ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Character Sketch

Main leads
Omkara Singh Oberoi- Gauri’s husband
Ishana Dev- Dev’s wife

The Oberois
Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Rudra Singh Oberoi
Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi
Priyanka Singh Oberoi
(Other Oberois same as the show)

Siddharth Raichand- Police officer
Arjun Raichand- industrialist
Raghav Malhotra- Doctor
Dushyanth Singhaniya- Doctor
Karan Mehra- Doctor
Swetlana Siddharth Raichand
Nivedha Raghav Malhotra
Tia Dushyanth Singhaniya
Mithra Karan Mehra
Savitri Raichand

Dev (Chabra)- Ishana’s husband(dead)
Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi(dead)
Ranveer Singh Randhawa- ex ACP, Raichands family friend
Karthik- will know while the story progress
Madhumitha-will know while the story progress

Negative Characters
Kamini Kapoor- Swetlana’s mother
Ashok Kapoor- Swetlana’s brother
Other negative characters will be revealed later

*Raichand surname will not be mentioned in first few episodes.. I thought to not write it now but I don’t want to confuse you all.. Let the Oberois got confuse..
*Swetlana is no more negative in my ff.. Tia is not Swetlana’s sister but her sister in law.. And no fake Swetlana story..
* This ff will focus more on Ishkara.. But other characters will play important roles especially Swetlana..

* RiKara flashback will be shorter because I follow mostly from DBO..
*IshDev flashback will be very long and it took 44 pages for me to write.. So, I decide to separate IshDev flashback to a different shots, so that you will not get bored with flashback continuously.. So, the story will be moving along with the flashback.. I hope you are fine with this..

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  3. Aashi26

    Interesting ishu di hope to see next part soon…will you like to accept me as ur little sis….?

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you, aashi.. you are most welcome to be my little sis..keep on reading, dear..did you read my prologue?? It was posted on DBO page..

      1. Aashi26

        Just read the prologue now and I think ishana is going to donate his heart…reading the prologue I felt very touched…

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    44 pages of flashback!! R u gonna write their entire janam ?? just kidding..plzz don’t mind..
    So, Svetlana, nivedha, Tia, Mitra n savitri r married in d raichand family??

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      I too shocked seeing the page numbers.. I tried to reduce it but there are many important scenes of Ishana, Dev and Swetlana.. It will not be interesting if I reduce it..
      Sorry for not explain the Raichands characters clearly.. Firstly, Ishana belongs to the Raichands too.. Nivedha, Tia and Mithra are Ishana’s sisters.. But they are married and staying in Raichand Mansion with their husbands.. Swetlana is married to Raichand.. Savitri is their Daadi.. i hope you are clear now.. I supposed to mention in the post but somehow I missed it.. very sorry for that..

      1. Aarti32

        Oh, so Ishana, nivedha, Tia n Mitra r sisters..n Svetlana is their sister-in-law..

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