ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 13(a)

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Omkara tells Shivaay about Rudra mixing the alcohol in the fruit punch.. Shivaay gets angry on Rudra..
Shivaay: How could you do this, Rudra?? I warned you to not repeat the same act.. You promised us that you will not repeat it.. But, you break your promise.. I’m so disappointed with you, Rudra..
Annika: Yes, Rudra.. You only said that we have to know each other.. But, now, you ruined it.. We don’t remember what we talked yesterday.. You really disappoint me, Rudra..
Om: You know what happened last night?? That girl.. (cuts by Kalyani)
Kalyani: Why you all are scolding Rudra?? He didn’t do anything wrong.. (They see Kalyani comes with JhaNky)

Shivaay: Daadi, did you know what he did last night??
Pinky: We knew it last night itself.. And we don’t have any problems with that.. You don’t have to scold him..
Annika: But, Pinky Aunty, we don’t remember anything that happened last night..
Rudra: Don’t worry about it, bhabhi.. My mobile recorded everything.. (he recalls how he placed his mobile to record yesterday’s events)
Prinku: That’s good, Rudra bhaiya.. (both have a high five) Let’s watch the videos..
Shivaay: Thank God at least you did this job.. We talked about important matter yesterday..
Soumya: Come, let’s watch it..
Om: You guys watch it.. I’ll join you later..

Shivaay: We will be in our room.. You join us there..(he leaves from there while SouPri follow ShivIka to their room)
Rudra (walks to Kalyani and JhaNky): Thank you for saving me from getting scold by them.. (hugs them)
Kalyani: You don’t have to thank us.. Actually, we are glad that you never said that Ishana was the one asked you to mix it..

Rudra: How I will tell them…?? (Thinks a while) What?? How did you all know??
Jhanvi: Last night, I and Pinky saw her requesting you to mix alcohol in the juice.. We told mummyji and aunty ji.. Aunty ji told us to not to disturb you all.. Just let you all enjoy yourselves.. In fact, her grandchildren didn’t have any party since two years..
Pinky: That is why we saves you from getting scold by them..
Rudra: (again hugs them) You all are the best mom, choti ma, and daadi in this world.. Love you all..
Kalyani: Ok.. ok.. Now, go and join them watching the video.. We have to go and join your papa and choti papa in kitchen.. (Rudra leaves from there)

Omkara’s Room

Omkara walks pacing in his room.. He again recalls last night events till this morning he caressed the scar and she pushed him..
Om: (thinks) I don’t know why but her scar is disturbing me a lot.. I felt to touch it… That’s why I touched it… But she pushed me.. She must think bad about me… Which girl will like if a guy touched her like that?? But I have to talk with her and explain to her that I don’t have any bad intention on her.. I must talk to her after she comes..
A servant comes and ask for his clothes for laundry.. Omkara gives his clothes.. The servant turns to leave.. Omkara stops him and gives him Ishana’s clothes as well.. Omkara ask him to send the clothes back to him after laundry.. The servant agrees and leaves in confused state..

Ishana’s Room
Ishana sits on her bed and recalls last night events.. Special fruit punch, party at poolside, she fell into swimming pool, Omkara saved her, their emotional talk and the hug they shared.. She gets up in shock thinking about the hug.. She felt ashamed thinking that she hugged a guy whom she knows only for two days..

Ishu: How you could do this, Ishana?? What he will think about me?? He must thought that I’m taking advantage on him.. Why I always felt weak when look at his eyes??
Ishana looks at the mirror and shocked to see that she is wearing a red dress..
Ishu: How this happened?? I never wear this dress for the party yesterday.. But, how come this dress on me and that too sleeveless?? (She recalls her falling in the pool and how Omkara saved her) That means he…Oh, no!!.. He.. my dress.. (covers her face embarrassed thinking that Omkara changed her dress) How I’m going to face him after this?? I thought to thank him and ask forgiveness as well.. But now, I can’t even look at him.. (She sees her scar and recalls Omkara caressed it this morning.. A smile crept on her face but vanished remembered her pushing him) What have you done, Ishana?? What he will think about me?? But, I never showed this to anyone.. I must meet him and apologise to him.. I don’t care what will happen..
Ishana goes and take her shower..

SidLana Room

Swetlana is combing her hair in front of a mirror.. Siddharth comes out from washroom after having his shower.. He goes and hugs Swetlana from behind..
Swetlana: (smiles) Still having your hangover?? You become romantic in the morning itself..
Sid: (turns her towards him) What do you mean?? I’m not romantic.. For your information, I always romantic with you but you are the one always running away from me.. (turns his face pretends to be angry)
Swet: (smiles) I never said you are not romantic.. My husband is always romantic.. But, today you become more romantic till you try to romance with me in front of everyone.. That too in front of Ishu..
Sid: (holds his head in regret) Right.. I must not done that.. I’m sorry, Swetlana.. I was in hangover this morning..

