ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- IshDev Flashback- Shot 1

Hi, dears.. As I promised you all, I’m starting different shots for Ishana and Dev’s love story.. This shots will cover IshDev fb, Swetlana’s fb and the reason why RaDuKa are staying with the Raichands..

The characters for this shots:

Ishana (Raichand)
Dev (Chabra)
Swetlana Siddharth Raichand
Siddharth Raichand
Arjun Raichand
Raghav Malhotra – Nivedha Raghav Malhotra
Dushyanth Chopra – Tia Dushyanth Chopra
Karan Singhaniya – Mithra Karan Singhaniya
Savitri Raichand
Karthik – will know later
Ashok Kapoor- Swetlana’s brother
Kamini Kapoor- Swetlana’s mother
ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa
Mr & Mrs Chabra- cameo
Reyaan Chabra- cameo

Let’s go to the shot.. Please ignore the grammatical errors..


Years passed, all the kids grown up.. Each are having their own career..
Siddharth: Police Officer
Arjun: Industralist owns AR Industries
Nivedha: Owns a bakery cum coffee shop – NiviR Bakery and Aroma Cafe
Tia: Florist- Owns a bouquet shop- TiaD Secret Garden
Mithra: Owns a boutique – MithraK Fashion House
Ishana: Medical Student
Nivedha, Tia and Mithra are married and their husbands are doctors..
Siddharth liked a girl and proposed her one day..
Girl: Sorry,sir.. I can’t accept your proposal.. My past will always haunting me.. If we got married, it will haunt you too..( cries)

Sid: We will together chase out your past.. I promise that I will bring you out of it and will never raise anything of your past in our future..
Girl: No, sir.. I don’t want to come out of it.. I did a lot of sin at my past.. I tried to ruin a beautiful family.. I separated a perfect husband and wife.. I felt disgusted with myself.. I wanted to end my life but your sister Ishana saved me and gave me a shelter at your house, a perfect family.. She is very lucky to be born in this family..
Sid: (thinks a while) What if I say that she didn’t born in this family??
Girl: What are you saying??

Siddharth narrates her Ishana’s dark childhood story.. The Girl felt bad for Ishana..
Sid: Everything went smoothly till my dadaji said he wanted to visit his mother’s place here in Chennai.. 5 of us can’t go because we got exams that time.. Daadima was not well that time.. Dadaji went with mom, dad and Ishana.. On the way to airport, they met with terrible accident.. Only Ishana survived in the accident.. We all got shattered knowing this.. I and Arjun become pillar of support to our daadima and sisters.. Ishana was in trauma and that incident become a nightmare for her.. Every night she will scream and it will be very hard for us to console her.. She blamed herself for the accident and thought herself as a bad omen for our family.. We took her to a psychiatrist one day.. He asked us to take Ishana out from Mumbai.. New environment might be helpful for her to recover from the shock.. So, we sold our property and our Raichand Industries and moved from Mumbai..

We came to Chennai and we started our new life there.. We stayed in our dadaji’s mom’s house.. We struggled few days to get adapted there.. All of us are studying.. Daadima started a small restaurant using some money that we got selling our property there.. Ishu still had nightmare but it become less.. We give more attention to her by showering our love to her.. She didn’t get mother’s love since born but after she came to our family, she got all the love and she was much closer to my mother.. But she lost that love too.. She didn’t say it but I know she is craving for mother’s love.. Can’t u give her a mother’s love to her?? I knew you both share a good bond..
Girl looked surprised with his question..

Girl: Why me?? I was a criminal and was in jail few months.. You are a honest police officer and your family, will they accept me?? What will outside world say?? A police officer married a criminal?? Leave the world but your family will they accept a criminal as a Daughter In Law of their family??
Sid: (placed his finger on her lips) Shhh.. You are questioning too much.. I don’t care about outside world.. I’m not going to live with them.. All my family members love you a lot.. They too wanted me to marry you.. Your past will be past only.. It will not come in our present and future.. It’s my promise..

Girl cries and hugged him.. Siddharth surprised with her sudden action but hugged her back..
Sid: So, are you ready to become Mrs Swetlana Siddharth Raichand??
Swetlana just nodded her head shyly without breaking the hug..
Sid: You are agreeing for me or my sister??
Swet: For my daughter..

