ISHKARA FF: Life Found Love Once Again- IshDev Flashback -Shot 2

Thank you very much to all my readers for supporting me for this IshDev flashback shots..

Let’s go to today’s shot.. Please ignore any grammatical errors..


Ishu: I’m here..
They shocked to see her wounds on her face and questioned her about them.. Ishu pacifies them..
Ishu: I went to washroom and suddenly I felt dizzy.. I tried to grab hold on something, but I slipped and fell hitting my head on the wall before hit the floor..
They are somehow convinced except 6 people.. She signed to Dev through her eyes to not to tell them.. Ishana is wearing full sleeve chudidhar, so her wounds on her arms are not seen by them..
Swet: She’s looking so weak.. Arjun,carry her to her room..
Arjun agrees and lifted Ishana to her room followed by Swetlana and daadi.. RaDuKa signed their wives to follow them as well.. After they went, RaDuKa took Dev aside and asked him what happened.. Dev told them everything.. They all got angry and wanted to hit Ashok but Dev stopped them..
Dev: I told him not to show his face again.. He ran away.. He will not dare to come here again.. But, Dushyanth, how do you know that Ashok will be here??
Dush: Actually, while we are praying at temple, our heart is not feeling peace.. It’s like asking us to go back fast.. That’s why I called you and asked you to come here fast to see Ishu..
Karan: Actually, we thought to come back but daadi told it’s not good if we left puja mid way..
Raghav: Anyway, thanks Dev for saving our daughter’s life..
Dev (confused): Daughter??

Raghav: You are confused that we are saying her our daughter?? It was Ishu herself gave us a father’s place in her heart.. She said if brother’s wife like a mother, so sister’s husband like a father.. It was new feeling for us when she said it.. First time someone gave us this kind of place.. So, we too treated her like our child.. We gave her all our love and support which she craved since she was small.. She got from Arjun’s parents but it never stay for long.. We are really proud having her in our life..
Dev still confused with what they were saying.. He wanted to ask something but NiTiMi came that time.. RaDuKa told them about the incident and the three sisters got furious.. 3 of them are ready to attack Ashok but their husbands calmed them down.. They knew if their wife become Jhansi Ki Rani, they will make the world upside down.. Dev too got shocked seeing this side of these girls.. Somehow, they managed to calm them down.. They asked about SidLana and Arjun’s whereabouts..They said they left for their works.. Swetlana is helping daadi.. They go to Ishana room.. They opened the door and they saw Ishana sleeping.. Karan caresses her face.. Ishana wakes up in shock.. She saw them and cries..
Ishu: Jiju, didi!!! (Crying terribly)

They understood by her addressing them as Didi and jiju how much broken she is.. Actually it’s their code word.. Whenever she is in danger or if she needs them she will address them in Hindi.. Karan just hugs her.. They sit on the bed and just consoling her.. While Dev stood and watched them..
Raghav (wiped her tears): When our strong daughter become weak?? You are the iron lady of this family..
Dush: Your tears are priceless.. Don’t waste them for that useless idiot..
Tia: Ishu baby, the universe will not forgive him and will punish him..
Nivi: Universe ki bache, we have to make her out of the incedent.. You are still talking about it??
Mithra: Right, didi.. Ishu, next time if someone try to attack you, just hit his most hurtful place, I mean just knock him using your knee.. Wait, I’ll show u.. (she made Karan to stand and try to knock him using her knee but Karan stops her leg.. Dev chuckles looking at them)
Karan: Stop, meri maa.. We didn’t give birth to baby yet.. (Mithra started to blush.. Ishana started to laugh.. Seeing her laugh, they too laughed)
Ishu (hugs Karan’s shoulder): So, my aththan wants a baby?? (Karan got embarassed and cursed himself for blurting out) Akka, both of you need to work on it..(Mithra smiles and runs from there)
All laughed looking at Karan..
Karan: Why are you all laughing, guys??? Ishu, why are you pointing at me only.. You are having another two aththans.. Tell them too..
Ishu: Right!! It’s applicable for you too (looking at Raghav, Nivedha, Dushyanth and Tia)
Raghav: It will happen but after you get married.. Till then we have you as our child..
Ishu is overwhelmed and hugs them.. Dev leaves from there..
Tia: It’s like a movie right?? Heroine in danger and hero saves her..
Mithra: Heroine hugged hero..(dreamily)
Nivi: Confessing their love and..(dreamily)
Ishu: Leave without say anything..
RaDuKa & NiTiMi: What?? That means you..(Ishana nods her head)
Ishu: But he left without say anything..
Nivi: Don’t worry, Ishu.. He will confess to you soon.. Now, sleep..
They kissed her forehead and made her sleep..

