ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 11(b)

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Let’s go to today’s chapter.. Please ignore the grammatical errors..


At poolside
ShivIka and RuMya are shocked to hear about Ishana’s past.. The alcohol starts to show effect on them.. And now all are in drunken state.. (Just imagine they are talking in drunken state)
Nivi: We treated her so bad.. But, she never complains.. We are very bad.. (starts to cry)
Raghav: (hugs her) No.. You all were small that time.. After know the truth, you treated her as princess.. Don’t blame yourself..
Tia and Mithra too start to cry.. Dushyanth and Karan hug their wives pacify them..
Arjun: I was the one very bad.. All of them accept her but I didn’t accept her.. But, she didn’t care about that and saved me from the fire cracker.. That one incident changed my opinion about her..
Soumya: Don’t blame yourself, bhaiya.. Kids will do mistakes.. But, you realised your mistake and accept her wholeheartedly.. Now, she is the one whom you love the most.. But, that man cannot be forgiven.. He must be punished..
Annika: Soumya is right..You can’t be blamed.. That man is the one should be blamed.. Poor girl.. She suffered so much when she was small.. What kind of father was that man?? If I saw him, I will show my chamki to him..

Tia: Who is chamki??
Soumya: Annika bhabhi’s chappal.. She named all her belongings..
Mithra: Really??? Hawww!!! It’s too cute..
Shivaay: Even she named my Bluetooth as bablu.. (All laugh hearing that)
Rudra: But, who threw the fire crackers on my Ishana bhabhi??
Shivaay: Yeah.. This afternoon you were talking about it right.. So, one of us threw it on her?? Do you remember who??
Sid: I don’t remember who.. But, it confirmed one of you..

Annika: I know who is that?? (Drinks her fruit punch and throws the cup ignoring the spilled fruit punch on the floor)
Prinku: (curiously) Who is that, bhabhi??
Annika: Who else can do that?? Of course, it’s none other than this kanji aankhon wala tadibaaz bhagad billa Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. (in drunken state)
All look at Shivaay..
Dush: All these words can come in one sentence?? First time I’m hearing it..
Shivaay: (shockingly looks at Annika) Me?? No.. not me..
Annika: Of course, it’s you.. You are the one always rude with everyone.. You must be the one threw it on the poor girl..

Shivaay: No, Annika.. I was a good boy when small.. (makes a puppy face)
Annika: It must be you only, Shivaay.. Rudra must be too small that time and Omkara is a gentle person and will never be harsh with anyone.. So, you only left..
Rudra: Annika Bhabhi is right.. You must have done that.. How could you do that to my Ishana bhabhi?? Pity her..
Shivaay: Rudra?? You too are blaming me??

Prinku: They are right.. You were too bad.. You must say sorry to Ishana..
Shivaay: Prinku?? You too??
Arjun: Guys, relax.. Our elders must know about it.. We ask them tomorrow.. Then, we will know who did that..
Raghav: Exactly.. Don’t fight now.. Let’s enjoy this night.. (saying this he dozed off)
All look at him and each other faces.. Soon, they too dozed off hugging their partners..

Kalyani’s room
Savitri finished narrating Ishana’s childhood story.. All of them are having tears in their eyes listening to Ishana’s dark past..
Pinky: Poor girl.. She faces so many when she are small..
Jhanvi: No one should face this situation.. What kind of father was that man?? Selling his own daughter… I can’t even imagine it..
Tej: Luckily, Yash uncle adopt her..
Shakti: You are right, bhai saab.. If not, don’t know what might happen to that girl..
Swetlana comes and give the medicine to Savitri.. Savitri takes the medicine and have them.. Savitri could realise that Swetlana is crying too..
Savitri: Why you are crying too?? You know about this before, right?? Again you are crying..
Swet: (wipes Savitri tears and smiles) You are crying too, daadi.. (Savitri smiles)
Tej: Aunty ji, just now you mention about fire crackers incident, right?? If I’m not mistaken, they played with our kids that time.. That means, one of them threw it on her..
Kalyani: You are right, Tej.. One of them only threw it on her..
Pinky: That must be my Shivaay.. He likes to plays harshly.. OmRu are nots likes that..
Kalyani: No, Pinky.. It’s not Shivaay.. It was Omkara.. He is the one threw the firecracker on her.. (All are shocked)

Tej: Yes.. I remember it.. He threw it and ran inside the house.. He didn’t know that girl got hurt..
Pinky: Oh, my maata!! Omkara is the ones did like that.. How bads??
Shakti: Pinky, he was small that time.. And he didn’t even know about it..
Savitri: Yes, Pinky.. Just leave this matter.. Past is past.. But, because of that incident only, Arjun started to care for Ishu..
Jhanvi: Aunty ji is right, Pinky.. We must let go the past.. By the way, Swetlana, how you ends up with this family??

