ISHKARA FF: Life Found Love Once Again – IshDev Flashback- Shot 5

Thank you very much to all my readers for supporting me for this IshDev flashback shots.. Love you all.. I’m very very very sorry for not updating it yesterday.. I thought to finish this flashback shots as soon as possible.. But, my health condition is not good these two days.. Besides that, my workloads are quite high.. I’m posting it now and will try to post Chapter 13 too by today..

Let’s go to today’s shot.. Please ignore any grammatical errors..

Raghav: (looking at the bottle) It’s just vitamin.. You come here to show this??
Ishu: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, aththan.. Maybe, it’s vitamin bottle but it doesn’t mean the pills inside this bottle are vitamins..
Dush: But, why are you doubting on these pills??
Ishu: Because it was given by Ashok to her.. (all are shocked)
Karan: Let’s send it to lab for testing.. (takes from Raghav) I’ll go and give it at lab..
Dev: When we can get the report??
Karan: I’ll ask him to make it fast..
Karan comes after few minutes..
Karan: It will take 2 hours..
IshDev: We will wait..
After 2 hours, Karan get the report.. He read it and got shocked.. He gives it to Raghav and Dushyanth.. They too got shocked reading it.. IshDev look at them confusingly..
Raghav: You are right, Ishu.. This is not vitamin.. It contains heavy dosage of birth control pills..
Dev (in anger): This Ashok such a creep.. How he could do this to his sister??
Ishu (shouting): I’m not going to spare him.. How dare he do this to my anni??
All calm her down.. Dev first time seeing his Ishana in anger.. He just holds her hand..
Dush: How to find him?? We don’t know where he stays..
Dev thinks and take his mobile doing something.. After a while, he smiled..
Dev: I got it..
All (confusingly): What??
Dev: I found him (showing his mobile)
They looked at his mobile and smiled..
Raghav: How do you find him??
Dev (lookes at Ishana): When he first came to your house, I saw he eyed Ishana.. I doubted that he might do something to her like kidnapping her.. For safety, I installed GPS tracker in his mobile without his knowledge.. I thought he might noticed and uninstall it but he proved that he is a dumb..
RaDuKa (hug him): Brilliant!! That much love on your Ishana..
Ishana walks towards him and kissed him on his cheek.. Dev startled with this sudden action of her.. RaDuKa watched them cupping their mouth..
Karan: Ishu, we are here only.. (Ishana looks at them and blushes while Dev just smiles)
Dush: Ok.. Let’s leave now.. (All leave from there)
They went to Ashok’s place.. Ishana asked them to wait while she alone will go and meet him.. They hesitate to send her alone to Ashok..
Raghav: No, Ishu.. We won’t let you go alone to face him..
Dush: He is right.. Do you still remember what he tried to do with you last time??
Ishu: I still remember, aththan.. But, if you all come with me, he will get alert.. Besides that, you all might ended up in hitting him thinking of whatever he did.. So, it’s better if I go alone to meet him..
Karan: Ok, Ishu.. But, inform us if anything goes wrong.. (he takes her mobile and dialled his number) Just press the call button.. We will come to you..
Ishu: Ok, aththan.. (she leaves from there)
Dev follows Ishana without her knowledge.. Ishana knocks the door.. Ashok opened and shocked to see Ishana.. Ishana walks inside..
Ashok: So, Miss Ishana is missing me till visit me at my house.. How you find my house??As I know, I didn’t give my address to anyone including Swetlana..
Ishu: It’s not hard to find a culprit’s house..
Ashok: Culprit?? Me??
Ishu: Then what should I call a person who gave dangerous pills for his sister so that she can’t get pregnant??
Ashok (smirks): So, you knew it’s me.. Not bad.. (thinks a while) That means the pills worked!! Superb!! Good job, Ashok!! ( Pats his shoulder)
Ishu got furious hold his collar and yelled at him..
Ishu: What kind of brother are you?? You don’t deserve to be a human being.. Swetlana anni loves you so much and trusted you.. But you broke her trust by doing this cheapest thing.. Because of you she lost her baby and she can’t become a mother again.. (hold his collar tightly and shakes him) How could you do this to your own sister??
Ashok (laughs): What did you say?? Own sister??? My foot!!! She is not my real sister, she is my step sister!! My dad’s first wife’s daughter..
Ishu: So what?? Step sister or not but sister is sister only..
Ashok: Just shut up!! I’m not like your family who simply will take care of any road trash and kept in among the gold without expect anything..
Ishana knows he meant her only.. But she didn’t bother about it.. Now, she came only for her anni..
