ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 12

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Next morning at Oberoi Mansion
Kalyani’s room
Swetlana wakes up from her sleep and sees Savitri and Kalyani is sleeping beside her.. She recalls about last night confession about her past to the Oberois and realized how she dozed off on Savitri’s lap.. She get down from the bed without disturbing their slumber and goes to washroom to freshen herself..

Madhu’s room
Madhu wakes up from her sleep and realised Ishana is not beside her.. She goes and check either Ishana is in washroom but she is not there as well.. She freshen up herself and walks out of the room to search for Ishana..
No one wakes up at Oberoi Mansion yet because it is still early in the morning.. Besides all slept late last night after have a long chat among them.. While the youngsters are still in the effect of the special fruit punch.. Madhu goes downstairs searching for Ishana and bumps with Swetlana..
Swet: Madhu, why are you rushing like this??
Madhu: Bhabhi, I’m searching for Ishu.. Did you saw her anywhere??
Swet: No, Madhu.. I just want to come to see you both.. May be she slept with Nivi, Tia or Mithu.. Let’s check in their room..
Madhu: No, bhabhi.. She is not there also.. In fact, Nivi di, Tia di and Mithu di are not in their room as well..
Swet: (confused) They are not there?? Then, where they went this early morning?? (Madhu shrugs her shoulders.. Swetlana thinks a while and looks at Madhu) Let’s go and see at poolside.. (She drags Madhu with her)

Omkara’s room
Omkara sleeps disturbed by the sunlight which fall directly on his face.. He wakes up and felt a light weight on his chest.. He rubs his eyes and sees Ishana peacefully sleeping on his chest.. He smiles looking at her and closes his eyes.. He remembers something and opens his eyes in shock.. He recalls about last night event where he saved Ishana from getting drowned in the swimming pool, him changing her dress, her revelation about her lost love, their tears and the hug they shared last night.. He felt bad thinking about his action last night.. He lifts Ishana’s head and placed it on the pillow beside him..
Om: (still sitting on his bed and thinks) What I have done yesterday?? How could I hug a girl whom I know just a day before?? What she will think about me?? She must thought I’m a cheap minded person and try to take advantage on her.. But, she too hugged me back and I felt comfortable with it.. After 3 years, I slept well last night.. (looks at her) She looks so innocent while sleeping.. Why the fate played a cruel game with her??
Omkara continuously staring at her.. She moves in her sleep and her duppatta slips from her shoulder.. He wants to places it back but his eyes got widen looking at the big scar on her shoulder.. He understands why Ishana always wear a full sleeve dress.. She doesn’t want anyone to see the scar.. Omkara’s heart feeling bad looking at the scar but he doesn’t know the reason.. He brings his hand near her shoulder and caress the scar.. Ishana felt someone is caressing her shoulder.. She saw Omkara is looking at her scar and caress it.. She gets up and pushes him.. He get confused with her behavior.. Ishana covers her shoulder with her hand because the duppatta is in Omkara’s hand.. She felt bad for behaving badly with him and her eyes are start to fill with tears.. Omkara goes to her and covers her shoulder with the duppatta..
Om: I’m sorry.. (walks out from the room leaving Ishana.. Ishana adjust her duppatta and leaves the room following Omkara..)

