ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 15

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Let’s go to today’s chapter.. Please ignore the grammatical errors..

Ishkara walk to their family who are chatting happily in the lawn.. Everyone noticed them but pretend not knowing about it and involve with their talk.. Ranveer walks with Priyanka.. They see Madhu standing alone near the fountain.. They walk towards her..
Ranveer: Madhu (she turns to them) Why are you standing here alone?? Any problem??
Madhu: It’s nothing, Ranveer bhaiya.. I just thinking about something..
Ranveer: About what??

Madhu: Ishu!!
Ranveer: Ishu?? What are you thinking about her?? (Thinks a while) I know what are you thinking.. About the dress she wore this morning, right??
Madhu: I thought about that too.. But, I was thinking what happened to her last night that made her to change her dress??
Ranveer: Why you don’t you ask her directly??
Madhu: I asked her ready but she lied to me.. You know right, I can sense if anything might happen to her.. The same happened last night.. But I was sleeping and couldn’t get up.. After few minutes only I felt relax.. It’s like someone saved her from danger..

Ranveer: But, she was sleeping with you only.. What must have happened to her??
Prinku: (who is keeping quiet listening to them) No, Ranveer.. Ishana didn’t sleep with her last night.. (RanMa shocked.. Priyanka nods her head and tells them whatever she saw in video)
Madhu: So, that’s the reason I felt restless last night.. Luckily, your brother saved her..
Prinku: Om bhaiya doesn’t know that we knew about it.. Shivaay bhaiya said he will talk to him after few days.. Till then, you too don’t say anyone about this.. (RanMa agree.. Priyanka leaves from there hearing Jhanvi calling her)
Madhu: She is so sweet.. You are very lucky to have her..

Ranveer: Right.. She forgive me easily forgetting how I had tortured her before.. I don’t know how to rectify my did to her..
Madhu: Just love her unconditionally.. Make her feel that she is your world and you won’t exist without her..
Ranveer: Not bad, Madhu.. You can talk like this too.. Are you missing your man?? Should I call him?? (Takes his mobile)
Madhu: (stammers) What?? Whom should I miss?? I don’t miss anyone.. (slightly blushes)
Ranveer: Yeah.. I believe that.. (in a teasing tone)
Madhu: Just go, bhaiya.. (pushes him and runs from there)

Rudra walks with Ishana..
Rudra: I’m sorry, bhabhi..
Ishu: (confused) Sorry?? But, for what??
Rudra: Last night, because of me you fell in the pool.. I must not mixed the alcohol..
Ishu: Why are you saying sorry?? I’m the one asked to mix it.. I should say sorry to you.. Because of me you get scolded by your family..
Rudra: No, bhabhi.. Don’t say sorry.. I used to it ready.. They didn’t scold me that much because daadi, mom and choti ma saved me from them..
Ishu: Is it?? I thought they too scolded you..

Rudra thought to say that they knew Ishana is the one told him to mix alcohol but he doesn’t want her to feel embarrassed.. So , he lies to her..
Rudra: Actually, we also didn’t have party for sometime.. So, they let us to enjoy last night..
Ishu: That’s good, Rudraa.. (thinks a while) Rudraa, how did you know that I fell in the swimming pool??

Rudra: (shocked and thinks what to tell her) Bhabhi, I recorded yesterday’s events in my mobile.. I know it by watching the videos..
Ishu: (thinks) Did he know that Omkara saved me and took me to his room??
Rudra: (understands what she is thinking) It recorded only till you fell in the pool.. My battery went down after that.. So, we don’t know what happened after that..
Ishu: (relieved) Nothing, Rudraa.. I came out from the pool and went to my room.. (Rudra smiles at her) Please don’t tell this to my family.. They will worry about me..
Rudra: Don’t worry, bhabhi.. I will not tell them.. This is your Rudraa’s promise.. (Ishana smiles and both of them leave go back to their family)

Siddharth receives a phone call and he excused himself to answer the call.. After finish his talk, he comes to them..
Savitri: What’s wrong, Siddharth?? You are looking tensed..