Ishu: But she is not a road trash.. She is your father’s daughter only.. Your sister..
Ashok: (closed his ears) Stop saying it.. I never thought her as my sister.. She is the one snatched everything from us.. My father only thought about her.. Everything he did for her only.. He didn’t care about me and my mother.. At last he transferred all his property to her name.. We got nothing.. So, my mother planned and killed him.. She put the blame on the Oberois.. She poisoned Swetlana’s mind about Oberois killed her father for our properties.. She don’t want Swetlana to be happy.. But, her plan failed when the Oberois find out about her.. They made mom and her to get arrested.. Swetlana released after few months but mom is still in jail.. I felt it will be better if she had sold her just like your father sold you ( a punch came to his face before he finished his sentence)
Dev is looking at him furiously like an hungry lion waiting for his prey.. He hold his neck..
Dev: Don’t dare to say a word against my Ishana.. I will not spare you.. I supposed to kill you when you tried to molest her that day.. But, I kept quiet to not to create problem in the wedding..
Ishana shocked to see Dev there.. She pulls him from Ashok and calms him down..
Ishu: No use of talking to him..(She hold Dev’s hand and move to leave.. But, Dev stops and turns to Ashok.. Ashok got scared)
Dev: She is not a road side trash but a rare found diamond.. People who don’t know the value will throw it, that was her father.. Who knows the value will looked at it like a treasure, that is her family including me..(with pride.. He leaves with Ishana.. Ishana looks at him with love filled eyes)
They said everything to RaDuKa.. RaDuKa got furious and decide to tell Siddharth.. Ishana felt something and stopped them..
Ishu: I felt something is missing..
Raghav: What are you saying??
Ishu: He said that anni’s father transferred all the property to her.. But why she knew nothing about it??
Karan: And where are the documents??
Dush: They can hide the fact and enjoyed the luxurious life.. Why they left the properties??
Dev: Why Ashok gave those pills to Di?? What is his benefit by doing this??
Raghav: How we can get the answers??
Ishu: One person can give the answer..(All look at her) Mrs. Kamini Kapoor..
Dev: Who is she??
Karan: Swetlana Didi’s mom.. She is in Mumbai jail now..
Ishu: We have to meet her to get our answers..
Raghav: But tomorrow 3 of us having important surgery.. We have to be there..
Dev: Don’t worry.. I will go with Ishana to Mumbai.. I too have some work there..
Karan: Ok, Dev.. Be careful.. Inform us if anything important.. If you couldn’t reach our number, call the reception..
Dev: Ok.. Now, 4 of you faster go back.. It’s already late.. I’ll come later to fetch Ishana..
RaDuKa left with Ishana.. Dev too leaves to pack his things to Mumbai..
Later, Dev went to pick Ishana.. He already called Siddharth and inform that he is going to his Mumbai office to take some important files.. He too said that he wanted to take Ishana with him.. Siddharth agrees but told him to ask daadi and Swetlana as well.. He went inside and took blessing from daadi..
Dev: Daadi, actually..( he started)
Daadi: We knew it.. You wanted to take Ishana with you right?? Siddharth called me just now.. No problem, beta.. She too just sitting at home only.. Moreover, she is on break now.. You can take her with you.. But please be careful..
Dev: Sure, daadi.. She is my responsibility.. You don’t worry..
Ishana hugs daadi, Swetlana, NiTiMi and RaDuKa.. After that IshDev leaves to Mumbai.. They reached Mumbai and went to take permission to meet Kamini.. They only can meet her tomorrow.. So, they went to Dev’s apartment.. After done some cleaning, they settled on sofa to have some rest.. Due to tiredness, both of them fall asleep on the sofa..
Next day, Dev told Ishana that he is going out for a while and will go and meet Kamini after that.. Ishana agrees.. After few hours, Dev still didn’t come yet.. Ishana takes her mobile to call Dev but Dev calls her.. He said that his work will take more time.. Ishana decided to go alone and told Dev.. Dev agrees and says he will send his car to her.. Ishana agrees and goes to the prison with the car he sent.. She waits for Kamini few minutes and she comes..
Ishu: I’m Ishana.. Your daughter’s Swetlana’s sister in law..
Kamini: Correct the word.. She is not my daughter.. Step daughter.. Didn’t Ashok tell you??
