ISHKARA FF- Life Found Love Once Again- Chapter 1 (b)


Guy: Where are you running, bhabhi?? Did you forget, final touch should be mine..
Dadi: Arjun, stop teasing her!! Every morning you all teasing her like this.
Arjun: Daadi, it’s our right to tease her.. Whom will we tease if not her?? Our bhabhi too never scolded us for teasing her.. We might stop if she scold us..
Swet: Why I need to scold you all?? I will be happy if my family is happy.. If you don’t tease me, then who will?? You have the rights..
IsNiTiMi: Love you, anni/bhabhi (kissed her cheek)

Arjun: 3 of you control yourself..Your husbands are burning in jelousy..
Swet: (twisting Arjun’s ear) Why are you late for your breakfast?? Did you started your flirting at morning itself??
Arjun: Actually, I need to tell, nope, share something important with you all..
Mithra: Let me guess.. You found new girlfriend??

Nivi: No, Mithu..I think a girl dumped him..(Arjun glares her)
Ishana: Right.. I agree with you,ka..(both gave hi fi)
Arjun: Ha..ha..ha.. Very funny.. It’s not that.. Actually, I received a call that this year I got ‘Bussinessman Of The Year’ Award..
Sid: (hugs his brother) Woww, Arjun R…nope, just Arjun!! You made it..Congratulations, bro..
Arjun: Thanks, bhaiya
His sisters are jumping in happiness.. They go and hugged him..
All Sissos: Congrats, our brother.. You made it, bro..

Arjun: Not me.. We made it.. It’s all your support and encouragement made me succeed in this business..(he kissed his sisters forehead)
Swetlana, Raghav, Dushyanth and Karan watched the bro sis with teary eyed..
Dushyanth: Just now all the girls are pulling his leg.. Now all surrounding him with happiness..
Raghav: We can’t understand these girls.. If they started to tease, they will tease to the core.. If they started to show their love that too will be to the core..
Karan: Guys, their tease and fight are their love too..
Sw: That is called family.. One’s success all will celebrate.. In failure, they will become each other support.. They are all one at last..

Sid: Not they.. We are all one.. Don’t think just because you are daughter in law and son in laws you are not belong to the family.. You all are the main support to our family.. Without you, this family is incomplete.. You are the pillars of support for us.. (Siddarth hugged all of them and looked at his naughty brother and sisters in emotional mode)
Arjun went and took blessing from his daadi.. Raghav, Dushyanth and Karan go to him and hugged him..
Dushyanth: So, when is the function??
Arjun: This Saturday at Mumbai.. I want all of you to join me..(Swetlana got shocked)
Swet: Mumbai!?? I can’t come..
Siddarth: We know why you don’t want to come.. How long you are going to run from them?? You must face them one day.. We all are with you, don’t worry..

A voice: Siddarth is right.. (All turned towards the voice)
All: Ranveer!!
Ranveer: Yes, it’s me.. How long are you going to run, Swetlana?? Think this function as an opportunity for you to face them.. Your family is with you.. They are your strength..
Arjun: Please, bhabhi.. That is the most important day in my life.. I want all my family members to be with me on that day.. And I need to reveal few things to the world.. For that, I need my family to be there.. Please, bhabhi..
Swet: (cupped his face with one hand) OK, Arjun.. I will not miss my devar’s Award ceremony.. I will come.. Promise..
Ishana: Pinky promise??

Swet: (Pat her cheeks) Ishu promise..
Ranveer: Thank God you agreed.. I already booked the flight tickets to Mumbai.. So go and get ready to fly tomorrow..
Swet: You are not coming, Ranveer??
Ranveer: Nope.. I got some work here.. So..(Swetlana stopped him)
Swet: I know why you are not coming.. I’m asking the same question you asked me.. You can’t escape and you have to come with us to Mumbai.. That is final..