At the poolside
Swetlana and Madhu cup their mouths looking at all the couples are peacefully sleeping while hugging their partners.. Only, Siddharth and Arjun are sleeping separately.. Priyanka too is sleeping with her head placed on Ranveer’s arm while Ranveer is hugging her shoulder.. Swetlana and Madhu look at each other.. Madhu could understand their state is because of the special fruit punch they had last night..
Swet: What is going on here?? Why they are sleeping here and not in their room??
Madhu: May be they chatted for a long time and dozed off here..
Swet: No, Madhu.. By seeing their sleeping state I can tell that something else happened last night.. (she takes a cup and smells it) Alcohol!! They had alcohol last night.. But, how come?? They stopped having alcohol since two years..
Om: Because Rudra mixed it in fruit punch without anyone knowledge.. (Omkara just came there and heard their conversation) He did that before too and repeats the same again.. (he walks towards ShivIka and tries to wake them)
Swet: Madhu, we have to wake them before daadima comes down.. (Ishu comes there as well) Ishu, it’s good you are here.. Let’s wake them up.. (turns to go but Ishu holds her hand..) What’s wrong, Ishu??
Ishu: I’m sorry, anni.. Actually, I’m the one asked Rudraa to mix alcohol in the fruit punch..
Madhu: Yes, bhabhi.. I’m with them as well..
Swet: What?? (Hears someone footsteps) Ok.. We will talk about this later.. We have to wake them first..
IshMa: Ok, bhabhi.. (rush towards NiTiMi and RaDuKa)
Swetlana goes to Siddharth and wakes him.. Siddharth opens his eyes and smiles lovingly at Swetlana.. Swetlana looks at him confusingly..
Sid: Good morning, gorgeous.. I missed you very much.. (is about to kiss her)
Ishana who is waking up Nivedha looks at her brother’s romantic mood.. She elbows Madhu to look at them.. Omkara wakes ShivIka.. After few try, they finally awake.. The trio too look at SidLana.. Ishana and Madhu bringing their head closer and bump their head each other.. Their shout make Siddharth startles.. Swetlana pushes Siddharth and he fell on Arjun and kisses his cheek.. Shivika, Ishkara, and Madhu look shocked.. Arjun gets up in shock and screams.. RaDuKa, NiTiMi, RuMya and Priveer too wake up hearing his scream..
Arjun: Bhaiya, I’m not bhabhi.. Please do this romance with her not me..
Sid: (slaps his back) Shut up, idiot.. She is the one pushed me on you..
Arjun: Bhabhi, why are you making him as Dostana?? (Swetlana stares him and he keeps silent)
Swet: Ok.. Now, go and fresh up first.. We will clean the mess here..
Tia: Why bhabhi?? I want to sleep more.. My head is very painful..
NiMi: Mine too..
Swet: I’ll prepare lemonade for the hangover.. Now, go and get ready fast before daadima comes.. (send all of them to their rooms)
Omkara goes to ShivIka and RuMya..
Om: You three go and freshen up as well.. I need to talk to Rudra.. (ShivIka leave with Soumya.. Omkara looks at Rudra) What have you done, Rudra?? Is this the way you treat our guests.. Why did you mix the alcohol in their drinks?? What they will think of us if they get to know about it??
Swet: (goes to OmRu) Sorry for interrupting you two.. We need to clean this place first.. You can confront him later..
Om: (nods his head) Go and fresh up.. I’ll talk to you later.. (Rudra leaves from there..)
Ishana feels bad for Rudra.. She decides to talk with Omkara about this after cleaning the mess.. Ishana, Swetlana, Madhu and Omkara cleans the poolside quickly before their elders come.. After finish cleaning, they go and freshen themselves..
After a while, all the youngsters come to the living room.. Rudra stands beside Ishana.. Ishkara are completely ignoring each other.. This doesn’t go unnoticed by a pair of eyes.. Swetlana gives them lemonade for their hangover..
Shivaay: Why our heads are paining like this?? Like we had alcohol last night.. (IshRuMa look at each other..)
Annika: I too think the same, Shivaay.. Remember, last time we had party and the next day, we are having headache like this only..