Ishu (claps her hands): Woww!! You knew everything even though you are in jail.. I’m impressed.. You killed your husband and put the blame on innocent family.. You filled vengeance on my bhabhi’s head against the family.. You ruined half of her life to revenge the family.. She loves you and your son wholeheartedly.. She spoiled her name and character becoming someone’s mistress.. She got name as characterless, cheap, family destroyer and many more.. She bear it for you but you used her love as an advantage to revenge her and the Oberois.. How could you stoop this low??
Kamini: Yes!!!! I took advantage on her love to revenge the Oberois as well as her.. It’s all because of her father NK.. He loved his first wife so much.. He married me for his daughter.. And I married him to live a luxurious life.. I spent all the money given by him for myself only.. But, I got scared he might doubt on me, so I tried to be a good wife to him but he always ignore me.. His attention on his daughter only.. To gain his attention, I pretend to love his daughter.. He believed me and started to give attention to me.. We started our life and Ashok born after a year.. He got busy with his work and didn’t give attention to us.. I started to torture Swetlana.. I will not give food to her.. One day, NK came while I was beating her.. NK got angry and scolded me for beating her.. After that he started to ignore me.. I too started to ignore him.. He merged his business with Oberoi industries.. He made Tej Singh Oberoi as major share holder.. I was very much annoyed with this and confront him for doing like that.. He shouted at me to not to interfere.. I thought the luxurious life is enough for me.. But, I got to know that he transferred all the properties to Swetlana and we got nothing.. I fought with him again about it.. He shouted back saying he don’t trust me and know that I loved his property more than him.. I tried to convince him but he is very adamant.. I was thinking what to do and I remembered NK sent Roop’s husband to jail.. I knew she is angry on her family and NK.. I met her and told her everything.. We made a plan to trap him.. She called him and said that she kidnapped me and ask him to come to their medical factory.. He came there and realised it was a trap.. I asked him to transfer his properties to my name but he refused.. I threaten to kill his daughter.. But he laughed and say that if something happens to her all the properties will go to the Oberois.. I got highly pissed with him and took an iron rod hit on his head several times.. Roop got shocked and tried to stop me but I didn’t listen.. By the time I realise, he was dead.. I got scared and asked Roop to help me.. She gave me the idea to put the blame on the Oberois because they wanted our properties.. I agreed and complained the same to the police.. I tried to search for the property documents but couldn’t find it.. I don’t know where he hide it.. I don’t want Oberois to doubt on me and I don’t want Swetlana to stay happy in her life.. I took her and my son away from Mumbai and go to my parents house.. I started my life there but I determined to take revenge on the Oberois.. I made Swetlana believe the Oberois killed her father.. She trusted my fake tears and determine to revenge them.. Everything went according to my plan.. She hide her identity and enter the Oberoi Industries as Tej’s secretary.. She became Tej’s mistress and made his wife as an alcoholic.. While she was busy there, I and Ashok try to find out about the documents whereabouts.. I tried to think where he must have hide them, but I couldn’t find it.. His lawyer too didn’t know about it.. Then, Ashok makes a plan to make Swetlana marry Tej and get the Oberoi properties.. Their properties value more than ours.. Swetlana too made Tej agrees to marry her.. But, his son Omkara came in between and ask her to leave Tej and he will do anything for his mom’s happiness.. She asked him to marry her.. He agrees.. Tej or Omkara, our aim is to destroy the Oberois and get their properties.. But, I didn’t realise it was a trap for us by them.. On the day of the wedding, the Oberois found about us and sent us to jail.. Swetlana got released after few months because she didn’t commit any murder.. But I’m still suffering here.. I asked Ashok to hire some people to humiliate and misbehave with her, so that she will hate to live.. I thought she will die in humiliation but you saved her.. When I heard she is going to get married, I was furious how she can be happy when I’m suffering.. I can’t imagine to see her happy with her husband and children.. I decided to end her happiness by making her infertile.. Which husband will accept an infertile wife?? Motherhood is every women’s dream.. If that dream is ruined, her whole life will ruined.. So, I called Ashok and told him my plan.. He agrees and did as I said.. Now, I’m very happy..(laughed evilly)
