ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 10(b)

Hi, my dearies.. A zillion of thanks to all my dearest readers UF, Aashi, Aarti32, Niriha, Nikita Jai29, Ankita27, CrazygirlS, Riddhima, Sangee, Prajkta for your valuable comments for the previous chapter.. Love you all very much.. And special thanks to my silent readers as well..
I know you all are feeling I’m dragging the suspense.. But, the suspense will not revealed now.. I don’t know how many chapters it will take to reveal it.. But, I think you all can guess it before I reveal it.. There is one good news.. I promised you to start IshDev flashback after Ishana’s childhood got revealed.. It will happen in the next chapter and I will start the shot for their flashback..

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Let’s go to today’s chapter.. Please ignore the grammatical errors..


Omkara’s room
Omkara is completely involve with his painting while listening to his favorite songs with his head phone.. IshRu walks inside his room.. Ishana sees his room walls are decorated with a girl’s paintings everywhere.. She felt some kind of connection with the girl.. She walks to one of the painting and touch it.. Omkara felt a jerk in his heart.. He takes out his headphone and touches his heart.. He turns back and see Rudra smiling at him.. Then he sees Ishana is looking at one of Gauri’s picture admiringly.. Each time she caresses the picture, he felt a jolt in his heart.. He doesn’t know the reason why he always felt like this whenever Ishana is nearby him.. He just brush off the thought and walks towards her.. Ishana could sense Omkara coming to her and she turns to him smiling..
Ishu: She is very pretty..
Om: Yes, she is.. My wife Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi..
Ishu: Wife??? But, I never see her here.. (tries to say something but cuts by Omkara)
Om: My late wife.. (with a sad voice)
Ishana is shocked hearing Omkara’s wife is dead.. Her eyes are filling with tears.. Rudra felt bad seeing Ishana..
Ishu: I’m sorry, Mr Omkara.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.. I don’t know that..(looking at Gauri’s painting) Our fate is so cruel that we can’t live with our loved one forever.. (she leaves the room)
Om: (felt bad for hurting her) I must not tell her.. Rudra, why you bring her here??
Rudra: She wants to give the photo you asked for the sculpture you want to make for her.. (showing him the photo)
Om: But, why she didn’t give the photo??
Rudra: I don’t know about that.. But, I don’t understand one thing.. Why she cried when you said about Gauri bhabhi??
Om: She is emotional type of girl and can’t see anyone in pain.. Ok.. Give me the photo.. (Rudra gives the photo to him.. Omkara looks at the photo) I felt like I saw him before..
Rudra: You also felt like that?? Even I too felt like that.. But, can’t remember where..
Om: We will talk about this later.. Now, let’s go to the party or all of them will come here searching for us..
OmRu go to the poolside.. All the youngsters except PriVeer already there waiting for them.. Omkara looks at Ishana who is pretending to be normal.. But, Omkara can read her eyes that she is still sad.. Ishana too looks at him and gives a fake smile to him.. IshRu walk towards the table to take the snacks and drinks for the party.. While Rudra leaves after taking the fruit punch and cups.. Omkara goes to Ishana and helps her to take the plates.. Both of their hands touched each other.. Ishkara look at each other and both have an eyelock..
Om: I’m sorry for hurting you just now..
Ishu: It’s not your mistake.. I’m quite an emotional person.. Actually, I’m the one must say sorry for reminding your past..
Om: You never remind me.. Because, I never forget it.. It will be in my memory forever.. Please, don’t feel bad..
Ishu: You are right.. Their memories always be with us even though they are not with us.. (Omkara smiles nodding his head)
Om: Let’s go.. They are waiting for us.. (Ishkara walk to the poolside bringing the snacks and plates)
All already seated at their places.. Omkara goes and sits beside Rudra.. While Ishana sits beside Madhu, in front of Omkara.. Rudra comes to IshMa and whispers..
Rudra: Can I give them the special fruit punch now?? My hands are itching to pour it for them..
Ishu: No.. Not now, Rudraa.. You give them after we both go from here..
Rudra: What?? You will not be here till the party end??
Ishu: No, Rudraa.. I can’t stay for long.. Besides, Madhu need to take her medicine.. So, she can’t take alcohol.. Besides, she needs a proper sleep.. How can I leave her alone??? Moreover, they will not enjoy if I am here.. That is why I’m saying that I will leave with Madhu later.. (Rudra is convinced with Ishana’s answer and go back to Omkara)
Sid: Arjun, where is Ranveer??
Arjun: I saw him at lawn talking to someone on mobile..
Om: I’ll go and bring him..
Shivaay: No need, Om.. (all look at him confusingly) He will join us later… With Prinku..
Annika: Shivaay, you mean..
Shivaay: Yes.. I sent Prinku to him.. They need to talk with each other.. And, we all knew that Prinku still loves him.. I could feel that Ranveer is changed.. That is the reason I sent her to him..
Arjun: You did a great job, Shivaay.. I thought of talking to you about this.. But, you already took a step for them to clear everything between them.. Well done, Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!! (Shivaay just smiles)
Annika: I’m very proud of you, Shivaay.. I thought you will not accept Ranveer.. But, my billu ji proved that his sister’s happiness is important for him..
Nivi: Billu ji???
Rudra: Yes, Didi.. Annika Bhabhi will call him like that only.. Because his eyes are looking like a cat eyes.. (All except OmRu and AniSou stare at Shivaay’s eyes.. Shivaay felt embarrassed)
Omkara: Annika Bhabhi gave a lot of nickname for him.. For example, kanji eyes, bhagad billa, SSO, tadibaaz and so on.. (ShivIka blushed while the others start to laugh)
Tia: Woww!! What are these words?? So cute..
Rudra: Yeah.. You need a dictionary to know the meaning of Annika bhabhi’s word.. And most of her words are specially for Shivaay bhaiya.. (again all laugh at ShivIka and they blushed)
Shivaay: Ok..ok.. Enough of teasing us.. Now, let’s start the party..
All start to serve food for themselves.. They continue talking about their life and career.. Shivaay and Nivedha quickly get close to each other because both are having same passion for cooking.. Both talk about their cooking skills.. AniOmRuMya look at Shivaay in surprise.. Shivaay doesn’t like to share his cooking skills and experience with anyone.. Here, he is talking freely with Nivedha.. They let ShiNi discuss about their cooking while they continue with their talk..