Swet: After I got released from jail, I went back to Delhi where I and my brother are raised.. But, that was the biggest mistake I did.. I thought no one will identify me there and I thought to start a fresh life there.. But, they identified me and started to humiliate me.. Everyday I will face humiliation.. But, I thought I deserve this for trying to destroy a beautiful family.. I don’t bother about it and try to search for a job.. Whenever I attend an interview, they will say I can get the job.. But, I have to become their mistress or sleep with them a night.. (She cries terribly while saying this) I thought only few places are like that.. But, no.. Every place I went are the same only.. Till one day few people break into my house and try to….(again cries vigorously.. All are feeling bad listening to her) I escaped from them and ran away from there.. I don’t know how to live my life.. I thought to end my life and I realised I was standing on a bridge.. I decided to jump off the bridge and ends my life.. But, a hand held me.. It was Ishana.. She came with Siddharth.. She scolded me for trying to suicide..

I told them everything.. I thought they too will humiliate me.. But, they didn’t do that.. They asked who tried to molest me and take me to my house.. I show them the guys.. Siddharth went and hit them terribly.. He then made them got arrested.. Ishu asked me to follow them to Chennai.. I hesitate at first but Siddharth and Ishu convinced me to start a new life there.. I was very scared to go to their house.. But, their family welcome me wholeheartedly.. As they said, I started my new life there.. I joined Arjun’s office and helped him in his business.. After few months, I got married to Siddharth.. Now, this is my family.. Jail life taught me a lot about family.. Every prisoners will have someone to visit them from their family.. But, no one was there for me.. My own mother hates me for not full fill her wish to destroy your family.. My brother was busy with his life.. Now, I got a loving family through them.. If Ishu didn’t save me that day, I might not get this family.. Thank you, daadima for accepting me in your family.. (hugs Savitri and places her head on Savitri’s lap.. While Savitri pats her head)

TejVi, ShaNky and Kalyani felt bad for Swetlana.. They never thought that Swetlana faced this kind of situation in her life.. Jhanvi caress Swetlana’s hair.. TejVi and ShaNky leave from the room.. Swetlana dozed off on Savitri’s lap.. Savitri makes Swetlana sleeps properly and she too sleeps beside her.. While Kalyani too sleeps beside them..

IshMa Room
Ishana is lying beside Madhu on the bed.. She looks at Madhu who is in a deep slumber due to her medicine.. Ishana decides to go and have a look at the party downstairs.. She gets up slowly to not disturb Madhu’s sleep.. She goes to the poolside and saw everyone dozed off at their places.. Ishana is shocked to see them..
Ishu: (thinks) I thought they will be enjoying here.. But, they are sleeping.. Maybe the alcohol we mixed was quite high.. I must not have mix the alcohol in the drinks.. (she again looks at them.. She saw all are sleeping hugging their partners.. She smiles looking at them..) Not that bad, Ishu.. At least they are enjoying their sleep..

Ishana move to go upstairs.. She doesn’t notice the fruit punch spilled on the floor and steps on it.. She slips and falls into the swimming pool.. She becomes panic because of the sudden fall and she don’t know swimming.. She tries to scream for help but her voice is not coming out because of coldness.. She is getting drowned in the water..

Omkara finished his painting and decide to go and join the party.. He felt a tug in his heart but brushes it off.. He goes to the poolside and saw all of them are sleeping there.. He smiles looking at them and turns to leave to his room.. But, he stops hearing sound from the swimming pool.. He looks at the pool and shocked to see Ishana struggling inside there.. He jumps inside the pool and lifts her on his shoulder.. By the time, he brings her out, Ishana falls unconscious.. He places her on the floor.. He pats her cheek waking her up but she is not waking up.. He don’t know what to do.. He decides to wake Annika and goes to her.. He tried to wake her up but she is not opening her eyes.. He tries to wake Soumya but she too doesn’t wake up.. Omkara is confused why no one is waking up.. He takes the glass beside Soumya and smells it.. He made a weird face and put it down..

Om: This Rudra mixed alcohol in the fruit punch.. I will lash him in the morning.. Now, what I have to do with her.. She is not getting conscious..
He goes to Ishana and try to wakes her again.. He rubs her hand and legs.. He lifts her head and places on his chest and pats her cheek calling, ‘Ishana’.. Ishana felt a jolt and opens her eyes weakly.. Omkara felt relieved and hugs her.. But, she again fall unconscious.. Omkara lifts her in his arms and takes her to his room.. He places her on his bed.. He saw her dress is wet and thought of calling any of the girls to change her dress.. But, he realised it is waste of time to wake them up.. He don’t want the elders know the youngsters state now.. Omkara sees Ishana starts shivering because of cold..
Om: (to himself) Oh, God!! She starts to shiver.. She can fall ill if she stays in the wet clothes for long.. There is no other way.. I’m the one must change her dress..