Sid: Yes, daadima.. (turns to Ranveer) Ranveer, book tickets to Chennai immediately.. We have to leave.. (All are shocked including the Oberois)
Arjun: But, why, bhaiya?? We already decided to stay here for 10 days.. Not even a week we are here..
Raghav: Jiju, we took leave for 10 days just to spend time with our family in dadaji’s house.. Why suddenly you are saying that we have to leave??
Shivaay: (holds his shoulder) Any problem, Siddharth??

Sid: I’m sorry, Shivaay.. There is an emergency case in Chennai.. So, commissioner asked me to cancel the leave and come back to Chennai as soon as possible..
Ranveer: Siddharth, if that much of urgency, then, you go.. We will come later..
Sid: Ok.. I will take Swetlana and Ishu with me..

RanRaDuKa: No!!! (All are shocked and confused)
Sid: What no??
Ranveer: You don’t have to take two of them with you.. We all are coming with you.. I’ll inform you after book the tickets..
Sid: I think you gone mad, Ranveer.. Just now you asked me to go alone.. Now, you are saying that all of you are coming with me.. Idiot!!
Ranveer: Thank you.. (all chuckle looking at him)
Kalyani: I thought you all will stay with us for some days.. But, never mind.. Next time you all must stay here at least for one month..

Sid: Sure, daadi.. And, I’m sorry once again, everyone..
Jhanvi: No problem, Siddharth.. You can come here whenever you want..
Rudra (goes to Ishana): I’ll miss you, bhabhi.. (makes a crybaby face)
Soumya: Don’t be a crybaby.. They will come here before leaving..

Ishana hugs Rudra and sees Omkara looking at her emotionally.. She breaks the hug and walks to Omkara.. Omkara too walks towards her.. Both of them open their mouths to say something but Raghav calls her.. Ishkara look each other.. Ishana nods her head at him saying bye and he too nods his head at her.. The Raichands leave from Oberoi Mansion while Omkara keep on looking at Ishana leaving.. He is feeling uncomfortable knowing that she is leaving which he doesn’t understand the reason.. ShivIka, RuMya and Priyanka see him and understand that he doesn’t want Ishana to leave..

RanRaDuKa are pacing in tension standing at lawn..
Raghav: (to Ranveer) You only said that we can get the answers in few more days.. But, now you agreed to go back?? So, what is the use for us to come here?? We are going without knowing anything..

Dush: Tell us one thing.. You only said that she did the incident.. After few months, you told us that there is something fishy in the incident.. Until now, you never tell us about it..
Karan: Then, you said that we have to make her to regain her memory back.. For that, we have to go to Mumbai.. We agreed with you for everything.. Just tell us is she the one did it??
Ranveer: We only can know if she get her memory back.. I doubted something is fishy because of the gap of the timing before the accident.. She left the jail after meeting Kamini at 10 am and we got her after accident at 1 pm.. If the accident happened around 12.30 pm, there was a difference around 2.5 hours.. And the distance between the jail to Dev’s house is just around 30-45 minutes.. And the accident happened at a deserted place which is not on the way to Dev’s house.. My question is why she used a deserted road?? Moreover, she was new to Mumbai and no chance for her to know that road..

Raghav: Maybe, she lost her way.. Besides that, she told us that she wanted to go to temple that day.. But, she doesn’t remember she went or not..
Dush: Or maybe the accident happened when she was searching for the temple..
Ranveer: Maybe.. But, still I felt like something is missing..

Karan: What we will do if she remembered everything and said she was the one did the accident???
Ranveer: Simple.. She has to surrender to police..
RaDuKa: (shocked) What???
Raghav: (shakes Ranveer’s shoulders) Are you mad?? You want us to send her to police.. No.. We will not do this.. We can’t do this to our daughter..

