Ishkara Fans….Attention Please!!

Note- (This Article is for all the Ishkara fans who are missing Vrushika-Kunal’s pair too much like me…So please guys support, and a kind request to all Rikara fans who hate Ishana and Ishkara- ” I respect your choice but you will also have to respect mine.”
So I will appreciate if there are no Negative-comments about Ishkara )
13th July 2017….
I know that this is today’s date. But there is also something really special about this day.
To know, what it is Let’s move 1 year back. Exactly 1 year back!
13th July 2016….
On this date, In our fav TV show Ishqbaaz a scene was launched…
Where Rudra and Omkara get by a girl wearing burkha and with Pretty Eyes….The eyes in which Om was lost…

So technically,
Today is Ishkara-First-Anniversary
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I Have never loved any TV show pair, like I love Ishkara…
Something was always special about These two
Omkara and Ishana were a complete contradiction, But still both of them were connected by pain.

I loved their every single scene.
The cafe-car-con, the cham-cham sequence, The ‘TUM’ scene, the stairs-scene, that monsoon thoughts-scene,The hand holding pose, the bela-mala thing, that Chinese restaurant, the Dosa treat, Rakhi Day, Breakup with Sautan, and at last…Confrontation at Tea Stall.
Each and Every Moment was so precious. If i knew this before, i would’ve wished the time to stop!!! I had so much expectations and dream s for Ishkara…It was something out of the blue!! A unique story, beautiful couple and everything. But sadly, The Typical People Did Not Like This uniqueness and Ishana took an exit from show. The Ishkara story ended.I continued to still watch shows for O bros bond and Omkara … but because of those stupid tracks, my madness and Obsession for Ishqbaaz also started to decrease after 5-6 months… ( i won’t even talk about Gauri, DBO and other stupid stuff)

BUT STILL… One thing remained same. The Love for Ishkara. It is really surprising. There were just 15 to 20 scenes of Ishana and Om. Still they are such a hit-Jodi. Even in this minute number of episodes, Ishkara has So MANY FANS…including me?…
Now it’s not a big news that i am Ishkara-shipper and I miss them too much. As i joined TU, and the other social-media platforms, i got to know that i wasn’t the only one. Even today, many of us still remember Ishkara and are sad about Vrushika’s sudden exit?. It was heart breaking…
So why not make this a thing?
’13th July- Ishkara Anniversary’….
Now i am not sure how many of you will like this concept, but i am still giving it a try.
So Ishkarians, all gather up.
Now , let’s have our ‘Ishkara-Moment’?
❤ Plz try to right as much as you can for
Ishkara… (now, let’s all admit, Writing our own
fictions REALLY HELPS?)
❤It will be great, that at least for today most
number of storied are posted on Ishkara.So
try best at your level!!!
❤ If you have Instagram acconts, make loads of
Ishkara edits and post them with #Ishkara
#wewantishkaraback #wewantvruahikaback.
And Don’t forget to tag kunaljaisingh, vrushyy
and gulnaghmakhan in those posts
❤I know, many of you wilk think that ‘what’s the
difference’, ‘this is useless, it is too late’…But
Guys, everything makes a difference… At least
for us….for me???

So please please JOIN THIS TREND!!?
All the Ishkara Fans, Let us have a count. We should tell the creative team and showmakers, THEY CAN REMOVE ISHKARA FROM THE SHOW, NOT FROM OUR HEARTS…?
We still miss Ishana as Om’s female lead and we want our Vrunal back as Ishkara.
The most unique love story- of a Intense, Truth shipper Artist and a Beautiful and soft-hearted, bubbly Con-girl…

“Jo na keh sake Hum…Jo na Samjh sake Showmakers”….
Now for Ishkara, not the silences but our love and admiration will speak.
So get ready for Ishkara Anniversary???


There is a Petition going on for Ishkara Come-Back. Plz go to the Given Link, sign up this Petition and Spread it in all your friends as Much as you can! This is our Only Chance for making a change and give justice to Ishkara.


