ISHKARA FF: Life Found Love Once Again- IshDev Flashback -Shot 3

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Dev just looked at Ishana going to her room tearfully.. Siddharth goes to Dev..
Sid: What you had said to Ishu?? Did you think our thought will be so low?? Just because we are rich, we will give important for someone background than their heart and character??
Arjun: I didn’t thought that you will have this kind of thought on us.. We liked and respect you as the person you are..
Dush: Leave it, Arjun.. He must have thought about it when we chose him as wedding planner.. I think he forget about it..
Swet: If this family gave importance to someone’s past or background, I wouldn’t become daughter in law in this family..

Daadi: Dev, you are talking about your background.. Do you know that Ishu’s past more worst than you.. She.. (wanted to continue but Raghav stopped her)
Raghav: Daadi, don’t tell him anything.. This is between Ishu and him.. If he felt anything for Ishu, he will talk to her himself..
Dev felt bad that he hurt Ishana.. He wanted to see her.. He looked at them and they nod their head giving permission to him to go.. He ran to Ishana’s room..
He saw Ishana crying terribly sitting on the bed.. He goes and sits beside her.. He put his hand on her head and caressed her hair.. Ishu looks at him and moved his hand.. She stands up to leave.. But Dev holds her hand and pulled her towards him.. He cupped her face while Ishu continue crying..

Dev: I’m sorry, Ishana.. I should not hurt you just now.. I’m scared that I might get hurt again.. I don’t know that you and your family respected me this much.. (smiles sadly) May be because I didn’t meet people like you and your family before this make me to think like this..
Ishana looks at him.. She understands he is having pain in his heart.. She wipes his tears that came slightly at the corner of his eyes.. He looks at her..
Ishu: What happened in your past, Dev?? I’m not asking about your birth.. I mean who gave you this pain??
Dev: You don’t want to know about my birth being illeg.. (Ishana covered his mouth with her palm)

Ishu: Don’t you dare to say it again.. I don’t care about it.. But, if you felt that you want to share it with me, I don’t mind.. But for now I want to know who gave this pain to u??
Dev is looking at her surprisingly.. He wanted to tell the truth of his birth but she is asking who hurts him..

Dev: I knew it.. But I need to start from that, then only you will understand.. (Ishana agrees)
He started to tell about his dad having an affair with his secretary and Dev born to them.. His dad Mr Chabra will visit them sometimes and gave money for their expenses.. His wife, Chaya didn’t aware of his secret affair.. Few years back, Dev’s mom died due to illness.. Mr Chabra took him to his house in LA.. Chaya and Reyaan confronted him and didn’t accept Dev.. But, later accept him after realising it was not Dev’s mistake.. However, Chaya and Reyaan didn’t accept Mr, Chabra.. They avoided him for few months.. Dev felt bad for his dad and convinced them to accept him.. Chaya melted with Dev’s pleading and forgive Mr Chabra.. Chaya treated Dev just like Reyaan.. After a year, they fixed Dev’s alliance with a girl from a rich family in Mumbai.. Dev too liked the girl.. On the engagement day, the girl’s brother found Dev being illegitimate and insult him to the core.. Dev tried talking to him but he didn’t listen and chased him and his family out of the house.. Dev and his family went back to LA.. However, Dev is very hurt with the girl’s brother insulting his background being an illegitimate.. So, he decided to go back to India and become successful person without using his father’s name.. He started to work in small event planning agencies.. After gain some money, he started a small event management agency.. He got small events contracts.. He did not reach the height but somehow he becomes popular among some people.. Raichands is the first big client for Dev..

Dev finished telling his flashback to Ishana.. He turns to see her.. She just hugged him tightly.. Dev got startled but he needed this.. He too hugged her back.. He felt his heart becomes light after talking to her.. Her hug comforts him.. They break the hug after a while..
Ishu: (furiously) Which idiot insulted you?? How dare he insult my Dev?? Tell me who is he.. Let’s go and confront him for insulting you..
Dev (placed his finger on her lips): Shhhh.. It’s no need now.. I don’t want to see them anymore.. These years I’m in Mumbai but I never see them again.. I think universe don’t want me to meet them again..
Ishu: (chuckled) You are talking like Tia ka..
Dev: Yeah.. These many days I’m with all of you.. So, it’s got spreaded..(chuckled)
Ishu (holds his hand): Whatever you said will not change my heart, my respect and my love for you.. It will increase but will not decrease..