Tia: Ranveer, you are our family member too.. Please come with us.. Universe wanted you to join us..
Ranveer: (smiles and pat her head) Universe…?? OK.. I’ll come.. Swetlana, I think not only you, even I need family support..
Arjun and Siddarth hugged him..
Mithra: So, where are we going to stay there??

Ranveer: It’s a suspense.. You’ll know after you reach there..
Nivi: Suspense?? Are we going to stay in any palace??(dreamily)
Arjun slapped her head: He said suspense, right.. Then why are you questioning him again??
Nivi: Ok..Ok.. I’m zipping my mouth.. Now, let’s eat.. I’m dam’n hungry..
All: OK..
They started having their breakfast.. Arjun feeds Ishana first before having his breakfast.. It’s his habit to feed her first before having his meals..(reason will be revealed later)
Ranveer: I think someone is missing here.. (looking around) Where is Madhu??
Swet: She went to temple earlier this morning.. She said important ‘pooja’ is there..
Karan: Yes, she informed me yesterday.. So, I and Swetlana did made sure she had her breakfast and her medicine before going ..

Arjun: This girl is unbelievable!! She went early morning but still didn’t come yet.. I’ll go and bring her..
Ishana: (while eating..)She is already here..(All looked at her confusingly)
Voice: Good morning, everyone!!(a girl came from entrance).. All are talking about me??
Karan: Actually they are angry with you..
Girl: What I did?? I went to temple only.. Is that wrong??
Arjun: It’s not wrong going to temple, Madhu.. But, your health condition is not good and you are still under medication..You must have your food and medicine on time..
Nivi: You must have good sleep
Mithra: No tension

Tia: No stress
Raghav: You said it daily.. They remember it..
All chuckle looking at Arjun.. Madhu felt bad..
Daadi: Madhu, we didn’t stop you from going to temple.. We know that since small you been in temple most of the time.. It’s quite hard for you to adapt with our family life style.. We didn’t ask you to change but give importance for your health too..
Dushyanth: Daadi is right.. Now look at yourself.. How exhausted you are??

Raghav: OK.. Come and have your next medicine.. It’s already late..
Raghav gave Madhu her medicines.. Madhu overwhelmed with their care and affection..
Madhu: After my family abandoned me, I never thought of getting love and affection once again.. But, you all showered me with all your love and affection that one can ever imagine.. I’m so lucky to be part of this family.. Arjun bhaiya, I’m going to temple not for myself.. I prayed for this family only.. I prayed this family to be one always, if any problem arise, this family shoud not be broken.. For that, I will do anything and don’t think about my health..
Arjun just hugged her.. All got teary eyed.. Arjun broke the hug..

Arjun: You might not worry about your health but for us your health is more important.. You are our responsibility.. Like Nivi,Tia, Mithra and Ishu, you are my sister too.. Hmmm??
Madhu nodded her head and smiled.. Arjun patted her head..
Ishu: Ok, now enough of this emotional moment.. Madhu, you know what?? Arjun anna won ‘Businessman of The Year’ award this year.. So, we are going to Mumbai..
Madhu: Congrats, bhaiya.. You made it..
Daadi: Madhu, your bhaiya is too bad..
Madhu: Why, daadi?
Daadi: He had group hug with his sisters without me..
Siddarth: Without me too..
Daadi: You had the hug with your wife and brother in laws..

Ranveer: Daadi, come you, me and Madhu have a group hug..
They three hugged each other..
Ishana: Now, lets have a family hug..
All of them had a big family hug..
Arjun: Our family is very big.. 13 people!!!(All laughed at this)
Raghav: Actually it’s 14.. Lack of one person..

All went to their respective works.. The ladies came back earlier to pack their belongings for tomorrow.. Later, at night all of them had their dinner while pulling each others leg.. After their dinner, Daadi and Madhu went to sleep after took their medicine.. The guys and girls continue their packing.. After finished their packing, they go to lawn and had a group chat.. They didn’t sleep that night because they need to get ready early to catch their flight which is at 6 a.m..

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