ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 14

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Tej and Shakti are preparing breakfast in the kitchen while their mother and wives are watching them.. They are talking and joking with each other.. But, their fun moment disturbed by fighting noise from living room.. It’s none other than ShivIka..
Pinky: These two marrieds these many years but stills fighting.. Don’t knows what he have to do with them..
Jhanvi: Pinky, where there is love there will be fight.. And..(cuts by Tej)
Tej: Where there is fight, there will be love as well.. Right, Jhanvi?? (Jhanvi smiles)
Pinky: Oh, my maata!!! Jethji, you too can talks like this..
Kalyani: Once, he was an ishqbaaz too..
Shakti: You are wrong, maa.. Now also he is an ishqbaaz.. (TejVi blush)
Pinky: Oh, my maata!!! Jethji, you can blush too.. (All laugh looking at Tej..)
Tej: Stop teasing me.. Let’s go and see why are they fighting?? (They leave from kitchen)

Living room

Kalyani, TejVi and ShaNky come to the living room and see ShivIka fighting each other..
Annika: I know you are the one did that..
Shivaay: Annika, I told you that was not me.. Why are you not believing me??
Kalyani: Stop you both!! (Shivika keep quiet) What are you both fighting at??
Soumya: I’ll tell you, daadi.. Yesterday night we had party, right?? We were talking about our family and career.. We praised their family too for being so loving and affectionate with each other..
Rudra: Then, Arjun Bhaiya said that they were not like this when small.. (narrates them whatever they talked last night)
Jhanvi: What it had to do with your fight now??
Shivaay: She is blaming that I’m the one threw the firecracker on Ishana!!!
Pinky: Annika, you too felts the same?? (Shivaay is surprised with Pinky’s question)
Shivaay: Mom?? You too?? Already these three are blaming me (pointing at AniRuPri..) Now, you are taking their side..
Annika: See.. Pinky Aunty also saying you are the one did like that.. But, you are not accepting it.. Kanji aankhon wala tadibaaz bhagad billa!!
Pinky: Oh, my maata!! Annika, I said that I felt he is the one did like that.. I never says he is the one..
AniRuPri: What??
Shakti: Yes, Annika.. Shivaay is not the one threw the fire cracker on her..
Rudra: Then, who did that to my Ishana bhabhi?? I will not spare him..
Tej: (in a teasing tone) Really?? Then, go and fight with your O..
Rudra: O???
Kalyani: Yes.. Omkara is the one did like that.. (All the youngsters are shocked)
Shivaay: What?? Omkara?? I can’t believe it..
Tej: You have to believe it, Shivaay.. He is the one..
Soumya: So, bade baalwale bhaiya is the one threw it..
Shakti: So, you all know the truth, right?? Don’t fight now.. We left our cooking in middle because of your fight.. They might be coming now.. We have to finish it.. Let’s go, Bhai Saab.. (the elders leave to the kitchen while the youngsters sit on the sofa still shock)
Annika: (goes and sits beside Shivaay.. He turns his face from her) I’m sorry, Shivaay..
Shivaay: (turns to her and raises his eyebrows) Sorry??? After whatever you said, you are saying sorry to me now?? What you said about Om?? He is a gentle person and he will not behave harshly.. Your gentle devar only did like that.. What are you going to say now??
Annika: (kisses Shivaay’s cheek making him and RuMyaPri shock) I’m really sorry, Shivaay..
Shivaay: (still lost with her kiss) It’s ok.. (dreamily)
Rudra: Bhaiya, you melt with a kiss.. If I know that before, I must have given you a lot of kisses.. But, it’s not late.. I will give you now.. (goes to Shivaay but he runs from him escaping from his kiss)
Rudra chases him around the house.. AniSouPri laugh looking at them.. The Raichands too come that time and see the both brothers are running around the house.. They just smile looking at them.. Rudra almost catch Shivaay but he escapes.. Rudra accidentally catches Arjun and kisses his cheek.. Arjun is shocked while his other family members are laughing at him..
Arjun: Why everyone is kissing my cheek since morning?? (Wiping his cheek)
Nivi: Bhaiya, I think all the guys are loving you..
Tia: Right, Didi.. In fact, I think your chemistry is more good with guys than girls.. (Tia and Nivi hi five each other while others are laughing)
Mithra: Maybe, in future you are going to bring jiju for us not bhabhi.. (again all laugh.. Arjun glares at Mithra)