Dev is driving his car leaving Raichand Mansion..
Dev(st): Now, I understand why they said she is their daughter.. They are really a father for her.. No one can badmouth their divine relationship.. She is very lucky to have 3 fathers that love her to the core.. I’m trying to find a reason to refuse her love but this girl impress me everytime and I couldn’t hurt her.. But, I can’t accept her love.. She deserves a better person than me.. Not me.. I need to tell them the truth.. Then only, Ishana will forget me..
Days passed and all are busy with wedding preparation.. Dev decided to tell them the truth about himself..He went to the mansion and saw all are spending time together at hall.. That is what he loved in this family.. Whenever they got time don’t care how tired they are, they will spend time together chatting and joking.. He smiled himself.. They noticed his presence and called him.. He composed himself and decide to tell them.. He opened his mouth to speak but Ishana’s mobile ringtone caught all of their attention.. Ishana excused herself and answers the call.. She walks towards dining while answering the call.. Dev noticed the excitement on her face while answering the call..
Ishu: Hi, how are you?? (A guy came from entrance.. All are excited except Dev.. He too on call)
Guy: Fine, how are you?? Missing me??(walking behind Ishana)
Ishu: Why should I miss you?? You didn’t even call me once in these months.. So, why I must miss u?? I don’t even have time to think about u..
Guy: So mean!!! I was always thinking about you but you didn’t even have time for missing me.. Very bad!!
Ishu: Really?? Then why are you not here yet for my brother ‘s wedding??
Guy: Actually, I’m having some important works that’s why couldn’t come..
Ishu: Like what?? Following behind me??
Guy: Yes..uh.. What??

Ishana turned at him raised her eyebrow..
Ishu: You think what?? I don’t know you are here?? I knew it when you enter the main entrance.. Don’t you know that I can feel ur presence??
Dev got jealous with them but not showing it.. All of them noticed this.. The guy lifted Ishu and twirls her..
Ishu: Karthik, what are you doing?? Leave me..
Karthik: No way.. You didn’t miss me right?? This is the punishment..
Ishu: Ok.. ok..I missed u.. Now, leave me.. Please.. My head is spinning..
He puts her down.. Both have a hug.. Dev feels very jealous looking at them which didn’t go unnoticed by the family except Ishana and Karthik.. They confirmed Dev too loves Ishana but don’t want to accept it..
After breaking the hug, Karthik takes blessing from daadi and hug all of them.. They introduced Dev to him..
Sid: Karthik, is Dev, our wedding planner.. And Dev, this is Karthik, one of us..
Both have a handshake.. Dev faked his smile but Karthik knew it and smirks.. After that, Dev leave from there.. Ishana went to her room.. All the girls jumped saying’ yes!!!’..
Nivi: Woww!! Karthik, you made him jealous.. I’m impressed..
Tia: Karthik, universe sent you here to make him realise his love for her..
Mithra: Only we knew what bond you and Ishu are sharing..Your closeness will make him confess his love..That is why we asked you to come here fast..
Arjun: So,this is my devil sisters plan to make the poor guy suffers..
Sid: Anyhow, its good plan but please don’t overact..
Swet: I don’t know why but I felt like Dev is in dilemma to accept or reject her love..
Karthik: Are you all sure Dev loves her?? I don’t want to create any misunderstanding..
Dush: Of course he loves her if not why he…(Dushyanth almost blurted out Dev hit Ashok but stopped receiving glare from Karan and Raghav)
Sid: Why he..
Dush: I mean why he will be jealous seeing Karthik with Ishu??
Karan: Yes.. His eyes are saying how much he loves her but his ego stopping him from confessing..
Daadi: It’s not ego, Karan.. I think Swetlana is right.. He is in dilemma..
Swet: Then, we need to find out about it..
Daadi: Do whatever you want but do it after marriage.. Now, concentrate on the wedding first..
Arjun: Yes, daadi.. If not they will forget that it’s their wedding is going to happen.. (all burst into laughter)
Daadi: Swetlana, where is your brother, Ashok?? I didn’t see him few days.. (RaDuKa and NiTiMi is shocked)
Swet: Sorry, daadi.. I forgot to inform.. Actually, few days back he called me and tell that he is having some urgent work.. He is not sure he can make it for wedding.. So, he said sorry and sent me a wedding gift.. (They got relieved with the answer)
Tia: What gift, bhabhi??
Swet: It’s.. (cuts by Arjun)

