ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 11(a)

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At the lawn

Ranveer finished narrating to Priyanka.. Priyanka is standing with tearful eyes listening from Ranveer.. Ranveer looks at her..
Ranveer: I don’t know you trust me or not.. But, this is the truth.. If you still want to tell your family, go ahead.. I will not stop you.. I will think this is the destiny.. (he walks from there)
Priyanka sees him leaving.. She runs towards him and hugs him from back.. Ranveer get shocked with this sudden action of Priyanka..
Prinku: I trust you, Ranveer.. I trust you.. Ranveer felt relieved and turns towards her.. He saw Priyanka sobbing badly.. He felt bad looking at her state.. He wipes her tears and cups her face..
Ranveer: Thank you, Priyanka.. For believing me..

Prinku: You don’t have to thank me, Ranveer.. I’m the one must apologise to you for misunderstood your intention.. Please forgive me, Ranveer.. (holding her ears)
Ranveer: (takes her hands from her ears) You don’t have to be sorry, Priyanka.. It’s my mistake make you to assume like that.. I hurt you a lot at past.. I don’t know what I can do to rectify my deed.. I.. (Priyanka cups his mouth)

Prinku: Don’t talk about past anymore.. We let go the past and focus on our present and future only.. From now, I also with you in this struggle.. We will together find the truth..
Ranveer: (smiles with teary eyes) Will you trust me again if I say something??
Prinku: I will always trust you, Ranveer.. You can say anything..
Ranveer: (takes a deep breath) I love you, Priyanka.. I love you so much.. (Priyanka is shocked a while.. She looks at him and smiles tearfully hearing his confession.. Ranveer confused with her expression..)

Priyanka: (hugs him) I love you too, Ranveer.. (Ranveer felt happy and hugs her back.. They stand in the same position for a while..)
They break their hug after a while.. They go and sit on a nearby bench.. Priyanka places her head on Ranveer’s shoulder..
Prinku: How come you are so strong when you are having this many of burden in your heart??
Ranveer: (smiles) Maybe because I met so many strong people like Ishu, Savitri daadi, Swetlana, Madhu and you.. That make me become strong too..

Prinku: (gets up from his shoulder) Me?? (Ranveer nods his head) But, I’m not strong.. Still stammering while talking..

Ranveer: Of course you are strong.. It doesn’t mean you are weak just because you are stammering.. I mean your heart is strong.. That is the reason you bear all my torture silently and try to change me.. You are mentally strong as well.. You hide your pain inside your heart and stay happy for your family.. You didn’t hesitate to fight with me for your family.. These are what I meant that you are strong.. My Priyanka is not weak.. In fact, you are more stronger than your brothers.. Not only you, all the women are more stronger than the men.. (Priyanka smiles and hugs Ranveer)

Prinku: (breaks the hug) Ranveer, how we are going to get the truth out?? If Shivaay bhaiya or Om bhaiya find the truth first, they will not spare you all especially her.. Poor, girl.. She already suffered a lot..
Ranveer: That is what we are worrying about.. We have to do something before your family find anything about the incident.. Moreover, Ishu… (Cuts by Priyanka)
Prinku: Is falling for Om bhaiya, right?? (Smiles)
Ranveer: (chuckles) It’s so obvious, right?? Everyone can realise it..

Prinku: Both of their eyes are having the same spark for each other.. But, they are not realising it.. You know something?? Even Om bhaiya is also falling for her..
Ranveer: So, you don’t have any problem with this?? Even after knowing that..(cuts by Priyanka)
Prinku: Whatever happened is destined to happen.. No one can be blamed.. Even if they find out first, I know how to handle them.. Don’t worry and continue with your plan.. I’m with you..
Ranveer: Priyanka, there are few matters that I am still hiding from you.. One, I promised her to not to tell anyone about it.. Another one, I’m still not sure about that matter.. I’m still investigating it.. I promise.. (cuts by Priyanka)

Prinku: I can understand.. No need to explain me.. I told you, I’m with you in this struggle.. (holds his hand)
Ranveer: (places his hand on her’s and smilingly nods his head) Now, let’s go inside.. They must be waiting for us..
Both of them walks towards the mansion.. Priyanka stops a while.. Ranveer looks at her confusingly..
Ranveer: What happen, Priyanka??
Prinku: I’m sorry, Ranveer.. I must not slap you..

Ranveer: It’s ok, Priyanka.. I deserve that..
Prinku: No, Ranveer.. I must not did that.. It must be painful, right?? Now, you slap me back..
Ranveer: (shocked with her request) What?? Are you mad?? How can I slap you??
Prinku: Like I slapped you just now.. Come, slap me.. (shows her cheek)

Ranveer chuckles looking at her.. He goes near her and kisses her cheek.. Priyanka is shocked with Ranveer’s action.. Ranveer smiles looking at her while Priyanka blushes..
Ranveer: (goes to her ear) I only can punish you like this.. (Priyanka blushes again while Ranveer softly pinches her cheek) You know what?? You are so cute!!!
Priyanka again blushes and hugs him.. They both goes inside Oberoi Mansion..

At poolside

All the youngsters are enjoying their party having the special fruit punch which prepared by IshRuMa.. Priveer too come and join them.. Rudra serves them the fruit punch as well..
Shivaay: You all know what?? I just love your family.. The love you are having for each other is simply… (thinking what to say)
Annika: Haawww!!! (All look at her) Right, Shivaay???
All (except ShiRu): Haawww???

