ISHKARA FF: Life Found Love Once Again – IshDev Flashback- Shot 4

Thank you very much to all my readers for supporting me for this IshDev flashback shots.. Love you all.. I’m sorry for the late update.. I thought of updating this yesterday.. But, due to heavy workloads, I couldn’t update it..

Let’s go to today’s shot.. Please ignore any grammatical errors..


Days are passing, Dev get closer to Ishana.. His love for her increased everyday.. However, he didn’t confess to her but his action will say how much he loves her.. Every morning, he will buy flowers from Tia’s shop and will give to Ishana.. Ishana knows that he loves her too.. She too wanted to pour her love to him but she wanted him to say those magical words to her.. Dev knew she is waiting for his confession but he wanted her to wait for him for sometime.. One day, IshDev went to a park.. They seated and had some talk..
Ishu: Can I say something??
Dev (brings her closer): Do you need my permission to speak?? Just say it..
Ishu: Why are you still staying away from your parents?? I knew you want to succeed in your career first before go in front of them.. But, you don’t understand that if your family with you, you will reach the height easily.. Your parents blessings are enough for you to reach the height.. Just because some outsiders talk bad about you, you are staying away from your family who loves you.. Think of your mom.. She accepted you wholeheartedly but you hurt her by leaving her..
Dev got teary eyed listening to Ishuana.. He hugs her.. Ishana patted his back to calm him..
Dev: I’m a bad son right?? I made my loved ones to suffer because of a third person..
Ishu: Now, be a good son.. Call your parents and ask them to come here..

Dev: (looks at her surprisingly) How come you are so selfless?? You always thought about others more than you.. You always impress me.. (Ishana smiles shyly at him)
Dev smiled looking at her reaction.. Ishana get up and move to leave but Dev holds her hand.. He too stands and move closer to her.. Ishana felt shy with the closeness..
Dev: Come, let’s go.. ( Ishana felt relieved)
They leave from there holding hands.. Days passed, Dev started to get big contracts.. Ishana who studied in medical college had some rich friends who use to have celebration and parties.. She shows them SidLana wedding decorations.. They are impressed and made Dev as their event planner.. Soon, Dev become one of the successful event planner.. He closed his Event Management Agency in Mumbai and open it in Chennai because most of his customers are in Chennai.. His actual reason is he can’t stay away from his lady love but he didn’t say it..
Dev called his parents and ask them to come to India.. They too came.. Dev apologize from them for staying away from them.. They had some family moments.. Dev took them to Raichand Mansion and introduce them.. They spent time together.. Mr and Mrs Chabra liked Ishana a lot and wanted her to become their daughter in law.. IshDev smiled shyly.. Later, that night Dev took Ishana in front of his family and holds her hand..

Dev: Ishana, first day I met you, you applied, sorry, rubbed mehndi on my face.. I liked you that moment itself.. I thought it was an attraction towards you.. But, later I realised it is not just an attraction.. But, more than that.. However, my past make me to ignore the feeling towards you.. I tried to find a reason to avoid you.. But, each and everyday you impressed me with your special qualities.. I thought to run away from you, but that day your brother asked me, ‘will you accept my sister as your wife??’ I said no that time.. But today, I’m asking you.. ‘Will you accept me as your husband??’
Ishana got overwhelmed and hugs him..
Ishu: Yes.. yes.. Always yes.. (Dev hugs her back)
NiTiMi: But, it’s ‘no’ for us.. (All are shocked with NiTiMi)
Daadi: What’s wrong with three of you?? Why are you saying ‘no’ to them??
Tia: How we will agree with his proposal?? These many months he made our Ishu baby waited for him..
Mithra: And, now suddenly he is asking her to marry him.. How can we agree just like that??
Dev: (looks at them) So, what I have to do to make you three agree??
Nivi: Say that magical words to her which she was waiting to hear it from you these months..
All: Correct!! You must say it to her.. (Ishana smiles looking at them)
Dev: (smiles at them and turns to Ishana.. He holds her hand..) I love you, Ishana.. I love you so much..
Ishu: (hugs him) I love you too, Dev..
Their family were happy that their loved ones got their happiness.. They got engaged later that week.. Both of them love each other unconditionally..