Dev looked at her lovingly and nodded his head..
Dev: Ishana, I shared my pain with you.. Won’t you share your pain with me?? (Ishana looked at him surprisingly) Don’t ask how I know?? Daadi wanted to tell me something but Raghav stopped her and told me to ask you.. I will not force you if you can’t say it..

Ishu: It’s nothing like that.. I will tell you.. My mother passed away when I born.. So, my father blamed me for her death and never looked at me.. My grandma took care of me for few years.. After she died, my relations sent me back to my father.. He hated my presence.. He always get drunken and used to curse me because I born as a girl and thought I’m a burden for him.. He always abuse me and never give food for me.. Sometimes, I will sleep with hungry stomach.. So, to fill up my hunger, I will go to other houses and will do some house works.. They will give me food in return.. One day, my father wanted to sell me for some men.. Yash thaatha(grandpa) only saved me from him.. I still remember when Yash thaatha asked me how much he wants and he said Rs.500 because I’m not worth more than it.. (Ishu started to cry terribly) Then, thaatha took me to his family..

Ishu cries vigorously after finished telling her past to him.. Dev too having tears thinking about her worst past that must not happen in anyone’s life.. Dev turns her to him and hugged her.. Ishu’s tears wets his shirt.. He breaks the hug and make Ishana to face him..
Ishu: Sometimes, I too felt that my worth is not more than Rs.500..(sobbing)
Dev: Ishana, will you listen to me?? (Ishu looks at him) You are the most dearest in this world.. Your worth is more than the most expensive things in this world.. Your so called father don’t know your worth.. It’s his loss.. Now, you see.. You got the most beautiful family as yours who treated you as the most precious in their life.. Don’t you ever say that you are not worth than Rs 500.. Ok?? (Ishu nods at him)

He looks at her and hold her face.. He kisses her forehead and her eyes.. Ishana is shocked with his action.. He looks at her lovingly and goes near her ears..
Dev: I think we have to go down.. All must waiting for us.. If we don’t go, they will come here.. (Ishu agrees and they both leave)
In the hall, all are waiting for IshDev..
Mithra: Why they are taking so long??
Swet: Relax, Mithu..They have to know well each others pain.. They need sometime for that..
Daadi: Swetlana is right.. Both faced a lot in the past.. This is the time for them to rid off their past completely from their life..

Swet: They will start their life fresh.. (cut by Arjun)
Arjun: Just like you and bhaiya, right?? (Siddarth hit Arjun’s head)
Karthik: Full of romance..(Swetlana twisted his ears and he shouts in pain.. All laughed..)
IshDev came there smiling.. All are happy looking at their happy face.. They chatted for sometime and had lunch together.. After their lunch, Raghav, Dushyanth and Karan decided to go with Dev.. While driving..
Raghav: Everything solved between you and Ishu??

Dev: Yes.. But, I felt bad for her.. I thought I’m the only one faced worst situation.. But Ishana’s life was more worst than me.. I felt like whatever happened in my life is nothing compare to her..
Dush: That is life, Dev.. Not everyone get everything in their life.. Some only got pain and sorrows.. You think Ishu’s life was worst before, but there are some people life more miserable than her.. At least, Ishu got saved by dadaji.. There are some people’s life that could not be saved and their life got ruined just like that..
Karan: In that case, Ishu is lucky because dadaji saved her and took her to his house..
Dev: If you all don’t mind, can I ask you something??
Raghav: I know what you want to ask.. You wanted to know why 3 of us are staying in our wives house and not with our family, right??
Dev (felt guilty): I didn’t mean to..

Dush: Relax, Dev.. Nothing wrong in it.. Actually, we came with you to explain about this.. 3 of us are childhood friends.. We too had a happy family and we lived in the same neighbourhood.. We use to pass by a hospital while going to school.. We saw the doctors wearing white coat and stethoscope on their neck and we too wanted to wear the same.. We asked our parents.. They told us to study hard then only can become a doctor.. We too studied hard and after few years we passed our exams and enters medical college.. After finishing our final year and waiting for our results, we decided to have a family trip.. All of us went to Bangalore.. There we met Arjun and his family..

Karan: First, we are surprised to see their big family because our family only having one son each but they are having 6 children.. That time our family got jealous because having only one son.. Their chirpiness, childish behaviour, pulling each others leg really attracted us.. We too got closer to them..

Raghav: We used to spend time together and go out together.. One day, our parents wanted to go to a temple that quite far from our hotel.. We wanted to follow them but they asked the youngsters to enjoy ourselves while the elders will be going to temple and will be back in two days.. We thought they wanted to spend time together, so we let them to go.. We don’t know it would be the last day we saw them.. Next day, we received a call that the place they stayed has caught fire and no one survived.. We rushed there along with jiju and Arjun only to find their burnt bodies.. (Raghav started to cry.. Karan consoles him..)