S: Daughter??
Swet: You only asked me to give motherly love for your sister.. So, she is my daughter right??
Siddharth laughed at her statement and kissed her forehead.. Both hug again..
Siddharth informed his family and they were super happy.. They wanted their marriage to happen as soon as possible.. They looked for a wedding planner.. Arjun got the list of wedding planners and all are thinking whom to choose.. Siddharth saw a name and showed to them..
Arjun: Why you choose this planner?? This planner is not even famous..
Sid: He used his name and not his surname.. I trust people who used his name than his surname or father’s name.. He wanted people to know him by his name not his surname or father’s name..
All agreed to him and booked the event planner..

All girls are applying mehndi on their hand while chatting.. Arjun came back from office felt very tired after attended all the meetings.. He saw his darling sisters and would be bhabhi happily chatting with each other.. His tiredness gone when he saw their happy faces.. Siddharth too came that time and saw them.. Arjun had a mischievous look on his face and decide to play..
Arjun: Ishu dear!! (Ishana looked at him) Clap ur hand.. (Ishana without thinking clap her hands.. Arjun shouts happily) Yesss!!
Swet: Arjun, what you did?? ( Looking at Ishana’s hand)

Ishana got shocked looking at her spoiled mehndi.. She started to chase Arjun all around their house.. She wanted to take revenge on him by rubbing his face with mehndi.. Arjun runs from her to the entrance.. Ishana rushed to him unfortunately her leg tripped and she closed her eyes thought of falling.. Someone caught her.. She thought it is Arjun and rubbed her mehndi hands on his face with eyes closed.. He left her and Ishana laughs terribly but stopped when she saw her family cupped their mouths in shocked.. Ishana confused and shocked to see Arjun is standing beside Siddharth.. She turns and look at the person whom she rubbed the mehndi.. She got shocked that she rubbed it on a new guy who came to their house.. He is wiping his face using handkerchief.. Arjun gave a death glare to her and took the guy to washroom.. Ishana gave apologetic look to her family which they melted as usual..

Arjun came back with the guy..
Guy: I didn’t expect this kind of welcoming here.. Anyways thank you.. (looking at Ishana)
Ishu: You are welcome ( bit her tongue) Sorry..
Sid: Actually, she was chasing her brother but accidentally you came.. Really sorry..
Guy: It’s ok..Please don’t do it again..(looking at Ishana)..(after a while) Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.. I’m Dev.. Mr Arjun called me for wedding planning..
Arjun shakes hand with him..
Arjun: Hi, I’m Arjun.. This is my brother Siddharth, brother in laws Raghav, Dushyanth and Karan.. (Dev shakes hand with them) These are my sister’s Nivedha, Tia, Mithra and Ishana.. And this is my would be bhabhi Swetlana.. You are going to plan wedding for her (pointing at Swetlana) and my brother Siddharth..

Dev: Sure, it’s my pleasure.. May I ask you one thing?? There are so many big and famous wedding planners, but why did you chose me.. I just did for small events before..
Sid: For your name.. You want to get fame through your name.. Not your surname or dad’s name.. You said that you did for small events.. But that is big for you.. I want someone who will do it wholeheartedly.. When I saw your name I felt you are the one..
Dev (felt touched with his confidence): Thank you and I won’t disappoint you..
Sid: Arjun, tell him what are our planning..
Arjun agreed and took Dev.. All leaves.. Swetlana goes to Arjun..
Swet: Arjun, one minute..
Arjun: Yes, bhabhi..You want anything??

Swet: Promise me next time you will not do this..(Arjun confused)
Arjun: Do what bhabhi??
Swet: Whatever you did with Ishu just now.. I mean spoiling her mehndi.. It’s not good if a girl’s mehndi got spoiled.. Please don’t do this again..
Arjun: Sorry, bhabhi.. Actually I was playing only.. I don’t know this sentiment.. I promise I’ll not do this again..
Swetlana nodded her head.. Arjun leave with Dev.. Swetlana standing there worried..
Swet (prays): I just hope nothing bad happen to this family.. God, please don’t make this family to face any trouble.. If there is any trouble, let it come to me.. I will face it..
Somewhere, she don’t aware it was a first sign for the upcoming thunderstorm that going to shatter her beautiful family..

Days passed.. Dev developed good bond with the family.. His soft nature, maturity, independency, confidence impressed all of them.. Ishana started to fall for him.. The way she looked at him and the care she showed him can tell anyone how much she loves him.. Her eyes are enough to confess her love.. These didn’t go unnoticed by her family..They decided to talk with him but Ishana stopped them.. Dev too knew her feelings but he ignores it.. He ignores her and avoids her which hurts Ishana.. But she thought of speaking to him after SidLana wedding..

