ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 1 (a)

This chapter might be boring.. I want to introduce all the characters in first chapter.. So, please bear with this.. This chapter will be split in two parts.. And sorry for the grammatical errors.. Let’s go to the chapter..

All are on dining table for their breakfast..
Shivaay: Rudra, where is Om?? Did you see him??
Rudra: I think he is still in his room sketching Gauri bhabhi’s picture.. This is what he doing for past 3 years..

Annika: What he can do?? He loves her that much.. He wanted to started his day by sketching his love first.. Even i cant forget her,my Chutki whom I lost when I was small.. After I found her, I got my lost happiness back..But, still fate don’t want us to be together.. I lost her forever.. (started to cry.. Shivaay consoles her)
Shivaay: I can understand your pain, Annika but we can’t change the past.. We have to gain strength to overcome the painful past.. Even I too misses Gauri very much.. But our tears can’t get her back.. For Om, at least he should has his food first..
Sowmya: No, bade bhaiya.. Love will not care hunger and sleep.. Bade baal wale bhaiya’s will not be fine if he didn’t started his day like this..
(Shivaay just nodded at Sowmya..)
(Om came)
Om: All talking about me??
ShivikaRumya: Yes..Nooo..

Annika: Actually, we are waiting for you for breakfast..
Rudra: Yes,O.. Why you so late?? My stomach making sound ready.. Can you hear??
(Om gave ‘What are you saying??’ look)
Sowmya: Duffer, only you can hear your stomach’s sound..
Om: Ok.. Leave it.. I’m sorry for late.. Next time I won’t be late..Ok, let’s start.. I need to go to art hub.. Need to finish some sculptures there..
(Shivaay received a call..He answered and after few minutes he hang up the call)
Tej: What’s wrong, Shivaay?? Any problem??
Shivaay: No, bade paapa.. Actually, this year Businessman of the Year Award..(cut by Rudra)
Rudra: Of course you are the one got it, bhaiya..

Annika: No one can beat my Billu ji..
Pinky: Ones mans needs to borns agains to beats my heera beta..
Shivaay: Born ready, mom.. This year award won by ARJUN..
Sakthi: Arjun?? His name so familiar..
Tej: Just Arjun.. No surname??? Interesting.. Shivaay, where is he from?? What his family background??
Shivaay: Yes, bade papa.. He is the sole owner of AR industries In Chennai.. I heard a lot of him and he is brilliant in dealing with clients and cracking the deals..
Rudra: More intelligent than you bhaiya?? I can’t believe it..

Annika: Even I can’t believe that SSO is praising another Bussinessman that too without surname..
Shivaay: Annika, if a person is really talented, we must praise him.. He is having surname or not is not a matter.. His hardwork made him reached success that too in short period of time.. I felt he deserve the award.. We have to appreciate him..I wanted to wish him personally as well..
Om: I agree with Shivaay.. We should not hesitate is praising someone’s talent.. Shivaay, when is the function??
Shivaay: This coming Saturday.. They invited me as chief guest to give the award .. If you want, you can join me..
AniRuSow: We too wanna join.. Please, billu ji..
ShivOm smiled at their antics and agree with them..

Dadi(in mind): I hope they will stay happy like this and wish my Omkara got happiness and love once again.. Love?? Will it happen once again??(worries)
After finished their breakfast, all went to do their respective works..

A girl is standing in front of a portrait.. She caress the person’s face in the portrait and a lone tear appear from her eyes.. She wipes it and continue caressing the portrait..
Girl: I miss you, Dev..(the person in the portrait is none other than Dev)
Another girl came to her room and stands looking at her silent talk with the portrait..
G2: Still not finished yet???
G1: Anni (bhabhi), you here?? You need anything??

G2: (to cheer her) Yes, I need you to fill up your stomach.. Or everyone will left with empty stomach..
G1: Haww.. Sorry, anni.. I lost in my thought talking to him and didn’t see the time..(Showing the portrait and asking sorry holding her ears)
G2: No need to be sorry, my dear.. I can understand the depth of your love for your Dev.. Did you finish your talk??
G1: Yes,anni..
G2: So, can we go and have breakfast?? Or someone will come and drag us.. They turned to go and they heard a voice calling
‘Ishu Baby’
G1 & G2: Coming, Tia Baby..(smiles looking each other)
Tia: Faster come, bhabhi and Ishu baby.. We are starving.. Ishu, universe doesn’t want you to make us hungry..
Ishana: Sorry, akka (elder sister).. We are coming now..

Ishana, Tia and G2 went downstairs and look at their family whom already seated to have their breakfast.. 2 girls are seating left side of dining table and 3 guys on the right side. Their grandmother is seating at the corner in between the guys and girls.. 2 most important men are not in yet.. The girls are playing with the guys by throwing and catching the fruits on table.. Ishana just chuckled looking at her sisters and brother in laws antiques.. Eventhough, they got married quite a long time but still they will behave like kid most of the times.. But, only these will make Ishana forget her sorrows and will play along with them.. Tia noticed Ishana lost in her thought so she clicked her finger in front of her face.. Ishana come back from her thought..Tia and her bhabhi knew where she lost, so they kept quiet and just bring her to dining..
Ishana: Good morning, paatima(grandma)..
GM: Good morning, sweetheart..

Ishana: Good morning, akkas(sisters) and aththans(brother in laws)..
All: Good morning, darling..
Ishana seated beside her grandmother while Tia seated beside her.. She is wondering where her 2 brothers are and why didnt come for breakfast yet..
Guy1: Ishu, what are you looking at?? Come and eat first..
Ishana: No, aththan..Let them come first.. You all eat first..
Guy2: When did we eat without you??
Guy3: We also will wait for them..
GM: Swetlana, why are you still standing.. Take your seat..

Swet: It’s ok,daadi.. Let them come first..
Girl3: Them or Him?? (with teasing smile)
Girl4: Nivi di, of course it is ‘HIM'(winking her eyes..Swetlana started blushing)
GM: Nivi, Mithra stop teasing my bahu..
NiMi: OK, daadima..

A voice heard ‘ Who is teasing my wife?’
Nivi: No, bhaiya.. We didn’t tease your wife.. We are just talking only..Right, Raghav??
Raghav: (started to cough giving questioning look at his wife.. Nivi stares him) Yes, jiju.. We are talking only.. Karan, Robin tell him..
K & D: Yes,jiju..

Man: Stop it, guys.. You guys are married for years but still behaving like kids.. I knew about my sisters very well.. They love teasing my wife..
Ishana: Yes, anna(elder brother)..They forgot that only you can tease and romancing your wife.. (All bursts into laugh except Swetlana and her husband..Both of them become red due to embarassment)
Tia: Woww!!! DCP Siddharth is blushing.. I think universe wanted us to see our bhai blushing today with his wife..
Dusyanth: Right, Tia.. See Swetlana didi’s face become like tomato..
Swetlana tried to escape from there but a hand held her..

Will be continue in next part..

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