At the lawn
Priyanka looking furiously at Ranveer while her tears are not stop flowing from her eyes.. She goes to him and slaps him hardly.. Ranveer holds his cheek and looks at her.. Priyanka holds his collar..
Prinku: How dare you, Ranveer?? How dare you?? I thought you are changed but you are still the same.. You again lied to us.. You want to destroy my family again.. You are using another family to ruin my family.. Why Ranveer?? Chi!! I regret that I fell in love with you.. I regret that I still love you even you were so cruel with me.. I regret that I can’t hate you after whatever you did to me and my brother.. (break down in tears)
Ranveer too cries looking at her.. He goes to Priyanka and places his hand on her head.. She shoved his hand and looks at him in anger..
Prinku: I won’t let you to ruin my family.. I will go and tell everyone about your intention coming here.. (She turns to leave but stops hearing Ranveer’s voice)
Ranveer: I’m not here to ruin your family.. (Priyanka turns to him) Yes, Priyanka.. I’m not here to ruin your family.. I’m here to bring out some truth..
Priyanka: What truth?? Are you creating new story because I heard your talk to someone just now?? Or, you want to say whatever I heard was not true??
Ranveer: No, Priyanka.. I’m not creating any story and whatever you heard just now is true.. There is reason for everything.. Please listen to me.. Give me a chance to tell you the truth.. Please, Priyanka.. (with pleading eyes)
Prinku: (sees his pleading eyes) Ok.. Tell me.. I’ll decide to believe you or not after listening to you.. (Ranveer feels happy and starts narrating to her)

At the swimming pool
All are enjoying the party.. Ishana sees the time and whispers something to Rudra.. Rudra agrees.. Ishana walks to her family..
Ishu: Anna, Madhu has to take her medicine now.. We are leaving now.. I’ll join you after she sleeps..
Sid: Ok, Ishu.. You don’t have to hurry.. Make sure she has her medicine..
Ishu: Sure, Anna..
Mithra: Ishu, do you want me to come with you??
Ishu: It’s ok, akka.. We will manage..
Soumya: Come, I’ll show you the room.. (The trio leave from there.. Soumya comes back after show their room)
Omkara: Guys, you all continue with the party.. I need to complete the painting.. I left it in midway just now.. Only few works are left.. I promise to join you all after completing it..
Shivaay: Ok, Om.. But, you must join us after finishing it..
Om: Sure, Shivaay.. I’ll join you all.. (he left to his room)
Swet: Guys, I too need to leave now.. I must give medicine to daadima..
Tia: Bhabhi, you come back here after giving medicine to her.. Why are you leaving the party??
Swet: Actually, his mother wants to talk with me.. (looking at Rudra)
Shivaay: That’s good..I think we must let her go.. (All agrees.. Swetlana turns to leave but Siddharth holds her hand.. Swetlana looks at him..)
Sid: (cups her face) Don’t worry.. Everything will be fine.. Just tell them whatever you kept inside your heart.. Remember, we all with you.. (Swetlana with teary eyes hugs him.. Siddharth is surprised but hugs her back.. Swetlana breaks the hug and leave from there..)
Karan: Woww, jiju!! Didi is getting bold now..
Sid: Sometimes only she will take the first step.. You guys don’t like to see that too??
Arjun: Bhaiya, they are jealous because their wives are not doing like bhabhi..
Nivi: Who said that?? We too will hug our husbands.. (NiTiMi go and hugs RaDuKa)
ShiRu look at AniSou.. They understood their look and hug them.. Arjun looks at all the couples are busy with their hug.. Siddharth smiles look at his brother.. ArSid share a hug.. They continue with their party after breaking the hug.. Rudra starts to pour them the special fruit punch..

Precap: Ranveer kisses Priyanka’s cheek.. Revelation of Ishana’s childhood..

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