Rudra: I think I heard this dialogue before.. (try to recall) Yes!!! I used to tell this to Om few years ago..
Sid: Why?? He too got attracted to a guy??
Rudra: We thought it was a guy.. But, actually it’s a girl.. She pretend as a guy for job..
Prinku: She is none other than our Gauri bhabhi..
Arjun: Gauri bhabhi??
Ishu: Actually, Gauri is.. (cuts by Omkara who just come to the hall)
Om: My wife.. I mean my late wife.. (The Raichands felt sad knowing that his wife is dead..)
Ishana looks at him sadly.. He too looks at her.. Both wanty to talk to each other but they are controlling themselves.. Shivaay: (seeing all of them quiet) So, guys.. How are you all now?? Still having headache??
Sid: We are fine now, Shivaay.. Did you scold Rudra??
Shivaay: So, you knew it?? Brilliant, DCP sir..
Arjun: Actually, we knew it in morning itself.. We don’t want Rudra to get scolded.. So, we didn’t say anything..
Shivaay: But, whatever he did was wrong.. He should not mixed alcohol in our drinks.. So, he must apologise to you all.. Rudra (looking at him) apologise to them.. (Rudra walks towards them)
Rudra: I’m so.. (Siddharth stops him)
Sid: You don’t have to say sorry, Rudra.. I know that you did that only for our enjoyment.. (stops a while) I know you are not alone in this.. There is someone who must ask you to do it.. Who is that??
Rudra: (surprised but doesn’t shows it) No, bhaiya.. I’m the one mix it.. No one asked me to do it..
Sid: (pretends) Really?? Ok.. I believe you..
Ishana wants to tell the truth but Rudra signed her through his eyes to not to tell them.. She felt bad seeing Rudra in this situation..
The elders come from the kitchen..
Kalyani: It’s good you all come here ready.. The breakfast is ready.. Come and have it..
All goes to the dining and take their seats..
Tej: Today, we made South Indian breakfast especially for you all..
Savitri: Tej, you know to make South Indian food too??
Jhanvi: He refer internet to make them..
Tej: Come have it.. We made idli, dhosa, putu and vade.. We are having chutney and sambar as combination for them..
Rudra: Papa, you didn’t make for us these many food before this.. Now, you and choti papa always in the kitchen making new dishes.. (All laugh looking at him)
Kalyani: Ok.. Let’s have the breakfast..
All are having breakfast while chatting except two persons and that is none other than Ishkara.. Both are stealing glances at each other..
Rudra: Karan bhaiya, I want to ask you something since yesterday.. Can I ask you now??
Karan: Sure, Rudra.. Go ahead..
Rudra: Why are you always tied your hair?? Why you didn’t let it open or tied half like O??
Karan: Actually, Rudra, Ishu doesn’t like guys with long hair.. (Omkara is shocked and started to cough.. Soumya gives him water.. He drinks it and looks at Ishana while she looks at Karan who gives her ‘did I said anything wrong look??’)
Raghav: In fact, Ishu asked him to cut his hair if we wants to marry Mithra..
Arjun: Poor, boy.. He begged her to save his hair.. She only agrees after he said that he will not let his hair open..
Shivaay: (to Ishana) Why you don’t like guys with long hair?? Are they not good looking?? (Ishana wants to say something but Dushyanth interrupts)
Dush: We too asked her this question?? You know what she said?? Drug addicts only will grow long hair.. (The Oberois face expression are changed which noticed by the Raichands)
Ranveer: (annoyed with RaDuKa and whispers) What you guys are up to now?? Is this very important to tell them all these things?? I already told you that Omkara was a.. (stops by Karan)
Karan: (whispers) We know what we are doing.. You just look at Ishu and Omkara’s expression.. Both are struggling with their feelings.. (Ranveer looks at them)
Dush: (whispers) You said Ishu is not falling for him right?? Then, why she is worrying??
Ranveer: Just stop your analysis and have your breakfast..
Omkara going to leave without finishing his breakfast but stops listening Ishana’s voice..
Ishu: It was before.. (All look at her in shock) Not now.. (looking at Omkara while he just smiles)
Annika: Not now means??
Ishu: I mean after Karan aththan become my jiju, I don’t have bad thought about long hair guys..
Ranveer: That’s good, Ishu.. (whispers to RaDuKa) See.. I told you.. (RaDuKa still not convinced with him)