Ishana found Swetlana worried and understand that she is missing her brother and wants to invite him for the wedding.. Ishana told Siddharth.. Siddharth refused inviting him but Ishana convinced him.. He called and invite Ashok.. Ashok came to the house.. Swetlana got happy seeing her brother.. She introduced all of them.. He saw Ishana and lusted for her.. The way he looked at her didn’t go unnoticed by Raghav, Dushyanth and Karan.. The girls are talking with daadi, Siddharth was speaking on phone while Arjun is discussing with Dev, so they didnt notice him.. But, Dev saw him and got angry but he kept quiet.. Ishana too felt uncomfortable with his look.. So, she leaves from there..

RaDuKa informed their wives about Ashok bad intention on Ishana.. They got angry..
Tia: Idiot how dare he looked at my Ishu baby like that?? Universe will not spare him..
Nivi: Such a cheapo!!! Lusting over my sister!! I’ll throw chilly powder on his eyes.. Let them got burn..

Mithra: I can’t believe he is Swetlana bhabhi ‘s brother..chi..chi..
Dush: Ishu dressing was decent enough but still he looked her that way.. Such a pervert..
Karan: A girl’s dressing is not to be blamed for a guy’s intention.. Their cheap thought is the main cause.. Not a girl’s dressing.. These kind of guys are spoiling all the men’s name.. That’s why till now all the parents are scared to send their daughter out of the house..
Raghav: Relax, guys.. We can’t say this to Arjun or jiju.. You all knew that they will not spare him.. It might caused problem in wedding too.. So, till the wedding finish we have to protect our Ishu..
All: Ok..

Since then they started to protect Ishana from Ashok.. Everytime there will be one of them with her.. One day, daadi asked all of them to come to temple for some Pooja.. RaDuKa and NiTiMi hesitates first but after knew Ashok went outstation, they agreed to go.. Ishana is not well so she stayed at home.. Ishana went to her room to take rest.. Suddenly, someone caught her from behind.. She struggled to get out of the grip.. Somehow she manage to escape from the grip.. She tried to look at the person but he wear a mask.. He again grab her and try to molest her.. Ishana screamed ‘Bhaiya!! Jiju!!’.. He throw her on bed and pulled her shawl and tore her clothes.. got scared and closed her eyes prays for someone to help.. He tried to pull her clothes but he thrown away from the bed.. Ishu opens her eyes and see Dev in angry mode.. Dev hit him terribly and pulled the mask.. It’s revealed thst person is none other than ‘Ashok’.. He asked Ashok not to show his face again in the house.. Ashok runs from there.. Dev looked at Ishana condition and felt bad.. He took her shawl and covers her.. He saw there is a big scar on her right shoulder till her arm.. Ishana covered the scar and hugs him tightly.. Dev too hugged her back..
Ishu (while hugging): I love you, Dev.. I love you so much.. (Dev is shocked..He knew she loves him but didn’t expect her to confess in this situation)

He didn’t say anything.. He made her sit on the bed and treated her wound.. Ishana just looked at him while he dressing her wound.. He took a dress for her from cupboard and hand over to her.. He went out of the room closing the door.. Ishana burst into tears.. Not because he didn’t say anything for her confession.. It’s because she can’t imagine what might happened if Dev didn’t come that time.. Dev waited at hall for the family members came.. After half an hour, they came back.. They asked about Ishana..He wanted to tell them the truth..

Precap: Dev told RaDuKa and NiTiMi about Ashok’s act towards at Ishana.. RaDuKa and NiTiMi consoles Ishana.. Ishana told them about her love confession.. Dev is jealous with someone..

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    Dear ishana
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      Thank you very much, UF dear.. of course I will continue LFLOA too.. IshDev flashback is quite long and you all might get bored if there is no ishkara scene.. even, I too will feel like that.. that is the reason split IshDev flashback into different shots.. and you might can get some answers for your questions..

  2. awesome
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  3. Arthi

    I just loved it….the way u protrayed everything was good…..I agree the way a girl dresses doesn’t matter the way a guy thinks about her matters a lot…..and a guy shd be taught to respect women……. fabulous work dr….

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear.. I agree with you.. everytime girls dress will be blamed if a guy try to misbehave with her.. but how about a girl dressing decently?? She suffers the same too.. That is what I’m trying to say here that a guy’s thought about a girl is important.. thanks once again, dear..

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