Swet: I understand that.. Luckily, I manage to push you and you done your romance with Arjun.. (try to lighten his mood)
Sid: (chuckles and thinks a while) Did you noticed Ishu??
Swet: Her dress, right?? I noticed that earlier itself.. But, I didn’t ask her about it.. I think all of us noticed that..
Sid: But, you are pretending that you didn’t notice it.. I’m impressed wifey..
Swet: Yes.. Just like you are pretending that you didn’t know you had alcohol last night..
Sid: Not bad.. You know about that too?? I don’t want Rudra to get scolded.. That’s why I kept quiet.. I think ArRanRaDuKa too know about it..
Swet: (smiles) Right!! They too kept quiet to save Rudra.. But, by now Omkara must have told Shivaay about it.. And he must have scolded Rudra..

Sid: I forgot to ask you.. How about last night?? Did you tell them what happened years back??
Swet: Yes.. I told them everything.. They didn’t say anything but I can say by their look, they felt bad for me.. And daadima told about Ishu’s childhood as well..
Sid: Yeah!! Even we too talked about Ishu’s childhood.. But, can’t remember fully..
Swet: (smirks) How you will remember?? They mixed high level of alcohol I guess..
Sid: (confused) They?? Who are that ‘they’??

Swet: (realised what she said) They?? (Stammers) What they?? I.. didn’t.. said.. they.. I got some work to do.. I go first.. (turns to leave but Siddharth holds her hand and pulls her towards him)
Sid: I heard you said ‘they’?? My ears are sharp.. You can’t lie to me, my wifey..
Swetlana thinks how to escape from her police husband.. She got an idea.. She goes near him and plants a deep kiss on his cheek.. Siddharth is surprised with her sudden move and leave her.. Swetlana runs from there but bumps with RaDuKa and NiTiMi.. Siddharth too comes there running but stops seeing them.. SidLana look at each other and hold their heads..
SidLana: (thinks) Now, they are going to get their morning treat by teasing us..
Karan: Didi, jiju.. Chasing around in morning itself.. (looks at Siddharth’s face and bursts into laughter.. All got confused with Karan.. Karan signed them to look at Siddharth’s face.. They look at him and burst into laughter as well.. SidLana stood confused looking at each other.. ArVeer too come there hearing their laughter.. They too look at Siddharth’s face and laugh..)
Sid: (annoyed) What are you all are laughing at??

Tia: Bhabhi, what lipstick are you using?? (Swetlana got confused)
Ranveer: Yes, tell her, Swetlana.. It must be very useful for her.. (Tia slaps his shoulder)
Swet: What are you saying?? I don’t understand.. (NiMi bring her beside Siddharth and sign her to look at his cheek.. Swetlana sees his cheek and get shocked seeing lipstick mark there.. She felt embarrassed.. Siddharth raises his eyebrows asking what happened.. She signed her lips and his cheek.. He understands what she is trying to say.. He too felt embarrassed and wipes his cheek.. Madhu sees this and come for their rescue..
Madhu: Why you all are teasing my bhaiya and bhabhi?? Like you all didn’t romance with your husband and wives??
Arjun: (slaps her head) Are you trying to save them??
Madhu: Of course.. Who else will save them from your morning torture?? (Hugs Swetlana)
Swet: (whispers) Why are you saving me today?? You used to join them in teasing us.. What happened suddenly??
Madhu: (whispers) You saved us this morning.. That’s why I’m saving you now..
Swet: (whispers) I almost blurt out just now.. And he almost caught me..
Madhu: (breaking the hug) What?? (Loudly which confuse all of them)
All: (except SwetMa) What what???
Madhu: (stammers) No..nothing..
Ranveer: Madhu, you are spoiling our day.. You know right, we always start our day like this??
Madhu: I know that.. But, now it have to change at least for few days..
All: Why??
Madhu: Because we are having a new lover boy here.. (looking at Ranveer with a teasing smile)
All: Yeah.. Right!!!

Mithra: He reunites with his ladylove, right??
Nivi: Right, Mithu.. We have to tease him from now?? (Ranveer turn to get embarrassed while the others are laughing at him)
Raghav: Where is Ishu??
Madhu: She is having her shower in her room..
All: (after a while) Did you all noticed…?? (stop and chuckle)
Sid: So, everyone noticed right?? Ok.. Don’t ask her anything about that.. (All agrees)
Voice: Don’t ask about what?? (All turn towards the voice and see Savitri coming to them)
Savitri: About her dress, right?? I too noticed that.. After two years, our Ishu wears a colored dress that too her favorite red color.. I’m very happy.. I hope her life will become colourful again.. (with teary eyes)

Ranveer: (hugs her shoulder) That will happen, daadi.. Don’t worry.. Just keep on praying.. Your wish will become true.. (Savitri smiles and pats his cheek)
Sid: Madhu, go and see if Ishu is ready or not.. We have to go for breakfast..
Madhu: Ok, bhaiya.. I’ll get her.. (leaves to Ishana’s room)

Precap: Madhu asked something to Ishana.. ShivIka and RuMyaPri get to know Ishana slept in Omkara’s room..

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