After breakfast

Tej and Shakti leave to office letting the youngsters to spend their time together.. Omkara goes to his room.. Ishana sees him going.. She sees everyone going outside to the lawn and involve with their talk.. After everyone goes, she decides to go and talk to Omkara.. She walks towards his room nervously..
Ishana stands outside Omkara’s room thinking to go inside or not.. Omkara is thinking how to talk with Ishana.. Ishana holds the handle and again thinks to go inside or not.. Meanwhile, inside the room,
Omkara: Why I felt she is here??
He opens the door.. Ishana who is holding the door handle got shocked and lands on his chest holding his shoulders.. Both of their hearts are beating faster.. Ishana is breathing heavily..
Om: How long you will stand outside without coming in?? (Ishana thought how he knows I’m waiting outside) I can feel you.. (Ishana is surprised.. Omkara realised what he said but he doesn’t change the statement)
Ishana realised their position and leave him.. Omkara too leaves her..
Ishkara: I’m sorry for this morning.. (confused)
Ishkara: I’m the one did mistake.. (smiles)
Ishkara: Why??
Om: For touching you..
Ishu: For pushing you..
Om: No.. It’s not your mistake.. Which girl will accept if a guy touched her?? But, trust me.. I don’t have any bad intention towards you..
Ishu: No.. I didn’t push you for that.. Actually, I felt embarrassed that you saw the ugly scar.. I never showed this to anyone before including my family.. After that incident, whenever I go out, other children will laugh looking at me.. Some will get scared and ran away from me.. My friends also stopped talking to me.. Since then, I don’t wear any dress that can expose this scar.. I always wear full sleeve to cover it.. I felt that no one will like me if they see the scar.. So, I didn’t let my family also to see it.. (Ishana looks at Omkara and shocked to see his eyes are filled with tears) What happen, Mr Omkara??
Om: (looks at her) If you see the person who threw the fire cracker, what will you do??
Ishu: What can I do?? I can’t change the past..
Om: So, you will not do anything??
Ishu: (thinks a while) I will pull his collar and slap him hard.. (Omkara looks at her shockingly) How dare he threw the fire cracker on my brother?? Luckily, it fell on me.. I would have not spare him, if it fell on my brother..
Om: (shocked) You will act like this because he try to harm your brother?? Not for harming you??
Ishu: Yeah..
Om: Then, pull my collar and slap me..
Ishu: (confused) Why??
Om: (guiltily) Because I’m the one threw it on you.. (recalls how he heard ShivIka fight and get to know that he is the one threw the fire cracker at Ishana) Come, slap me!!
Ishu: No, Mr Omkara.. I was just joking just now.. Whatever happened is not your fault.. Actually, I must thank you for that.. After that incident only, Arjun anna started to accept me and he loves me more than enough.. So, thanks to you..
Om: (smiles) You know what?? I was suffering here for causing this pain and scar to you.. But, you are thanking me for making your brother to accept you.. You are indeed a different girl I have met..
Ishu: Don’t feel guilty.. Whatever happened or going to happen are not in our hand.. Good or bad, we have to accept it.. (thinks of Dev)
Om: If everyone thinks like you, we can live our life without any problem..
Ishu: Actually, besides sorry, I have to thank you also.. (Omkara looks at her) For saving me yesterday.. (They recall their last night events.. Both felt awkward a moment)
Om: It’s ok.. You were shivering last night.. That is why I.. Sorry.. I thought to wake any of the girls but all were sleeping due to the alcohol effect.. I don’t have any other choice.. But, I switched off the light.. Trust me.. And sorry once again for this morning.. I.. (cuts by Ishana)
Ishu: I trust you, Mr Omkara.. You don’t have to explain me.. A girl can know by a man’s touch either he is touching her with good intention or bad.. Your touch only show your care and concern.. (Omkara just mesmerized by her answer) Now, let’s go to our family..
Both of them leave the room and join their family in the lawn unaware a pair of eyes are looking at them with a smile on face..

Precap: Raichands to leave from Mumbai.. RaDuKa confront Ranveer.. Ranveer’s explanation..

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