 minutes??

Mithra: Why are you shocked like this?? It’s just 15 minutes…

Swet: Nnn… Nothing… Your bhaiya asked either we all are ready or not… We need to leave to the hall…

Nivi: You took 15 minutes to answer this to him?? (With a teasing smirk) Bhabhi, now I understood why you are shocked hearing 15 minutes… (The girls laugh)

Tia: Bhabhi, actually 15 minutes is not too long… It’s short actually… (All laugh again)

Swet: Stop teasing me and come let’s go first… All are waiting for us…

Tia: Bhabhi, please wear some lipstick… Nothing is left on your lips… (All burst into laughter while Swetlana’s face turns red in embarrassment… She takes the lipstick and apply it on her lips… She smiles recalling about just now which never go unnoticed by the girls… She places back the lipstick and turns to the girls who are having teasing smirk on their faces… She ignores their smirks and holds Ishana’s hand taking her from the room… The girls chuckle and follow behind them… Everyone are already waiting at the cars… Ishana is about to enter the car but she stops seeing one anklet is missing from her leg…)

Ishu: (towards Arjun) One minute, anna… I’ll be back in a while…

Arjun: Where are you going, Ishu??

Ishu: Just a minute, anna… I’ll be back… (Leaves inside the house before anyone could say something…)

Swet: I will go with her…

Karthik: That’s ok… She must have forgotten something… Let’s wait here…

Ishana’s Room

Ishana enters her room and searches for the anklet…

Voice: Are you searching for this?? (Ishana is shocked hearing the voice which she never expect to hear again… She turns towards the voice and shocked to see the person showing her the anklet…)

Ishu: You!!??


ShivRu are helping Omkara to get ready… Shivaay leaves to answer his call… Rudra too leaves after Soumya called him… Omkara smiles looking at Gauri’s portrait…

Om: Gauri, your Omkara ji is getting married today… It’s your wish right that I should get my happiness back… I’m getting my happiness back, Gauri… (Kisses her portrait… Suddenly, her portrait becomes slanting… He places it correctly but again it becomes slanting… Omkara feels strange seeing it…) Why, Gauri?? Are you not happy with this marriage?? (Tries to touch her face but a ring falls from his finger and rolls from there…) Ishana’s engagement ring that Dev wore for her… (He runs behind the ring which stops after a while… He sighs in relief and takes the ring…) What happened to my wife and Ishana’s husband today?? Both are behaving differently today… (Looking at the ring) Why, Dev?? Are you worrying about your Ishana?? Don’t worry… I will take a good care of her… We just need both of your blessings for us… (Smiles and turns to go but his scarf get stucked on a door knob… He tries to take his scarf and the door get opened that time… He is about to close the door but stops seeing Raichand Mansion and smiles looking at it… He closes the door and goes from there…)

Shivaay ends his call and tension can clearly seen on his face… Omkara sees him and goes towards him… Rudra too goes towards them…

Om: What happened, Shivaay?? Any problem??

Shivaay: Ashok has escaped from the prison… (OmRu is shocked listening to him…) That’s why I’m in tense… Don’t know where he went… I’m scared that he might do something in this wedding… (Omkara recalls Gauri’s portrait became slanting just now and the ring rolled towards the back door…)

Om: Ishana!!?? Gauri and Dev were signing about this only… Shivaay, call Siddharth and ask him don’t let Ishana to be alone… (Shivaay nods and calls Siddharth but cuts his call…) What happened??

Shivaay: His line is busy…

Om: Let’s go there… (Shivaay nods and they leave from there…)


Ishu: (shocked) Ashok!!??

Ashok: Yes!! Ashok!! (Ishana tries to escape but he holds her and pushes her down… He locks the door…) You can’t escape anymore, Ishana!! Your family are very protective about you… That’s why they made this high quality door and windows for your room and sound proof too… So that no one can enter inside… But that was their biggest mistake too… Now, no one will know what will happen to you… You all think that I have been caught by the police and I won’t be able to do anything… But, you are forgotten that I am Ashok Kapoor and Ashok Kapoor won’t accept defeat easily… You all think that all problems have ended and the security system has been lessen here… That makes the advantage for me to enter this house again… No one can save you from me, Ishana… Once, Dev saved you and after that Omkara saved you… Now, who will save you?? You cannot accept your prince charming to save you all the time, Ishana… The villain have to win some time…

Ishu: You are right… Prince charming won’t come and save me all the time and I never expect that as well… But that doesn’t mean villain will win… This time I will save myself from you… (He grasps her chin harshly)

Ashok: I know you will not fall weak and will talk like this only… But, I’m not going to back off from this… If I couldn’t have you, I won’t let anyone to have you too… (Places a cloth on her nose… She tries to control her breath but she can’t stay for long… She feels dizzy… Ashok pushes her and she falls on the floor… He opens the window and throws a small cylinder inside her room… Some gas are coming out from the cylinder…) Goodbye, Ishana!! (He locks the window and looks at Ishana who is struggling to breath…)

Arjun: Why Ishu is taking this long time?? I’ll go and see her… (Stops in his steps hearing Siddharth’s voice who is on call with someone…)

Sid: How is that possible?? Why no one tell this earlier?? Use more force and search everywhere… Don’t leave any place… I will be there after my sister’s wedding… (Ends his call)

Raghav: What happened, jiju??

