ISHKARA FF: Life Found Love Once Again- IshDev Flashback- Shot 7 (Last)

Thank you very much to all my readers for supporting me for this IshDev flashback shots.. CrazygirlS, UF, Aashi, Aarti32, Niriha, Nikita Jai29, Ankita27, Riddhima, Sangee, Shilpa, Mahi-ishkara, Maryam_ishq, Preetha, Shabnam.. Love you all.. This is the last shot..

Let’s go to today’s shot.. Please ignore any grammatical errors..


Months passed, Ishana is back to normal with her family’s and Dev’s love and care.. Ishana stops her studies because her hand is still shivering and she can’t continue her studies with this problem.. Her family asked her to take a break from studies for few months.. Ishana too agrees with them.. So, she used to help Nivi, Tia and Mithra at their business.. Sometimes, she will help Dev with his work.. Besides that, she also trying to find a solution for Swetlana’s problem..
One fine day, Ishana is doing something in her lap top.. She heard Daadi’s voice calling her..
Daadi: Ishu!!! Come down now!! (Ishana rushed downstairs)
She saw daadi fumes in anger.. Swetlana is crying while Siddharth just looked at her blankly.. She saw a man sitting on the sofa with his back faces her.. She goes and saw the man.. She was shocked to see Ashok smirking at her.. She wanted to pull his collar and drag him outside.. She opens her mouth to say something..
Ashok: You are the one killed her baby, right?? (Ishana is shocked with his question) I told them but they are not ready to believe it.. So, I got this paper which were signed by you for the abortion.. (giving her the paper.. She looks at it and closed her eyes in pain.. She looked at SidLana who are having tears..)
Siddharth (goes to her): Ishu.. (Ishana looks at him and just nods her head crying and she runs away from the house)
Daadi and SidLana were shocked and confused.. Ashok gives evil smirk seeing Ishana run which noticed by Siddharth.. Ashok leaves from there.. NiTiMi come back from work and saw Ashok leaving.. They saw SidLana’s worried face and understood something went wrong.. They asked them what happened.. Daadi told them everything..
Tia (goes to Swetlana): Bhabhi, you know our Ishu baby right?? She won’t do anything without reason.. There must be any solid reason for her doing.. Please don’t be upset with her, bhabhi.. She can’t take it..
Swet: I’m not angry with her, Tia.. Of course I felt bad that I lost my baby.. But, I won’t blame her for this.. It’s my sin before made me lost my baby.. I just wanted to know why she hide this?? But, she just ran away..
Nivi: Don’t worry, bhabhi.. She will be fine..
Mithra: I’ll call Dev and inform him.. (Mithra calls Dev and tells him everything.. Dev asked them not to worry and he will find her)

Dev searches for her and found her at a park where both of them usually will spend time together.. He goes to her and pulls her towards him giving a tight hug.. Ishana too hugs him back while crying badly.. Dev broke the hug and cups her face..
Dev: Don’t you dare to do this again?? Ok??
Ishu: I felt bad, Dev.. I killed their baby but they didn’t scold me.. If they slapped me too, I will be relieved.. But, they didn’t even asked why I killed their baby.. I’m feeling guilty, Dev.. I killed a little life which supposed to see this world.. I’m very bad.. I’m going to suffer from this sins..
Dev: Shhh… Relax, Ishana.. First, you didn’t kill the baby.. It’s an abortion which you did to save your bhabhi.. Both of them will not survive if she continue the pregnancy.. By doing the abortion, you saved your bhabhi.. Understand?? Don’t blame yourself.. (Ishana looks at him and hugs him)
They sit on the bench and spend some time.. Ishana got relaxed with her Dev beside her..
Ishu: How do you know I’m here??
Dev: (takes her hand and places it on his heart) My heart knows.. (cups her face) This heart only beats for you and it will never stop.. It only will stop beating for you when another heart starts to beat for you..
Ishu: (pushes him) Don’t say that again.. Only this heart (touches his heart) will beat for me forever.. Other’s heart won’t beat for me.. Dare you say this again..
Dev: It just comes in a flow.. I didn’t mean it.. I tried to be romantic..
Ishu: Romantic?? This you called as romantic?? Don’t you have any other way to be romantic??
Dev thought for a while and decided to ask her..
Dev: Ishana, will you marry me?? (Ishana perplexed with his question)
Ishu(smiles): Of course.. I will.. I’m going to marry you in few months..
Dev: I’m not saying about that.. I want to marry you as earlier as possible.. That means tomorrow..
Ishu: But, what’s the hurry in getting marry that too tomorrow??
Dev: I can’t stay away from you anymore.. I want to make you mine the earliest I can.. I’m scared that I’ll lose you..
Ishu (places her finger on his lips): I’m not going to leave you nor going to live without you.. I’m ready to marry you whenever you say and wherever you say..
IshDev share a hug.. After breaking the hug..
Ishu: Let’s talk with our family.. (pulls his hand but he stops her)
Dev: We will tell them after we got married..
Ishu: But, Dev..(he cuts midway)
Dev: Please, Ishana.. We are going to have a simple marriage.. We will have grand marriage later..
Ishana can’t refuse his pleading eyes that only showing his love and care towards her.. She agrees to him..
Dev (happily): Ok.. We are getting married tomorrow morning at temple.. Now, let’s go to my house.. I’ll inform your family that you will be staying at my house tonight.. We will go to your house after our marriage..
Ishana smiles and nods her head.. But her heart feeling bad that she is getting married without her family and without informing them.. Her heart cries badly.. Dev sent Ishana to his home and he goes out..