He switches off the air conditioner.. He walks to his cupboard and takes a pair of clothes.. He switches off the light and walks towards his bed.. He changes Ishana’s dress with the dress he took just now.. He covers her with blanket and go and change his dress as well.. He comes out from washroom and looks at Ishana who sleeps peacefully.. Omkara switch on the bed lamp.. He goes and lies on the couch.. He tries to sleep but sleep is far away from his eyes.. He looks at sleeping Ishana..
Om: (thinks) No one slept on my bed after Gauri’s death.. That place is only for Gauri.. But now, I’m the one place this girl at my Gauri’s place.. And I don’t know the reason.. (he closed his eyes trying to sleep)

Ishana is in a deep sleep.. Suddenly, she felt restless.. Some flashes are appearing in her dream.. She heard someone screamed her name ‘Ishana!!!’.. She wakes up in a jerk which shocks Omkara.. Omkara rushes to her and sees her breathing heavily.. He holds her shoulder and try to calm her.. Ishana looks at Omkara and just hugs him tightly.. Omkara got startled with her action.. He just caress her back to calm her.. He breaks the hug and and make her to lie on bed.. He gets up from the bed but she holds his hand and shakes her head.. He smiles and nods his head signing he is here only.. Ishana leaves his hand.. Omkara pour a glass of water and gives to her.. Ishana takes the glass but her hand is shivering.. Omkara saw this and holds the glass make her drink the water..

Ishu: (after finish the water) Thank you..
Om: That’s ok.. Are you alright now?? (Ishana nods her head but her hand is still shivering which noticed by Omkara.. He holds her hand.. Ishana looks at him and cries..)
Omkara could feel something is disturbing Ishana.. He wants to ask her but he doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.. He walks towards his table and takes the picture given by Rudra just now.. He shows it to her.. Ishana tskes the picture and looks at it.. Then, she looks back at him.. He smiles and sits beside her..
Om: So, this is the person that you want me to sculpt?? (Ishana smiles and nods her head.. Omkara is relieved to see her smiling) He is really good looking.. May I know who is this??
Ishu: (smiles sadly) He is my everything.. My life, my soul, my love, my hu… (Omkara looks at her) My everything..

Om: (smiles) Love?? You love him that much??
Ishu: (hugging the picture) Very very very much.. But, he loves me more than I love him.. He loved me with my past…He loved me with my flaws.. No one can love me like.. (stops and looks at Omkara who is looking at her intensely.. She lost in his intense eyes and both have a deep eyelock)
Both break their eyelock and felt awkward..
Ishu: (thinks) Why I can’t finish the sentence?? Again I lost in his eyes.. His eyes are having magic and can make any girls lost in them..

Om: (sees her lost in her thoughts) Ishana..
Ishu: (thinks) First time I’m listening him calling me with my name.. No one call me Ishana except Dev.. But, I like to hear it from him too.. Why am I feeling like this??
Om: (holds her shoulder) Are you ok??
Ishu: I’m fine.. Did you say something??
Om: Not yet.. I just want to ask do you want to gift him the sculpture?? That is why you are asking me to make his sculpture??
Ishu: (her expression changed which noticed by Omkara) I wish I could give him.. (tears are coming from her eyes)
Om: (confused) What do you mean??

Ishu: He is no more in this world.. (Omkara is shocked to hear her.. She cries and look at him) I lost him in an accident in front of my eyes.. (covers her face and cries terribly)
Omkara is hell shocked listened to her..
Om : (thinks) Oh, God!!! Her past is more terrible than me.. Poor, girl.. She lost her love in front of her eyes.. That is why I always felt she is in pain whenever I saw her eyes.. She hides all her pain and pretends to be happy outside.. She is just like me in this matter.. (he thinks what she said just now after knowing Gauri’s death)
Ishu: I’m staying happy just for my family.. I promised him to stay happy.. I’m very unlucky.. That is why I can’t stay with him forever..

Om: (wipes her tears) It’s our destiny to lose our love forever.. We are not destined to be with them forever.. We only can live with their memories.. You know something?? Both of us faced same situation.. But, I didn’t saw her accident.. But, she left her last breath in front of me..(Omkara too cries..)
Ishana looks at him and wipes his tears.. Omkara looks at her and just hugs her tightly.. Ishana too reciprocate the hug.. They just cried out their hidden emotion without caring about anything.. They stays like that for a while and later they fall asleep in each other’s embrace..

Precap: Omkara sees Ishana’s scar.. Ishana pushes him.. Omkara scolds Rudra.. RanRaDuKa are shocked to see Ishana..

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