After few months..
At Raichand Mansion
Siddharth leave early in the morning because he is having important meeting at Commisioner office.. Arjun and Karthik went for a bussiness meeting at Delhi.. RaDuKa went to hospital and NiTiMi went to their shops.. Daadi went to temple.. Ishana is doing her assignment in her room.. Swetlana is busy cooking in the kitchen.. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.. She thought it’s just normal pain and continue her cooking.. But the pain is getting more till she can’t bear it.. She holds her stomach and kneels down controlling the pain.. The pain getting worst and she started to scream.. Ishana who is involved with her assignment shocked hearing Swetlana’ s scream.. She run downstairs and found her on floor holding her stomach crying in pain.. Ishana goes to her and try to lift her but Swetlana can’t get up.. She is squalling loudly in pain.. Ishana cries seeing her anni in the miserable state.. She is blank and don’t know what to do.. Fortunately, Dev comes that time to meet Ishana.. He got shocked to see Swetlana squalling in pain and Ishana weeping holding her hands trying to help her.. He ran to them and lifts Swetlana in his arms.. Ishana follows him.. They immediately took her to hospital.. On the way, Ishana called and inform Raghav.. Swetlana immediately taken to emergency ward.. While Ishana crying badly thinking of Swetlana’s state.. Raghav and Dev consoling her.. Dushyanth and Karan too come there..
Karan: Ishu, she was fine this morning.. What happened that she is suffering like this??
Ishu (sobbing): I don’t know jiju.. I was in my room doing assignment.. Suddenly she screams.. I rushed to her and saw her crying in pain.. I was blank.. I don’t know what to do.. Luckily Dev came.. If not I…(continue crying)

Dushyanth: It’s ok, dear.. Your anni will be fine.. Now, don’t cry..(wiping her tears)
Raghav: You are a medical student but worry for a simple stomach pain.. It might because of appendix, food poison, muscle pain or menstrual pain.. You just relax.. Dev, you stay with her.. (Dev agrees) Karan, Robin come with me.. (3 of them leave from there)
Dev goes to Ishana and holds her hand.. He hugs her and she placed her head on his chest..
At Raghav’s cabin
Karan: Raghav, why did you lie?? We knew Didi’s condition is not because of whatever you said just now??
Raghav: Yes, I lied.. Even Ishu knew I lied.. Those reasons I told just now will not make a person to suffer this much.. But, I can’t say to her that Didi’s condition is serious..
Dush: Guys, we have to go there now.. It’s not the time for argument.. The doctor might be out now..
They leave to the emergency ward.. They waited few minutes.. The doctor comes out from the ward.. All rushed to the doctor..
All: How is she??
Doctor: Actually, she is pregnant.. (All become happy but their happiness vanished after hearing his next sentence).. But she can’t carry the baby..
Raghav: What are you saying doctor??

Doctor: 3 of you are doctors too.. I hope you will understand.. Her uterus is very weak to carry a baby.. She need to abort this baby.. If not it will be very dangerous to her and she may lose her life too..
Dush: Is there any other option??
Doctor: I must have told you that first if there was any option.. Please decide soon..(doctor leaves)
All burst in tears.. They didn’t thought the little happiness they got will lost in few seconds.. Only Dev is staying strong although he too shattered from inside.. After, few minutes..
Ishu (wipes her tears): Let’s abort the baby.. (All look at her shockingly) We don’t have any other option.. We have to do this.. We can’t save the baby but we can save bhabhi.. (3 of them hug her and cry badly)
They went to the doctor and ask him to proceed with abortion.. Ishana signed the form saying her brother out of town.. They too accept it because RaDuKa are doctors there.. After few hours, the doctor came saying abortion done successfully.. All just nodded without say anything..
Doctor (before leaves): It was done successfully but she can’t conceive again.. (another shock for them) Her uterus is terribly weak.. She must avoid physical relationship for few months.. It can be danger for her.. Please be careful..(he leaves)
All break down in tears.. Dev hugs 4 of them tightly and he too cries.. After a while, Swetlana is changed to a normal ward and will be conscious in 2 hours.. All seated at the corridor.. After 2 hours, nurse came and told them to visit Swetlana.. They move to go but Ishana stopped them..
Ishu: One minute..(All looked at her) We know anni’s condition right?? (They nodded their head) We should not tell her about her being pregnant and the abortion.. Not only to her, we are not going to disclose these to our family too.. They can’t bear this pain and I can’t see my family being shattered.. Let it be with us.. Please (crying terribly and folding her hands).. I beg you..( They control their pain and hug her promising to hide this matter)