Sid: Ashok has escaped from the jail… (All are shocked…) Where is Ishu??

Swet: She went inside for a while…

Sid: Alone?? (All nod) Why did you let her to go alone?? How if he had come here to harm her??

Arjun: How we know that he has escaped??

Ranveer: No time to talk… Let’s go and see her… (ShivOmRu too come there and say they know everything… All go inside the house and they close their nose smelling something…)

Karan: What smell is this?? From where it’s coming…

Dush: I think some gas has been leaked… God!! Ishu!!! Where is she??? Ishu!!!!!!

Arjun: Girls, all of you go outside first… We will come with Ishu… Daadima, you too go…

Tia: How we will go without Ishu baby??

Rudra: Di, we will find bhabhi… You all go first… Sweetlana is pregnant some more… This can be dangerous for her… Please go… (The girls agree and leaves outside… Omkara goes and search for Ishana while others started to open all the doors and windows making the gas to go out… Omkara taps Ishana’s room door loudly shouting for her name…)

Om: Ishana!!! (Sees gas are coming out from her room… He understands that something has happened inside there and bangs the door… He shouts for the guys and pointing towards the below of the door… He kicks the door to open it but fails… Arjun tries to open it using the master key but still the door can’t be opened…)

Arjun: (sighs in anger) I think the door is jammed!!! Let’s break it!!

They try to break the door using full strength but still they can’t open it… Omkara kneels and looks into the keyhole… He sees Ishana lying weakly on the floor… Omkara cries seeing her state…

Om: (screams) Ishana!!! (Ishana jerks feeling something inside her heart and tries to get up… She could feel someone is trying to open the door… She moves weakly towards the door but she couldn’t control her breath and falls unconscious… Ashok grins happily seeing Ishana unconscious…)

Ashok: I told you, Ishana… Villain need to win too… (Laughs evilly)

Voice: This is your work?? I have expected this… (Ashok turns and shocked to see Omkara who is shooting daggers through his eyes…)

Ashok is about to run but Omkara grabs his shirt shouting Shivaay’s name… All the guys run towards him and see Ashok… Omkara pushes Ashok towards Shivaay and he goes to the window… The guys whack him terribly… Omkara tries to open the window but it is jammed as well… He takes a flower pot and throws it on the window… The window just cracked a little… Arjun cursed himself to make this type of window and door for their house… Omkara doesn’t give up and takes another flower pot… Rudra too join him and takes another pot… Both of them hit the window with the pots few times and it breaks finally… They enter the room through the window… Omkara runs towards Ishana while Rudra goes and breaks the door knob using a vase… The door get opened… Omkara pats Ishana’s cheek and shakes her but she remains unconscious… Omkara lifts her immediately in his arms and runs out from the room towards outside the house… Rudra too runs behind him… The guys are hitting Ashok terribly… Siddharth already informed the police and they are on the way there… Omkara places Ishana on the bench and pats her cheek… RaDuKa are checking her… They sprinkle some water on her face but she still remains unconscious… The girls cry seeing Ishana’s state… Omkara holds Ishana’s face and lifts it a bit…

Om: (shakes her) Wake up, Ishana!! Come on!! You are strong, right!! Faster wake up!!

Ashok: She won’t wake up, Omkara… That is not normal gas for her to wake up easily… That was poisonous gas she has inhaled… It’s not easy for her to survive… (All are shocked with him… Swetlana goes towards him and slaps him hard…)

Swet: How much low you will stoop?? You never changed even after jailed… What she did that you are torturing her like this?? (Siddharth calms her… The Oberois reach there after receiving Priyanka’s call and shocked to see the happening… Annika runs from there…)

Karan: Her pulse is getting very weak… We must take her to the hospital or it will be hard to save her…

Dush: But, we can’t let her unconscious like this… This will be very dangerous for her… We have to wake her first… (They shout her name and shake her but she doesn’t open her eyes… The girls started to rub her hands and legs to wake her but she remains unconscious… Savitri cries seeing her state… Omkara hugs Ishana and cries…)

Precap: Will Ishana survive?? Reyaan shocks everyone…

Note: This is my 100th chapter…. Please vote and comment…. Silent readers, please break your silence too…. At least in this chapter….

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