Karan: Raghav is right.. We will not send her to police.. We don’t care either her memory coming back or not.. But, we will not do what you said just now..
Dush: Even though you left your police job but still you are behaving like a police only.. I thought you will help her from this case but you want her to land in jail.. Raghav, Karan, we don’t have to make her to gain her memory back.. Let us go back to Chennai and lead our life as normal.. (RaDuKa turn to go)

Ranveer: Just go!!! (RaDuKa turn to him… Ranveer walks to them) Go and live your life normal as before.. Let your daughter suffer every seconds in pain.. (they look at him confusingly) What you all think about me?? I don’t care about her?? I want to send her to jail?? I too care for her.. Are you forgotten?? How much she suffered for aborting Swetlana’s baby?? For causing a death of an innocent girl?? For Dev’s death?? Her shivering hand?? Are you all forgotten that?? Do you all still remember how many nightmares and how many sleepless nights she faced in these years?? Each and every seconds she is dying in guiltiness.. At least, we have to help her in one of these.. For Swetlana, only medication can help.. We only can help her in this case… Even though she is the one did the accident, we have to be her support.. I told you to make her surrender to police, so that we can save her from Shivaay’s wrath..

If he find out about this first, we can’t save our Ishu from him.. Omkara, Rudra and Annika are Shivaay’s possession.. Just like Ishu to all of you.. If he got to know that Ishu is the one did Gauri’s accident, he will not spare her!!! He will make her life hell and we can lost our Ishu forever.. I hide all the evidence against her only to save her from him… After staying with you all, I realised that her guiltiness is more on causing a death of an unknown girl which she can’t remember… She always struggle to remember the incident but failed… I want to help her to overcome her guilt in Gauri’s case… That is why I asked your help in this… If we failed to make her overcome this, Shivaay doesn’t need to do anything… Ishu will die in guiltiness… Do you want this to happen??

RaDuKa: (teary eyes) No!! We can’t afford to lose her!!
Raghav: Sorry, Ranveer.. We spoke a lot without understanding your inner turmoil.. When you said that we have to send her to police, I can’t bear it.. Pity girl.. She suffered a lot when small and still suffering now.. That is why we lashed on you..
Ranveer: Hey, it’s ok.. Don’t feel bad.. That shows your love towards her.. I’m not upset with you.. (RaDuKa hug Ranveer)

Dush: Ranveer, I don’t understand one thing.. Ishu didn’t remember the accident.. But, why you said that our plan will work if we are closer to the Oberois?? Till now nothing happens..
Ranveer: Actually, I thought Ishu might have seen the girl’s face before hitting her.. So, if she saw the girl’s picture, maybe her memory will come back.. But, it’s got backfired because she didn’t react anything seeing her pictures..
Karan: Leave that, guys.. Now, please think something to stay here..
Ranveer: Only God can show us the way to not to go back..
Four of them sit on the bench thinking how to stop themselves from going back to Chennai.. Raghav mobile rings.. He answers the call.. After finishing his call, he jumps happily..
Raghav: (screams) Thank you, God.. I love you very much!!!

RanDuKa look each other confusingly..
Raghav: (looks at them) Ranveer, God shows us the way to stay here..
Ranveer: What are you saying??
Raghav: Robin, Karan, our Dean called just now.. He said that we need to attend a medical conference in another three days.. You know where is it?? (DuKa shakes their heads) In Mumbai!!! (DuKa too jump happily and hug him)
Karan: So, we don’t have to go to Chennai.. We will be staying here..

Raghav: Exactly!! And, I asked him to send and official email as well.. As a prove to our family..
Dush: Brilliant, Raghav..

Ranveer: Yeah!! Your problem is solved.. How am I going to stay here?? (They started to think)
Voice: Let me tell you.. (All turn to the voice and got shocked)

Precap: RanRaDuKa make a plan with two persons help to stay in Mumbai..

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