Annika: That is what Shivaay will say if he can’t find any words to express his feelings.. Right, Shivaay??
Shivaay: Yeah!!
Rudra: My Ishana bhabhi is so lucky to get a family like you..
Sid: Rudra, don’t think highly about us.. You know what?? We were not that great as you all are thinking about us.. (The Oberois are shocked)
Arjun: Right!! We were very bad when small..
Soumya: What you are saying?? We don’t understand..

Nivi: I will tell you all..
Nivedha starts narrating their childhood story..

Kalyani Daadi’s room

Savitri, TejVi, ShaNky and Kalyani are having their own party.. They are talking about their old moments..
Savitri: It’s very good talking to you all..
Pinky: Aunty ji, can I ask you one things?? But, you don’t mistakes me..
Savitri: Sure, Pinky.. You can ask me.. I will not mistaken you..
Pinky: Aunty ji, you already having your own grandchildrens.. But, why you adopts that diamonds girl, Ishana?? (Savitri thinks a while)

Shakti: Aunty ji, if you felt don’t want to tell us, then, it’s ok.. We will not force you..
Savitri: Nothing like that, Shakti.. I recall back about the poor girl.. (Someone knocks the door.. Jhanvi goes and open the door.. She sees Swetlana and invites her inside)
Swetlana smiles at all of them and goes to a rack where the medicines are kept.. While Savitri starts to narrate Ishana’s childhood story..

Ishana is an adopted child of Raichand.. Yashvardhan Raichand husband of Savithri Raichand meet the poor girl when he went for a client meeting at Gujarat.. That little girl saved him from an accident where he almost hit by a car.. Yash just fell in love with the little girl’s innocent eyes.. While dropping the girl at her house, he realised that girl is mistreated by her father.. He decided to help her.. He got to know that her father wanted to sell his daughter because he don’t have money to buy drinks.. Yash wanted to save the girl because he knows what will happen to a girl if she got sold.. He don’t want that innocent girl to face the situation.. He decided to buy the girl.. He asked the man amount he needed..

That man without shame said he needs only Rs 500 to buy drinks.. Yash threw the money on his face and took the girl to an orphanage.. The girl begged him to not to leave her there.. Yash felt bad and decided to adopt the girl.. He promised the girl that she is going to have a new family.. She will get a new father, mother, brothers and sisters..

The girl was very happy.. Yash took the girl to his house where he is staying with his wife, Savitri Raichand, his son, Harish Raichand, daughter in law Poornima Raichand and their children Siddharth, Arjun, Nivedha, Tia and Mithra… Except Savitri, none of them liked the presence of the girl.. They always ignore her and don’t let her to mix with them.. The poor girl felt sad that no one loves her.. However Yash and Savithri loves her a lot and treated her as a princess and named her as Ishana.. The children don’t like Ishana at all.. They thought that Ishana snatched their grandparents love from them.. So, they always scold her and treat her like a slave.. They will ask her to do many work.. Sometimes, they purposely will create a mess and will ask her to clean it.. But, the poor girl doesn’t say anything and do whatever they said..

Yash thought they will accept her later but it didn’t happen.. So, one day Yash told Ishana’s past to them.. They got shocked and felt bad for the poor child.. They started to accept her slowly.. Day by day their love for her increased.. Ishana’s eyes always show her pain.. They showered her with their love and finally her eyes are full of happiness and love for her family.. Ishana more close to Yash and Poornima.. Poornima knew Ishana didn’t get mother’s love since she born, so she always gave special attention to Ishana so that she won’t felt alone.. Ishana is the youngest so she is always pampered by them.. Days passed, Ishana slowly came out from her dark past.. However, she didn’t forget it completely..

Sometime, thought of her father wanted to sold her will be haunting her.. She always felt that herself is only worth for Rs 500.. So, she doesn’t have high expectations for anything.. She prefer to be simple.. Among all her siblings she is very much close to Arjun.. Once, during Diwali celebration the kids were playing fire crackers.. One of the kid accidentally throw the fire crackers and almost fell on Arjun.. Ishana saw this and pushed Arjun but it fell on her shoulder and her shoulder got burnt.. Ishana screamed in pain.. Arjun lifted her and took her to nearby hospital.. She got treated but she still having a big burnt scar on her shoulder till her arm.. Since then, Ishana never wear dress that will expose her scar..

Arjun always gave special attention to Ishana than his other 3 sisters.. He felt guilty and blamed himself for Ishana’s accident.. Since then, he always feed Ishana first before having his meal.. NiTiMi felt bad at first but Siddharth being an elder brother made them to understand their bond.. It doesn’t mean Arjun ignores NiTiMi.. But, Ishana needs more attention than them.. As elder sisters, they too gave special attention to Ishana.. Ishana becomes apple of eye for everyone in the family.. They treat her like a precious one..

Savitri finished narrating Ishana’s childhood story.. All of them are having tears in their eyes listening to Ishana’s dark past..

Precap: Who threw the fire crackers?? Swetlana’s past revealed.. Annika blames Shivaay.. Ishana falls into swimming pool.. Omkara saves Ishana.. Omkara changed her dress.. Ishkara emotional talk and hug..

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