At Raichand Mansion
Dev is sitting on sofa with whole family except Arjun, Karthik and RaDuKa..
Siddharth: What??? You and Ishu are getting married tomorrow?? That too without us and your family?? What is the need to get married like that?? Why this hurry??? Tell us, Dev..
Daadi: Dev, are you feeling that we will hate her after knowing that she abort Swetlana’s baby??
Dev: It’s not like that, daadi..
Swet: Then, why Dev??
Mithra: Ishu is the angel of our family.. We don’t want her wedding to be simple in temple.. Her wedding should be the best..
Dev: I knew that, Mithra.. Both of us will do the wedding as your wish.. But tomorrow we will do it simple without informing anyone.. That is the reason I’m asking you to not attend the wedding tomorrow..
Siddharth: That is why I’m asking you why??? Why?? Why??
Dev: Because I can’t afford to lose her!!!!
All are looking puzzled with his answer..
Siddharth: What??
Dev: Yes!! I can’t see her dying each and everyday because of guiltiness.. Already she felt guilty for aborting your baby (looking at Swetlana).. Then, unknowingly she caused a girl’s death in accident.. These two are killing her from inside.. I’m scared anything will happen to her because of this.. Already, she had a dark past which she took time to recover from it.. I don’t want her to suffer anymore.. That is the reason that I want to marry her as fast as possible..
Swet: But, Dev, we are here for her.. We won’t let her to suffer..
Dev: Of course, Di.. You all are there for her.. To love her, to care her.. But, she needs someone to heal her pain from guiltiness.. I’m the only one can heal her pain.. A husband’s care and affection is different from others.. Please, let me marry her.. I beg you all.. (looking at everyone)
Voice: Marry her, Dev.. (all look at the owner of the voice.. It’s none other than Arjun.. RaDuKa and Karthik are with him too)
Daadi: What are you saying, Arjun?? How we can let them to marry without their family??
Arjun: Daadi, he is marrying for Ishu’s safety only.. We will have a grand wedding for them after, Ishu recover fully..
Karan: Yes, daadi.. Even we too felt like Ishu needs Dev’s support more than us.. We believe Dev will make Ishu come out from her guiltiness.. Then, we will make them marry grandly..
Daadi: Siddharth, what they are saying??
Siddharth: If they felt this is right, then let them marry..
Dev: Thank you very much.. I can’t marry without your blessings.. I came here without telling her.. I know she felt bad that she is getting married without informing you.. Please bless us..
Daadi: Our blessings will be with you always.. But, one condition.. You don’t let us to attend the wedding but you must let us do some rituals at house after the wedding.. Ok??
Dev: Sure, daadi.. I’m leaving now and will come back tomorrow with my wife..
All smiled and nodded their head.. Dev leaves from there..
Tia: Come, let’s do preparation.. Our Ishu baby is getting married tomorrow..
All go and do preparation for welcoming the wedding couple..
Next morning, Ishana dressed beautifully wearing a red saree and few jeweleries which given by Dev for their wedding.. Dev too looks dashing with his wedding attire.. Both of them move to temple for the wedding..