Dush: We were shattered.. Arjun’s family took us with them to Chennai.. We couldn’t come out from the incident.. We stayed with them for few weeks.. Ishu always tried to cheer us but we will not bother.. One day, we yelled at her for not understanding our pain.. Poor girl got shocked and started to cry.. We keep on shouting at her and jiju stopped us.. Ishu ran to her room and Arjun went behind her..

Karan: Jiju told us everything about Ishu’s past till their parents death.. We got shocked and felt bad for her.. She just wanted us to be happy but we didn’t understand and yelled at her.. We went and ask forgiveness from her.. We promised that we won’t scold her again.. She just hugged us and ask us to move on from the incident.. After that, everything back to normal..
Raghav: Our exam results came out and we passed our exams.. After that, we got posting at City Hospital, Mumbai.. We worked there for 2 years.. In the two years, 3 of us started to fell for three of them.. But, we couldn’t confess our love to them.. One day, we came to Chennai to visit their family.. We met Arjun personally and told them about our feeling to his sisters.. Arjun got shocked first but he said he has no objection but it’s his sisters life, so they have to take decision..

Dush: We don’t know that Ishu was listening to our conversation.. We went down to meet his family.. Before we open our mouth, Ishu suddenly says,” Paatima, these three love my sisters and they want to marry them.. Please agree..” In one go.. They all got shocked as well as we.. We don’t know what we have to do that time.. Those 3 girls are looking with us in shocked expression.. Daadi just laughed and said it’s her grandchildrens decision.. Siddharth jiju too say the same.. We looked at three of them.. After a while, they smiled.. We felt relieved..
Karan: We dated for few months and got married after that.. We had a simple wedding because Arjun just started his career and Siddharth jiju too was not in a higher position like now.. And, we too just joined our doctor posting.. We knew our wives wanted to become entrepreneur, so we helped them building their own career by selling our houses in Mumbai.. We don’t want to separate our wives from their family.. And we also wanted to stay in a big family.. So, that is why we are staying with them.. This is our family too..

Dev really got impressed with them and his respect for them is increased..
Raghav: These are our lives history.. So, now your confusion got cleared??
Dev: Yes.. I understand one thing.. People who faced pain their life can understand others pain.. (RaDuKa smiles and nod their head)
Dush: Dev, if you don’t mind can I ask you something?? You said someone made you realise that your background and past is important, who is that idiot??
Dev (chuckled): I’ll say but don’t tell Ishana because she is ready to attack the person if she found him.. (They agreed) SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI!!!

Dushyanth who drives the car applied sudden brake and the car stopped.. Dev got shocked..
Dev: What happened, Dushyanth?? Why did you stop the car?? (He looked at Dushyant who is giving a shock reaction.. Dev got confused and looked at Karan and Raghav but they too gave the same reaction.. He snapped his finger in front of their faces.. They came out from shock..) What happen, guys?? Why you all are giving this reaction??
Karan: Why the one having problem with the ‘OBEROIS’ always coming to us??
Raghav: I think we are having some connection with the Oberois.. That’s why we are keep on meeting someone related to them..

Dush: We can say enemy of Oberois..
Dev: Guys, I don’t understand.. Is there anyone that related to Oberois that you all knew??
Karan: Our Swetlana didi.. The greatest enemy of Oberois..
Dev: What?? Swetlana is Oberois enemy?? But how?? (They told him how her enemity with Oberois) I can’t believe that Swetlana become like this.. Just a simple lie can make a good person to become bad and small truth changed a bad person to be better one..
Raghav: We reached your place.. Do you have any other confusion??

Dev(hesitates): Kar…thik??
Dush(chuckled): You will know about it later.. This is enough for today.. See you..
Dev: Ok.. See you.. Bye..
RaDuKa left Dev at his destination and leave to hospital..
At Raichand Mansion

Nivi: What?? Dev didn’t confess his feeling yet?? What you both are doing for long time??
Mithra: I thought you both are in romance mood after disclose about your past..
Ishu: Actually, I don’t want Dev confess to me in this situation.. It will be like he sympathize to me.. I’m happy he didn’t do it..
Swet: Ishu is right.. I too feel the same..
Tia: We have to wait till then..

Precap: Dev proposed Ishana.. Swetlana lost her baby.. Ishana found something..

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