Tears are flowing unstoppable from Ishana’s eyes thinking how this evil woman made her anni’s life miserable for her selfishness.. But, she made herself strong in front of this woman..
Ishu: Chi!!! What kind of a woman are you?? For your greediness and selfishness you ruined an innocent girl’s life..
Kamini: Yes, I did it for my selfishness.. I’m suffering here in this jail.. How I can let her live happily?? I will go to any level to ruin her happiness.. This is just started.. You will see more in future.. If you can, try to save your infertile bhabhi..
Ishu (fumes in anger): Just stop!! Don’t you dare to say my bhabhi as infertile.. Listen, motherhood is God’s gift and it can’t snatched away by human like you.. Just by giving birth, you can’t be a mother.. A Mother is the one who loved all of her children and will provide them all her love and affection.. A mother will sacrifice her happiness for her children to be happy.. A mother will sacrifice her life to make her children alive.. A mother will love not only her children but all the children.. In that case, my bhabhi is world’s best mother, my mother.. And you don’t deserve to be called as a mother.. What you say just now?? You will go to any level to ruin her life?? (Staring at her) And I will go to any extreme to save my mother.. If any danger going to reach my bhabhi, it has to face me first..
Kamini: I don’t have to do anything.. If your bhabhi got to know that she is infertile, do you think she will be alive?? She will kill herself..
Ishu: As long as I am with her, not only you, she too can’t harm herself.. And I’m not going to leave and your so called son that easily for ruining my anni’s life.. Mark my words.. You are going to regret for doing this to her.. I will find the property documents and will give her all the rights that she deserves.. (leaves angrily)
Ishana goes to her car and cries vigorously..
Ishana(wipes her tears): Don’t cry Ishana.. You have to be strong for your anni.. (calms herself) Yes, I have to be strong.. I need to protect her from these evils.. They made her become…(she can’t say the word) No, there must be a solution for this.. God!! How I want to find the solution?? (Thinks a while) God?? Yes, only God can help me to find the solution for this.. I have to go to temple first.. Then, I’ll prove to these devils that my anni is not infertile.. (she smiled satisfied and started to drive)
Dev is waiting for Ishana more than two hours but she doesn’t come yet.. He tries to call her but unreachable.. He decides to go and search for her.. His mobile rings.. He answers the call and shocked to hear Ishana met with accident.. He rushed to City Hospital and shocked seeing some police there.. He got scared that something happened to his Ishana.. He asked the receptionist regarding Ishana.. She shows her room which is at a corner.. He is confused why her ward is quite far from other wards.. However, he brushes off his thought because he only wants to see his Ishana now.. He walks towards Ishana’s ward and goes inside.. She is still unconscious with bandage on her head and hand.. Suddenly, a doctor and a cop barge inside the ward.. Dev got shocked..

Precap: Ishana caused a death.. Two people help her to escape from Mumbai.. Karthik’s revelation.. Ishana having a problem..


  1. Mahi-IshKaraI

    Awesome epi. Loved Ishu 2day. Her dialouges eas amazing. Loved da way Dev nd Ishu confronted Ashok nd beats him. Mrs. Kapoor nd Ashok r devil. Nd I think they r da 1 who killed Dev. Nd I also think dat Gauri is da 1 who got killed by Ishu, of course accidentally.
    BTW TC of ur health.

  2. Aarti32


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    Dat kamini is pure b*tch😡
    I’m very eager for d next shot..but Ishana caused death!! Whose?? Kartik??

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    Today’s epi was awesome !!! Ishana was just superb today, her dialogues were really good and her emotions towards her anni is just great 👌…. such a lovely sister in law swetlana got. Kamini and ashok 😠😠, how evil they are… u made swetlana look so good in this ff…. no words for kamini…. she’s the proper definition of evil. Hope they find the truth soon and help their anni. Ishdev scene was soo cute 😘😘. Feel bad tht swetlana won’t be able to become a mother😞. Hope ur feelin better now and get well soon

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    Amazing update… ishu was superb in today’s update.. loving mother daughter bond between ishana n swetlana…

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