They went inside the room.. Swetlana is looking pale and exhausted.. She saw them and extends her hand to Ishana.. Ishana holds and sits beside her.. With so much hard Swetlana speaks..
Swet: (in a weak voice) Ishu, what happen to me?? Why I’m so tired?? And why all of your faces are looking pale?? (Looking at DevRaDuKa)
Ishu: Nothing, bhabhi.. You had stomach appendix.. That caused stomach pain for you.. Don’t worry, it’s not serious.. It will be fine after few injections and medicines.. (P.s: This happened with one of my colleague..)
Swet (trembling): I felt like I lost something.. My body become light..
Ishu: Bhabhi, please don’t strain yourself.. You need to rest..
Swet: Ishu, what’s wrong with you?? Are you alright??
Ishu: Yes, bhabhi.. I’m fine..
Swet: Since when you started calling me ‘bhabhi’ instead of ‘anni’??
Ishu (couldn’t control her tears just hugs her): I got scared and I thought that I will lost my mother once again..(cries badly)
Swet (cups her face): Shhh… This life is given by you and it will not go so soon.. Now, don’t be a crybaby..(wipes her tears)
Karan: Di, we will leave now.. Need to discuss with the doctor about your discharge.. You take rest first..(Swetlana nodded her head)
They leave to doctors room.. The doctor is looking at a file and looked at them with sad expression..
Doctor: Did she took any birth control pills??
Ishu: No, doctor.. She knew it’s not good, so she didn’t have that kind of pills..
Doctor: Her report shows she took high dosage of birth control pills which lead for her current condition.. (All of them are shocked)
Raghav: But, doctor.. We are 100% sure she didn’t have those medicines..
Doctor: Her report showing that only, Raghav.. We can’t get these kind of medicines in our country.. I don’t know how she got it.. (They are still confused and leave from the doctor’s cabin)
IshDev and Karan are waiting for RaDu outside the hospital..

Dev: Ishana, Karan.. Are you sure Swetlana Di don’t take the pills??
Ishu: Yes, Dev.. She don’t have those medicines.. She only took few vitamins.. I had seen all her bottles..
Dev: But how come doctor is very sure she took those pills??
Karan (shakes his head): That is what confusing me..
Dev: (after a while) How come she got pregnant if she took those pills?? The doctor said that pills are strong.. Then, how?? (Ishana and Karan look each other realising the logic of Dev’s question)
Karan: May be, she had them before..
IshDev: What??
Karan: Ishu, may be she had them when she was.. in Mumbai.. (unable to say about Swetlana affair)
Ishu: (understands what Karan trying to say) No, jiju.. She didn’t have them that time..
Dev: How do you know??
Ishu: I just know it.. She didn’t have them..
Karan: That is what we are asking how??
Ishu: (in anger) Because she didn’t slept with that man!! (Dev and Karan are shocked with this new revelation..)
Ishu: (continues) After she came to Chennai, I took her to a hospital for a medical checkup.. I don’t want her past to trouble her again.. I also thought like you and I told her the reason for taking her to the hospital.. She just smiled and said ‘maybe I was his mistress but I never slept with him’.. That answer shocked me but I can see the truth in her eyes.. She said that she will mix sleeping pills in his drinks whenever he stayed with her.. I believed her and I took promise from her to not to tell anyone about that.. I want our family accept her with her flaws.. So, we never disclose this matter to anyone.. Now, I’m telling this to you.. That’s the reason I’m saying that Anni never take that sort of pills..
Karan: (sees RaDu coming) We will talk later about this.. Ishu, don’t worry.. We will find about that pills..
RaDu came to them and says that Swetlana will be discharged in two days.. Ishana mobile rings.. She saw Siddharth is calling.. All slapped their forehead.. Due to tensed situation they completely forgot to inform their family.. They tried to call Siddharth when Swetlana brought to hospital but he didn’t answer.. They thought to call later but forgot it.. Dev attends the call and told about Swetlana being admitted due to stomach pain.. Siddharth came to hospital with NiTiMi and daadi.. They scolded them for not informing earlier.. Ishana and co apologize to them.. Siddharth saw their pale faces and felt bad for scolding them.. He asked them to leave first.. Siddharth, NiTiMi and daadi went to see Swetlana who is sleeping peacefully.. Siddharth caress his beloved wife’s face.. Swetlana wakes up and saw his worry face.. She holds his hand and blinks her eyes saying she is fine.. He kissed her hand and forehead.. NiTiMi too go to their bhabhi and hugs her.. They wish her to recover soon.. Daadi prays for her recovery..
Swetlana got discharged after two days.. RaDuKa told Siddharth that Swetlana is very weak and can’t have physical relationship for few months.. Siddharth understood and agrees with them.. Later, at night, Siddharth is making Swetlana to lie on bed.. Ishana comes there.. SidLana noticed her and called her in.. Ishana goes to Swetlana..
Ishu: Bhabhi, can I lie on your lap for a while??

