ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again-Chapter 6(B)



Thanks a lot my dear readers for your response for the last part.. Today’s chapter too might be boring.. So, please bear with me..

All startled listening to Annika’s voice and look at the direction she is gazing.. The Oberois got furious looking at them while the Raichands smile seeing them.. They are none other than Swetlana and Ranveer.. Swetlana almost drops the medicine box but caught by Karan who stands nearby.. Siddharth walks towards them.. He hugs Swetlana’s shoulder and takes her to the Oberois.. He signed Ranveer to follow him and Ranveer follows him..
Sid: This is my beautiful wife, Mrs Swetlana Siddharth Raichand and this is my friend cum brother Ranveer..
The Oberois are shocked with this revelation.. They can’t believe that the Raichands are related to their enemies.. Swetlana and Ranveer put their heads down in guiltiness.. The Oberois move to leave in anger but Arjun blocks them..

Arjun: Listen to us first..
Shivaay: So, you know about them, right?? Listen, we don’t have any enemity with you.. Let us go..
Savi: (holds Kalyani’s hand) I can understand your situation.. It’s not easy to forget whatever they did to your family.. But, trust me.. They are a changed person now.. I don’t ask you to forgive them but please give them a chance to rectify their did..
Ishu: (folding her hands) Humans can’t escape from doing mistake.. Whatever my anni did to your family because she was mislead by her mother.. After she knows the truth, she regrets a lot.. She wanted to apologize to you but she was not dare to face you.. Till one day, she attempted to suicide.. (the Oberois gave a shocked expression) We struggled hard to make her back to normal..
Nivi: Just now we said that we loved to tease her every morning, so that our day will be fine.. It’s not only for us but for our bhabhi too.. She too will think about our antics and pass her day..

Mithra: Her world is surrounded with us only.. She think for us more than herself.. But, deep down in her heart, she cries daily because of guiltiness..
Tia: Please give her a chance.. Universe wants a chance given to the person who wants to rectify their mistakes.. Please give bhabhi a chance..
Kalyani: (melts down) I still can’t forget whatever she did but I agree to give a chance to her.. Only for this angels.. (looking at IshNiTiMi)

Pinky: But, mummyji..
Jhanvi: Mummyji is right, Pinky.. Every human deserve a chance.. It’s not wrong to give her a chance too.. If Tej can get a chance, why not her?? (ShiOmRu and AniSouPri don’t like it but agrees for Kalyani and Jhanvi)
Swetlana smiles with teary eyes.. She hugged IshNiTiMi and kisses their foreheads.. They too hug her back..

Arjun: (walks with Ranveer to OmPri) im not going to defend this idiot like my sisters did for their bhabhi.. Whatever he did is unforgivable.. He only can rectify his deed.. Both of you only can decide what you should do with him..
Ranveer: Thanks for your help, bro..(in a teasing tone) Om, Priyanka, I’m not going to ask forgiveness from you.. Whatever I did to both of you is unforgivable.. I only can ask for punishment from you..

Om: Punishment?? I don’t have right to punish you, Ranveer.. Because my sister is the one suffered a lot.. She only can punish you.. (Ranveer looks at Priyanka.. Priyanka too looks at him.. Their eyelock break by Pinky’s voice)
ArVeer and OmPri turns to Pinky’s voice..
Pinky: (looking at Ishana’s dress) Oh, my maata!! What a beautiful dress!! I just sees the designs.. (Ishana confused with Pinky’s behavior)
Arjun and Ranveer look each other with shocked expression.. They looked at Mithra and Madhu and they gave the same expression too..

Annika (looks at Ishana’s dress): Aunty, there is no design on this dress.. What are you talking about??
Soumya: Annika bhabhi is right.. I too can’t see any design..
Pinky: Look at her necks.. Looks like she wearing a diamonds necklace..
Arjun and Ranveer hold their foreheads.. Om and Priyanka see each other in confuse..
Arjun (to Ranveer): We are dead!!

Ranveer: We have to do something..
ArVeer walks to Siddharth who is standing with Shivaay and whispers something to him.. Siddharth gives an angry stare to them and whispers to Shivaay.. Shivaay nods his head and walks towards Pinky.. Swetlana looks at Arjun and Ranveer and doubts they did something with the dress..
Ishu: Aunty, it’s not diamond.. It’s just normal stones.. I too didn’t notice while buying..
Pinky: What?? Stones?? You are so naive.. You can’t differents stone and diamond?? I love diamonds.. By seeings this, I can tells this are diamonds.. (Ishana is confuse with Pinky’s statement and look at her family.. They too look at her confusingly)
Ishu: (thought) What this aunty is saying?? Diamonds on my dress?? How is this possible?? This dress is not expensive too.. But, I didn’t see this necklace design while selecting this dress.. May be I didn’t notice it.. But, this aunty is so sure these are diamonds..
Shivaay: Mom, it’s not diamond.. It’s diamonds like stones.. Just cheap stones..

Pinky: What are you saying, Shivaay?? These are not diamonds??
Shivaay: No, mom.. It’s just simple stones to attract the customers to buy it..
Swetlana feels bad looking at Ishana.. She goes to Ishana and looks at the necklace..
Swet(thinks): These are real diamonds.. But, how come?? As I know, Ishu will not choose expensive dress.. This dress is not that expensive when I saw the bill.. But, how come diamonds are there?? (She looks at Ishana who is looking at her with hope in her eyes.. She can’t hurt her Ishu)
Swet: These are not diamonds.. Just diamonds like stones.. Ok.. Be relax.. (Ishana got relieved)
Rudra: Actually, choti ma always call Shivaay bhaiya as heera beta till everything she sees, she felt that are diamonds only.. (All laugh hearing this while Pinky felt embarrassed)
Arjun and Ranveer relieved that situation back to normal.. Shivaay goes towards the SidArRan.. They thank him and he just nods his head..