Pandit already started their wedding rituals.. Both of them heads towards the mandap and sit for their wedding rituals.. Dev tied ‘thaali’ on Ishana’s neck with 3 knots.. Then he fills red vermilion on her maang.. They took vows around the fire.. They are declared as husband and wife.. Both of them look each other happily.. Dev kisses Ishana’s forehead and hugs her.. After breaking the hug, Ishana looks at him lovingly..
Dev: You are now Mrs Ishana Dev Ch.. (Ishana stops him)
Ishu: I’m just Mrs Ishana Dev.. Yours Ishana.. (she looked at her ‘thaali’) I thought you will get ‘mangalsutra’ but this ‘thaali’..
Dev: Actually I couldn’t get mangalsutra because of last minute.. So, I bought the ‘thaali’ and gave to the pandit.. If you want mangalsutra, you will get it for the second marriage.. Mangalsutra or thaali what’s the different?? Both are divine and the purpose is the same.. (looking at her thaali) It’s looking beautiful on you..
Ishu (smiles): Because it’s tied by you.. (Dev smiles) So, Dev ji, what are we going to do now??
Dev (raises his eyebrow): Ji!?
Ishu: Now, I’m your wife.. So, I have to give you respect..
Dev: Just call me Dev.. No need ji.. It’s like creating distance between us..
Ishana (goes closer to him): None can distance us..
Dev smiles and nods his head..
Dev: So, Mrs Dev can we go back?? Our family must be waiting for welcoming us..
Ishu: (worriedly) Yes, we have to go but if they saw us like this, what they will think?? (Dev smiles mockingly)(Ishu thought for a while) Wait!! What did u say?? Our family waiting for welcoming us?? That means they knew that we are getting married..
She looks at Dev confusingly and Dev burst in laugh.. She realised that Dev told them about their marriage..
Ishu: You cheat.. You said we will inform after marriage but you told them earlier.. (Ishana chases him and Dev run from her)
They reached outside the temple.. He pulls Ishana closer to him..
Dev: How I could marry you without their blessings?? We can’t stay happy if we did like that.. So, yesterday I went and told them about our marriage and took their blessings.. They hesitate first but your jijus and Arjun convinced them..
Ishu (having happy tears): They are not angry with me..(hugs him) I love you, Dev..
Dev:(smiles) I love you too..
Ishu (surprised): Am I listening right?? You said I love you.. Woww!! This is second time you are saying after proposed me.. I’m the one always saying it..
Dev: Guys express their love in their action not in words..
Ishu: How??
Dev: Tonight I’ll show you how much I love you.. (with mischievous smile which make Ishana blushes hard)
Both of them move to leave.. Ishana sees a flower stall at opposite and asked Dev to buy jasmine flowers.. He too goes to buy as this is the first time she is asking him something.. Ishana saw him crossing the road and waits for him at the car.. She saw Dev still at the stall.. She decides to go to him.. Dev finished buying the flower and turns himself to see Ishana is crossing the road coming towards him.. He shakes his head and smiles.. Suddenly, he saw a car coming in full speed towards Ishana.. He shouts “Ishana!!!” and run towards her and pushes her.. She fell on the road side.. The car crashes him and Dev thrown away hitting a lamp pole before hitting the road.. Ishana is startled with the happenings.. She only thought of her Dev.. She rushes to the crowd and shocked to see her husband in a pool of blood.. She rushes to him and shakes him.. But he didn’t react.. Ishana cries badly and ask for help.. A guy came and lifts Dev in his arms and drive off to hospital with Ishana..