Arjun: It’s between their brother and sister.. The Universe don’t want you to interfere in it.. (patted Tia’s head)
Then, they go and continue their work.. Days passed, roka, mehndi, haldi, sangeet (I’m not very clear about this rituals.. Please forgive me if I was wrong) successfully finished.. Only the wedding is left.. Dev is very sure about his feelings for Ishana but he can’t accept it.. He decided to tell them after the wedding finished..
Finally, the wedding day of SidLana arrived.. The wedding completed with every rituals.. All the family members had some fun like playing games, dancing and singing.. After that, they sent SidLana to their room.. They too retired to their room.. All are exhausted because worked hard for so many weeks for the wedding..
Next morning, all teased SidLana about their wedding night.. Both got embarrassed.. Swetlana cooked for them which become disaster.. But they didn’t say and continue eating saying it was the best dish they had.. But their lie is not long last because she had the same dish too.. They tried to stop her but she didn’t listen.. She put it in her mouth.. She made weird face and spit it out..
Swet: It’s horrible..How you all eat this?? Too spicy and I mistakenly added salt in kheer instead of sugar..(got teary eyed)
Ishana (goes to Swetlana and cups her face): But you add a lot of love which took away all the spiceness and saltness and it become the best dish.. (Swetlana overwhelmed with Ishu’s answer.. She just hugs her and kisses her forehead)
Dev who came there to meet them just stand and look at them.. Karthik saw him..
Karthik: Hi, Dev.. Why are u standing there?? Come and join us for breakfast.. It’s very delicious..
Swet: What are you saying?? Sorry, Dev.. The food is horrible.. Please ignore him..
Dev: It’s ok.. I had my breakfast ready.. You all have it.. I’ll be waiting at hall..
After finished their breakfast, they go to hall.. Dev saw them and get up from his seat..
Dev: I’m leaving to Mumbai today..
Sid: Why so fast??
Dev: My work here is finish and I dont have any purpose to stay here anymore..(looking at Ishana.. Ishana felt bad and her eyes filled with tears)
Karthik: I think its enough guys.. Dev, we knew Ishu loves you and you too loves her.. She confess it but you are avoiding it.. You want to run from your feelings and that is the reason you want to go back to Mumbai..

Dev (controls his emotion): It’s nothing like that.. My work is done, so I’m going back..
Sid: Ok, Dev.. I’m coming straight to the point.. Ishu loves you and we too like you.. Will you accept our Ishu as your wife??
Dev: Sorry, sir.. I can’t marry your sister.. She deserve better person than me.. I’m not the one for her..
Daadi: Why are you saying like this, Dev??? Ishu won’t get better person than you..
Dev: No, daadi.. I’m not the one what you all are thinking.. You don’t know who am I, my background, my past..
Sid: Past??? Dev we don’t care about your past.. Ishu’s happiness is important and her happiness is you..
Dev: My past will be in my present and future..
Arjun: What are u saying?? Be frank..
Dev (in anger): I’m an illegitimate son of my father.. Is that enough?? (All are shocked)
Ishu (goes to him): Is the background and past very important to you??
Dev: Yes!! It is very important.. I thought it’s not but a person remind me of it.. Forget me, Ishana.. I’m not a suitable person for you.. You are from good background not like me.. I’m just an illegitimate child.. (controlling his emotions)
Ishu (smiles bitterly): Ok.. (cries and runs to her room)

Precap: IshDev share their past.. RaDuKa reveal their reason staying with the Raichands..

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