Swet (whispers to Savitri): I think these 2 did something with Ishu’s dress.. I will ask them after we go back..
NiTiMi involve chatting with AniSou while Rudra is chatting with Ishana and Madhu.. Omkara sees RaDuKa stand quite away from their family.. He could feel they are tensed thinking about something.. He takes Priyanka and go towards them.. RaDuKa notice OmPri coming towards them.. They just smile at OmPri..

Om: Why you three are standing here?? You don’t want to involve with them??
Raghav: It’s not like that.. We saw they already have their gangs there.. So, we just stand here..
Om: Why I felt that you are hiding something?? (RaDuKa get tensed.. Omkara smiles) I’m just joking.. (They got relieved)
The elders are having their own talk on the other side..
Pinky: I knows that is diamonds.. Why you are not accepting??

Savitri: It’s a long story, Pinky.. I will tell you all another day..
They could feel the pain in Savitri’s voice.. They turns towards Ishana who is busy talking with Rudra.. They smile and continue their chat..
Ishu: Rudraa, you are having a good sense of humour..Like a comedy artist..
Rudra: But, I’m not an artist.. O is an artist..
Ishu: O??
Rudra: That long hair creature (pointing at Omkara who is talking with Shivaay, Siddharth and RaDuKa) is O.. My brother, Omkara..
Ishu: Singh Oberoi.. Right??

Rudra: Right but he prefer Omkara the most..
Ishu: So, he is an artist?? What kind of artist??
Rudra: Sketching, paintings and he makes sculptures too..
Ishu: Sculptures?? What kind of sculptures??(excitingly)
Rudra: I think better you ask him directly.. He can explain clearly to you..(he drags Ishana towards Omkara before she could refuse him)
Rudra: O, she wants to ask you something??

Omkara looks at Ishana.. He can feel his heart beating loudly.. Ishana too feels the same and words are not coming from her mouth.. RaDuKa look at Ishkara and worried looking each other.. Ishkara lost in each other eyes.. Both come back from trance at same time..
Om: You want to ask something??
Ishu: Yes.. Rudraa told me that you make sculptures..
Om: Yeah.. Even I make paintings and sketching too..
Ishu: Yeah.. He told me about them too.. May I ask you something??
Om: Sure.. Please ask..

Ishu: If I give you someone’s photo, can you make a sculpture of the person??
Om: I have never sculpt a person before this.. I am a sculptor but I never sculpt a real human before.. I can paint the person if you want but sculpting a person… I’m sorry.. I don’t want to disappoint you but.. (cut by Rudra)
Rudra: O, why are you saying that you can’t?? You made a girl’s statue before.. Why you can’t do this?? You only will know if you try..
Om: Duffer, that is different.. This is a person sculpture.. It will need so much of perfection.. Simple mistake can ruin the whole thing..
Rudra: But O… (Cut by Ishana)
Ishu: It’s ok, Rudraa.. Don’t force him.. Thank you, Mr Omkara..

Om: Sorry to disappoint you..
Ishu: It’s ok.. Don’t be sorry..(smiles and leaves in disappointment)
Rudra: What is wrong in trying something new?? Look how sad she is..
Omkara looks at Ishana.. She stands sadly with her family while they try to cheer her.. Omkara felt bad for hurting her.. Suddenly, they hear a scream..
Ranveer: Madhu!!!(runs to her who collapsed on floor)

Everyone rush to Madhu.. Ranveer is the first to reach followed by Swetlana.. Ranveer lift her face and pats her cheek waking her up.. He lifts her and placed her on nearby bench.. Swetlana rubs her palms while Ishana runs to get water.. Karan checks her pulse.. Ishana comes with water and Ranveer sprinkles some water on her face.. After few times, Madhu get conscious.. Everyone got relieve seeing her conscious.. Ranveer hugs her tightly and cries.. Swetlana kisses her forehead.. The Oberois are surprised to see this side of Swetlana and Ranveer..
Madhu: I’m fine, bhabhi.. Sorry for troubling you all..

Shivaay: No need to be sorry.. Are you ok now?? Do you want me to call doctor??
Madhu: (laugh at him) No need of that, Mr Shivaay.. I’m having three doctors with me..(pointing at RaDuKa)
Shivaay: (smiles and rubs his forehead embarrassed) Yeah.. I forgot about that.. So, doctors, is she fine??
Karan: I think she missed one medicine.. (looking Raghav and Dushyanth)
Swet: How is that possible?? I was the one gave her the medicines and I’m sure she had all of them correctly..
Ishu: Anni is right, Aththan.. Even I was there when she is having them..

Raghav: Then, how come she fainted just now??
Madhu: Sorry, jiju.. Just now I felt uncomfortable and went to washroom.. I vomited there and I think the medicines came out too..
Karan: Why don’t you tell us before??
Sid: Guys, relax.. She is not well.. Just tell what we have to do now.. Do we have to take her to hospital??

Raghav: No need of that, jiju.. Just need to give her next medicines..
Swet: I’m having them with me..(she took the medicines from her handbag and hand over to them)
Karan took the medicines and feeds Madhu.. Madhu become normal, they decided to leave to their mansions.. Madhu is still weak, so Ranveer lifts her in his arms and walks towards their cars.. Kalyani invited the Raichands to Oberoi Mansion tomorrow..

Precap: Rudra shocks ShivIka and OmPriSou.. Swetlana confronts ArVeer.. Ishana having a nightmare..

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