Prinku: But, last time we had alcohol.. This time we had a normal fruit punch only.. (Rudra holds Ishana’s hand in scared while Ishana pats his hand to calm him.. Ishana gives a pleading look at Swetlana to save them from getting caught.. Swetlana nods her head at her..)
Swet: Don’t think so much.. It will be fine in a while..
Arjun: What happened last night?? I can’t remember.. Do you all can remember what happened last night??
Karan: We were talking about our career..
Raghav: And Shivaay and Nivi were talking about cooking..
Dush: Yeah!! Both of you said you will prepare special dish for us today..
Shivaay: Right!! Ok.. I’ll go and prepare it.. Let’s go, Nivi..
Voice: Going where, Billu?? (All turns to the voice belongs to Kalyani.. She comes there with Savitri, TejVi and ShaNky..)
Shivaay: Just going to kitchen to prepare the breakfast..
Tej: No, Shivaay.. Today, I and Shakti will prepare the breakfast.. You all must be tired because of yesterday’s party.. Take rest first.. May be, you can make lunch for us..
Shakti: Bhai Saab is right, Shivaay.. All of you take rest first.. Shivaay, you don’t have to go to office today.. Both of us will handle it today.. (All agrees)
Savi: Ok, then.. We too leave to our mansion first and will join you all later.. See them (pointing at her grandchildren).. Still with their same dress and don’t take their shower yet.. Have you all brush your teeth or not?? (Kalyani, TejVi and ShaNky chuckle looking at them)
All: Yes, daadima..
Savi: Then, come let’s go.. (all move to leave)
Kalyani: Don’t forget to join us for breakfast.. Special breakfast will be waiting for you all..
IshMa: Special?? (Looks each other)
Savitri: Bhabhi, always you are inviting us.. Give us a chance to cook for you too.. Our Nivi is a great cook..
Tej: Aunty ji, you must have food at here only till your stay in Mumbai.. This is the Oberois order..
Jhanvi: Right.. If we come to Chennai, you must cook for us..
Pinky: This is also Oberois orders.. (All laugh listening to her)
Savitri: Ok.. ok… We obey your order.. We will join you..
Ishana: (goes to Rudra and whispers) Rudraa, if they scold you, just tell them I’m the one asked you to mix it.. You don’t have to take the blame.. Ok??
Rudra: Not ok, bhabhi.. How come I will mention your name to save myself?? I won’t let anyone to scold my Ishana bhabhi.. I don’t care if they scold me or hit me but I won’t tell them your name.. This is your Rudraa’s promise..
Ishu: (smiles and pats his cheek) See you.. (goes to her family)
The Raichands start to leave.. The girls go out first with Savitri and ArSid.. While Ranveer walks in confused state with RaDuKa.. They look at him..
Karan: What are you thinking, bhai??
Ranveer: I think the lemonade is not reducing my hangover..
Raghav: Why?? Do you still having headache??
Ranveer: No, yaar.. My headache is gone.. But, I’m having problem with my eyes..
Dush: What problem??
Ranveer: I felt like I’m seeing our Ishu wearing red dress..
Karan: It’s happen sometimes if we drunk too much.. I think Rudra’s fruit punch contained alcohol..
Raghav: I too felt the same.. I don’t want them to scold Rudra.. That’s why I kept quiet just now..
Dush: Poor guy.. He just wanted us to enjoy ourselves.. Besides that, he didn’t know the reason we don’t take alcohol.. So, we can’t blame him..
Karan: (confused) Ranveer, you are right!! I think I’m also having problem with my eyes.. I too can see Ishu wearing red dress..
RanRaDu: What?? (Look at Ishana who is walking in front of them)
They cup their mouths in shock..
Dush: But, she wore a pale blue chudidhar yesterday.. How come it becomes red now??
Raghav: And she never wear any colorful dress these years..
Karan: And that too a sleeveless.. Something happened last night.. But, we were not aware of it.. (like a police officer)
Ranveer: It’s ok, guys.. Just leave it.. We don’t have to ask her about this.. Just pretend that we didn’t notice her dress..
RaDuKa agree with him and four of them leave to Raichand Mansion..

Precap: Ishkara thinking of each other.. ShivIka, Rumya and OmPri watch the video.. Omkara knows about Ishana’s childhood.. ShivIka, Rumya and Priyanka get to know Ishana slept in Omkara’s room..

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