Siddharth: Bhabhi!! Ishu, are you.. (Swetlana stops him)
Swet: Sure, Ishu.. Come here (She places Ishana’s head on her lap.. She looked at Siddharth and shrugs her shoulders)
Swetlana caresses Ishana’s hair gently while Siddharth sits beside her looking at them.. After a while, they heard weeping sound from Ishana..
Ishu (sobbing badly): Bhabhi, please forgive me..(her head is still on Swetlana’s lap.. SidLana looking each other confusingly)
Swet: Forgive you?? For what?? You didn’t do any mistake..
Ishu: No, bhabhi.. If I done any mistake or if I had hurt you before, please forgive me..(weeping badly)
SidLana felt that Swetlana’s incident made Ishana speaks like this in scared..
Swet (makes Ishana looks at her): You did not do any mistake before.. There will be a reason for you to do something.. I know well about my daughter.. She can’t do anything wrong.. Now, just close your eyes and sleep.. (turns Ishana’s face and pats her cheeks lovingly making her sleep)
Ishana closes her eyes and sleeps.. Siddharth wanted to place Ishana on the bed but Dushyanth came that time..
Dush: Sorry, jiju.. I’ll take Ishu to her room.. (SidLana want to stop him but he already lifted Ishana on his arms) Once again sorry, jiju.. Sorry Di.. (he left the room before they say something)
Swet: I don’t know why but I felt they are hiding something.. Since I was in hospital they are behaving like this..
Sid: I too felt the same.. They used to tease us but now they are not even opening their mouth.. And Ishu, she is calling you bhabhi!!
Swet: I can see their eyes are having pain but don’t know what.. It’s just an appendix only.. Why are they behaving like they commit a crime??
Sid (seeing her worried): OK.. You don’t worry.. I’ll talk to them.. Now, you better sleep.. (makes her lie on bed and covers her with blanket.. He too slept beside her..)
Next morning, all had their breakfast and went to work.. Swetlana is resting in her room.. Ishana goes to give medicines to Swetlana.. She reads the prescription and gives the medicines written in it.. Swetlana have the medicines.. Ishana asked her to take rest and moves to leave.. But she stops seeing a medicine bottle on the dressing table.. She goes and take the bottle..
Ishu: Anni, what is this for??

Swet: It’s some sort of vitamins..
Ishu: Since when are you taking it?? Where you got this??
Swet: Just before the wedding and I didn’t bought it.. Ashok gave it as my wedding gift.. He said I’m looking weak and pale and gave this medicine.. But, I stopped having it after my wedding..
Ishu: Ashok??? (Shocked but didn’t show it) OK, anni.. You take rest.. I’ll come later.. (She leaves taking the bottle with her)
Ishana calls Dev and asked him to come to City Hospital.. Dev already waiting for her by the time she reached there.. She goes inside with Dev.. RaDuKa already waiting in Raghav’s cabin.. She hand over the bottle to Raghav.. RaDuKa look at the bottle..

Precap: IshDev and RaDuKa on a mission.. Ishana confronts Ashok.. IshDev go to Mumbai.. Ishana meets someone.. Ishana meets with an

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