Ishkara FF Ishana return (Episode 4)

Hai guys.
Sorry for the delay. Actually I was a little confused about how to proceed the story. Anyway trying to make it forward.

Next day morning.
Ishana moved to a small rental house and she is carrying out her observations.
Days passed by and there is only five days left to her. She visited almost all places, gathered information and prepared reports. The place left for her is The Oberoi Industries. She was a little relaxed about it as she knows Rudra. But to her disappointment our Dumbbell Oberoi knows nothing about the business. He suggested herto meet Shivaay. So she is heading towards Oberoi Mansion.
On the other hand Anika is also entering Oberoi Mansion for her work and Ishana calls her from behind. They both see each other in a daze. Suddenly ishana speaks out.
Ishana : Hai didi, I’ m Ishana. Actually I am a journalist. I want to meet Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Can you please help me?
Anika:. (This poor girl is peeping into that baghad billa’s mouth yaar. My lord, please protect her) Ishana but I am just an employee. No problem, I will help you…..and takes Ishana inside Oberoi Mansion with her.

Anika asks Ishana to sit in the drawing room and heads towards Shivaay’s room while Omkara comes towards drawing room.
Omkara : she… Ishana…
Ishana: Hai Omkara (what happened to him. Seem to be cool. On that day he was showing attitude.)
Omkara: What happened? Why are you here? Want to advice someone?
Ishana: Advice? There is no need of other if you are present. I heard that you are very intense and philosophical. Its enough. So…
Omkara: So what? You are telling that I am unbearable.
Ishana: See I don’t came here to argue with you, ok? I have so many works. I want to meet your brother Shivaay so that I will get a short sketch of business. As well, can you help me?
Omkara: I….. Actually…..
Ishana: No problem. Rudra said to me that u r an artist. And you spent extra time with your Bros and with your hair.
Omkara: You are irritating me a little. What do you think of yourself?
Ishana: Oh really, you feel irritated with me? Do you know I thought that it will be a nice day today but as soon I saw your face my mood got off.
Omkara: I am not interested in such stupid conversation.
They engage in a cute argument. While Rudra enters and enjoy their argument.

Shivaay’s room
Anika enters the room and as usual Shivaay sensed her. She was surprised and informed shivaay about Ishana. Shivaay was rensed with the accusations over Tej and Sakthi. He refuses to meet Ishana initially and both of them argue. Later, Shivaay comes out to meet Ishana.

Ishana and Shivaay talk about the Oberois Industries. As Ishana is about to leave, she remembered Anika and went inside inside with Rudra. Then Tia entered the scene. Oberoi family assembled and Tia proposed the marriage deal and went. Anika and Ishana was inside so they didn’t knew about it.
Ishana leaves and Shivaay asks Anika to prepare for the wedding and let the scene continue as in the show.
Meanwhile, OmRu with Prinku and Soumya discuss solution for the problem. At last,
Rudra: Got an idea…..(He calls Ishana)….. Ishana di, we want a help from you…(and explains the situation to her)…. U r a journalist, so you would be Able to help us in solving this problem.
Ishana: Its quite interesting case but also mysterious, tough job. I won’t be able to do it alone. If anyone was there for my support, then it would worth for me.
Rudra: Anika didi….. We can’t stay away from there. She completed almost every job, we will manage the remaining. So she can be with you…. Ok didi.
Ishana : Ok Rudra… I will try my hardest.
PriOmRumya says thankyou to her and keep the phone. They call Anika and inform the same to her.

Ishana calls Anika and they discuss about the events occurred. Anika mentions the evil look given by Gayathri on Ganeshotsav. They discuss more …….

Next day: Shivaay’s wedding with Tia.
Oberoi Mansion is ready for Shivaay’s marriage. Every one is getting ready.
On the other hand Ishika(Ishana and Anika) is wandering without any clue.
Time passes away. PriOmRumya is tensed.

The rituals of wedding starts. Shivaay and Tia sit in the mandap. Shivaay is thinking about Anika and looks around for her desperately. The ritual proceeds. Shitia stands for pheras.

Suddenly police enters Oberoi Mansion.

Precap : The Oberois with teary eyes. Pinky walk towards Anika.

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    Amazing episode. Waiting for the next episode

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