At Raichand Mansion
The girls are preparing ‘aarthi’ plate to welcome the newly wed couple.. The guys are decorating the hall.. Swetlana takes the ‘aarthi’ plate to place it on the table.. Karthik is on call and walking towards the table.. Both didn’t noticed and accidentally bumped each other made the ‘aarthi’ plate fell and spilled on the floor.. Karthik apologize to Swetlana.. Daadi asked her to make a new one.. Swetlana goes.. Daadi felt bad that ‘aarthi’ got spoiled and prays nothing bad to happen..

At Apollo Hospital
Dev is rushed to ICU to get treated.. Ishana prays for Dev..The doctor came and said Dev is brain dead.. (next scene is same as prologue)
She comes out from doctor’s cabin and sits on the chair.. She is still in her wedding attire and cries vigorously.. The guy who helped her comes to her and pacifies her..
Guy: Please control yourself.. We can’t change whatever happened.. It’s very hard but you have to accept it..
Ishana: (crying) I can’t believe that he is no more.. I just wanted to start my life with him but…(crying) See this (showing her thaali).. The paste is not dry yet, but he left me forever.. How I will tell our family?? They will be shattered.. Already they suffered a lot because of me.. If they know this they will completely broken (crying terribly)
The guy feeling very bad seeing her state.. He just caresses her hair consoling her.. Ishana sobs in his arms.. After a while, Ishana gets up from her place.. She looks at the guy..
Ishu: Can you do me a favour??
Guy: Sure.. What should I do??
Ishu: Can you get for me a dress?? I can’t stay in this for long time..
Guy: Ok..(he sees her searching for money) It’s ok.. You don’t have to.. I’ll get for you..
Ishu: Thanks..(the guy leaves)
Ishana sits on the chair and recalls all her memories with Dev.. She started crying again.. The guy comes to Ishana and gives a bag.. She takes it from him..
Ishu: Can you do me another favour??
Guy: Just say it.. No need to ask..
Ishu: Please inform my family about this.. But don’t say the truth.. Just tell he met with accident.. And, they should not know that we are married.. Please..(cries) They will be shattered.. I beg you.. (she folds her hands)
He holds her hands and wipes her tears.. His eyes too having tears.. He nods his head that he will do as she said..
Ishana goes to washroom to change her dress.. She looks at the mirror and looks at her vermilion filled maang and her thaali on her neck.. She again broke in tears again.. She cries her heart out thinking about her fate and her life.. After 15 minutes of crying, she washes her face erasing her marriage evidence.. She changes her dress and take off her jeweleries that she is wearing.. Lastly, she looks at her ‘thaali’ and removes it while crying.. She puts all of them in the bag.. She leaves the washroom and goes to the guy.. The guy looks at her with pity. He really felt bad for her and prays this must not happen to any girls.. She handed him the bag.. He looks at her questioningly..
Ishu: This bag is having my wedding attire and everything related with my wedding.. I can’t take it to my house.. Please keep it with you.. I’m sorry for troubling you.. But, now, I don’t know anyone than you.. I only can trust you..
Guy: (takes the bag from her) Don’t worry.. You can trust me.. I’ll keep this with me.. (pats her shoulder) Forgot to tell you.. I informed your family and they are coming now..
Ishana just nods her head because she is too exhausted to cry now.. She needs some energy to face her family.. She sits on the chair nearby Dev’s ward while the guy stand at the corner waiting for her family..
After half an hour, the whole family reach the hospital and rushed to Ishana.. Ishana stood still looking at them..
Sid: Ishu, are you fine?? How is Dev??

All are looking at her for the answer.. Ishana can’t control anymore and just burst in tears kneeling on the floor.. They are shocked to find their angel in the broken state.. Siddharth just hugs her and consoles her.. The guy see Ishana’s state.. He comes and told them everything.. All are shocked and burst in tears.. They can’t accept that God is so cruel to punish their angel like this.. The guys are consoling their wives and daadi while Arjun and Karthik consoles Ishana.. After a while, they relaxed a bit.. Ishana lies on Swetlana’s lap while Swetlana caresses her hair..
Ishu: Why my fate is so cruel, bhabhi?? It make me to abort your baby, kill an innocent girl and now I lost my love.. I’m the one did the sin.. Why Dev is punished?? (Ishana gets up from her lap)
Swet: No, Ishu.. Don’t blame yourself.. I can’t see my angel broken like this.. (hugs Ishana.. Ishana again places her head on Swetlana’s lap.. Swetlana doesn’t have words to console her..)
Arjun: We can’t change whatever happened.. Luckily, this happen before the marriage.. It will be more painful if it happens after marriage.. We can thank God for that.. Now, we have to complete his last rights..
Ishana sobs silently on Swetlana’s lap hearing this.. Swetlana caresses her hair.. Later, they performed Dev’s last rituals.. Dev’s parents too come from LA with Reyaan to attend their son’s funeral.. They cries badly seeing Dev.. After few days, they go back to LA..
Ishana life has been changed.. She forgot colours in her life and always wears pale colour dress.. She keeps herself away from jewelleries.. After so much of compulsion, she wears a small earring and a simple chain with stones.. As promised to Dev, she stays happy for him and her family.. She take over his event planning agency with Swetlana’s help..

The End of IshDev love story

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      Thank you very much, dear.. please don’t cry.. I’ll definitely add some RiKara moments.. RiKara flashback was short because I followed DBO track and change it according to my story.. but IshDev flashback is longer because it is completely fresh and covers Ishana’s family as well..

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