ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 13(b)

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Ishana’s Room
Ishana is sitting on her bed looking at the dress she wore just now.. She felt embarrassed imagining Omkara changed her dress.. She felt bad for pushing him just now and thinks how to face Omkara.. She recalls their emotional talk and the hug they had last night.. Madhu comes there and and sees Ishana lost in her thought looking at the dress.. Madhu smiles and walks towards Ishana.. Ishana doesn’t aware of Madhu’s presence and keep on caressing the dress.. Madhu shakes her shoulder and Ishana comes out from her thought..
Ishu: Madhu??? When did you come?? Sorry, I don’t.. (cuts by Madhu)
Madhu: It’s ok, Ishu.. I just came.. Siddharth bhaiya ask me to call you.. We have to go for breakfast there.. Are you ready??
Ishu: Yeah.. I’m ready.. Let’s go.. (gets up to go but Madhu holds her hand.. Ishana looks at her..) What happen, Madhu??
Madhu: Ishu, can I ask you something?? (Ishana nods her head) Did anything happened to you last night??
Ishu: (surprised) Why are you asking like this??
Madhu: Last night, when I was sleeping, I felt my heart was feeling restless.. It’s like telling me you are in danger.. I tried to wake up but I can’t due to the medicine effect.. But, after a while, it became normal.. You know right, I can feel whenever something going to happen to you.. That is why I’m asking.. Did anything happened to you last night??
Ishu: (recalls her falling in the pool.. But, she doesn’t want to worry Madhu) No, Madhu.. I was fine.. You don’t worry..
Madhu: (knows Ishana is lying) Ok.. That’s good.. Maybe I dreamt something.. Let’s go now.. They must be waiting for us..
Both of them walk to the living room where their family are waiting.. After that, they leave to Oberoi Mansion..

ShivIka’s Room
Shivika, RuMyaPri are watching their videos from Rudra’s mobile which is connected to their television.. Omkara too comes and joins them as well.. All are laughing looking at the videos..
Om: I missed to see your antics yesterday.. Luckily, this duffer recorded it..
Rudra: All of you scolded me for mixing the alcohol.. If I didn’t mix it, you all might not enjoy like this..
Shivaay: Rudra, this doesn’t mean that whatever you did was right.. Actually, you must apologise to Siddharth and his family for doing like that..

Rudra: (makes a puppy face) Ok, bhaiya.. I will say sorry to them when they come.. (All chuckle looking at him)
Om: So, Shivaay, you found someone who is having same passion like you.. I mean in cooking..
Annika: You are right, Om.. Both of them involved in their own talk and not even bother about us..
Soumya: What I can’t believe is bade bhaiya shared his recipes with her which he never shared with anyone before including both of you (looking at OmRu)..
Prinku: And even he also took some cooking tips from her.. That is also quite strange.. Because Shivaay bhaiya won’t take tips from someone..
Shivaay: Ok.. That’s enough.. That girl owns a bakery cum coffee shop.. Cooking is her passion too.. It’s not wrong to give or take the tips from a talented person..
Rudra: Wow!! Our Shivaay bhaiya changed very much.. Thanks to you, bhabhi.. (looking at Annika and she just smiles looking at Shivaay..)
Prinku: Love can change anyone..
Soumya: Look who is talking?? After your patch up with Ranveer, you too talk about love.. Not bad Priyanka.. (Priyanka blushes)
Rudra: What did he said that you forgive him easily?? I thought you will take few months to accept him..
Prinku: (recalls their talk) It’s not necessary to take a long time to forgive someone.. I saw truth in his eyes and I accept him..
Om: Our Prinku is matured now.. She can take decision herself without our help.. Very good, Prinku.. I’m impressed.. (hugs her shoulder)

Shivaay: Om is right.. We trust your decision and hope it will not go wrong..
Prinku: (with confidence) My decision will not go wrong this time.. Whatever happens, I will not back off from my decision.. (with hidden meaning.. All are confused with her answer and look at each other)
Their attention move to the video where ArSid are saying they were very bad when they were kid and Nivedha disclose about Ishana’s childhood.. All kept quiet a while after finish listening to Nivedha..
Annika: Too bad.. Why a little girl need to suffer this much?? What kind of father was him??
Prinku: Don’t mention him as a father, bhabhi.. He don’t deserve to be called as father..
Shivaay: He doesn’t deserve to be a human, being a father is very far.. If I find him, I will not spare him..
Soumya: That is why they all are pampering her like that..
Shivaay looks at Omkara who is lost thinking of something or can be say someone..
Shivaay: (holds his shoulder) Are you ok, Om??
Om: Why the fate is so cruel, Shivaay?? She suffered when she was small.. And till now she is suffering.. But, she doesn’t shows it and pretends to be happy for her family..
Shivaay: What do you mean by… (video caught their attention..)
All look at the video where AniRuPri blaming Shivaay for throwing the firecracker on Ishana.. They look at Shivaay..
Shivaay: Stop staring at me.. I said I didn’t do that..
Om: Shivaay, did you really done that??
Shivaay: Om.. Please.. You also don’t think like them.. I didn’t do that..
AniOmRuMyaPri: Are you sure??
Shivaay: (don’t have the answer) Let’s finish the video first.. (diverting them)

Omkara gets a call and he excuses himself leaving the room.. While they continue watching the video.. They thought the video ended after they fall asleep but it was still running.. They saw Ishana came there and move to leave when saw them sleeping.. They are shocked to see her falling in the pool.. Rudra cursed himself for mixing alcohol.. They saw Omkara came and jumped in the pool saving her.. And his face shown how worried was him for her and how relieved was him after she opened her eyes.. They saw him lifting her and took her to his room.. After watching the video, all of them look at each other..
Annika: So, Ishana stayed in Om’s room yesterday??
Prinku: Yes, bhabhi.. Actually, I doubted in morning itself when I saw her wearing Gauri bhabhi’s dress..
Soumya: That is why I felt like I saw it somewhere..
Rudra: I think something happened between them last night..
ShivikaSouPri: What?? (Shocked)
Rudra: No.. I mean some misunderstanding between them.. I always see some connections between them when they are together.. Their eyelock is enough for that.. But, today I couldn’t feel that.. Like both are trying to avoid from each other..
Shivaay: Even, I can feel that.. But, we can’t ask him now.. We have to wait for some days.. Let’s go now.. They might be coming now.. And listen, don’t say anything to Om about what we saw in the video.. (All agree and leave from the room)

Precap: Senior Oberois in kitchen.. ShivIka cute fight.. RaDuKa said something that shocks Ishana and Oberois.. Ishkara moments..


  1. Mahi-IshKara

    Da epi waa very cute. Now I understood dat what RanRaDuKa was talking about. They means IshRi:s accident. Nd after listening dat sad story prinku forgave Ranveer. It’s awesome, extraordinary.

  2. Aarti32


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous chapter..d thing I luv d most in dis ff is, all r so understanding..always care abt others’ feelings

    • Ishana24



      Thank you very much, dear.. I felt understanding is the most important in every family.. if they able to understand each other, no problem will occur among them.. I try to do the same here..

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