PLEASE SIGN UP THIS PETITION GUYS. Let’s give Ishkara this special gift on their very first anniversary?
————- —————– ————— ———— —————
( P.S- I know I owe you all a long apologies for a long break AGAIN… i am really sorry, but things aren’t always in the way we plan them. i was on a tour so couldn’t continue.. But now I AM BACK…And the story will be back too. Just wait a few hours more?. )

Renima di , Prajkta, Chandini, Kehkasha, Ishana24 , Sree and everybody else….I am really really Sorry I couldn’t contact or comment on many of ur Previous epis, just finished reading them and i felt so GREAT!!! THANKS yaar…It’s a real Treat to read all the beautiful stories on Ishkara and Ishqbaaz by you…again sorry, for not commeting…
Also, Riddhima, Yashu, and all all the ISHKARA FANS, I am expecting a HUGE RESPONSE from all of you for this…

Waiting for your Support?!

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  1. So finally you are back with such a great news, if this can get back the most intense love Story of all times, my ISHKARA back, I’ll definitely support the cause, finally something good is happening for ishkara fans.
    Even after watching the entire DBO, I couldn’t see om with gauri, they couldn’t create the place in my heart which ishkara did in 2 months, just two months and the magic was in air but our happiness didn’t last long as soon Ishana’s character ended and so did the most unique love story of the Era.
    I know majority people watch IB for Shivika but that doesn’t mean there are less Ishkara fans and when people come together, no one can beat them. I really wish that this works and our cute, beautiful, talented Vrushika aka Ishana is back with a bang.
    Yesterday I watched Kunal’s interview, he was asked about his most favorite and memorable scene in the show and you know what he said, it was the one scene he performed with Ishana, when he said “mere dil ne kaha tum sachi ho” and this also proves that Vrunal make the best pair on screen, they make Ishkara come alive and I really hope we see them together soon.
    Sorry, no offense to Rikara fans

    And Kavya, you should really be getting back to your ff and do read my ff, Ishkara-pyaar-ya-nafrat, really waiting for your comments. Really missed you, long time really. You always come back with great news for Ishkara fans.
    Lots of love for ishkara. I want ISHKARA back.

  2. Mrunal1

    Hey prajakta di I’m trying a lot to submit my opinion but it seems server is not working I too love ishkara n want them back so what can i do now

    1. Prajkta

      I think you should try again after sometime, it’ll work. and we’ll get ishkara back.

  3. Aarti32

    Kavya, first of all..thank u so much for making dis post!!
    We need to show our Ishkara love!!
    I luv many couples, but my love for Ishkara is something very different..
    When we don’t get to see someone, but still luv them, Dats something​unique n powerful..Dats our power of luv..
    N Ishkara lovers, plzz post your writings on them..our Ishkara deserves as much luv as possible..even more than dat..
    Once again, thank u Kavya

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    Welcome back, kavya.. I was missing your ff.. thanks for this post.. I’m also missing ishkara to the core.. their love story didn’t started but we can feel their chemistry.. not all couple can have this kind of chemistry..
    The petition link you gave is not working for me.. I clicked the submit button but nothing happened..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      I mean the sign the petition button..

  5. Ananyagour

    You are madly in love with ishkara?….that you even post their first anniversary? article
    That is soo cute ?
    I also want ishkara back but I don’t think so its possible!! ?
    I was a big fan of all three couples though my faivraiot was shivika but then also I love ishkara ? they were totally magical same as with rumya ?saumya also left the show
    Well, now our topic is ishkara
    Ishana’s funny gujju scenes were mind blowing ??
    When do aired on television I was not giving any reaction but then at night I don’t know why all ishkara scenes were flashing in my mind I open my phone saw many ffs on ishkara that night I was in a crying mood ?a drop of tear also fall from my eyes at that time I realize what was the worth of ishkara and how I used to love them.
    But now I’m OK with gauri ? she is cute

  6. Ankita27

    Missing ishkara#vrunal to the core.. unique n magical couple… our gujju girl drama queen ishana n shyaribaaz zulfi singh oberoi… old ib wo bhi kya din the….. welcome back kavya… Missing ur ff I m huge fan of ur ff plz post soon dear…

  7. OMG.. Look who is here my Kavya di. Di I missed u so muchhhh. App sayad mujhe nahi jante kyu main apki silent reader thi. But I m not silent anymore. U didn’t even complete ur IshKara holi special OS. I think bcoz of dat pink nd spicy person who was bad mouthing about our IshKara.

    13th july sabse khoobsurat moment of IB bcoz of IshKara. Maine Ib mein IshKara ke sirf 2 scenes dekhe. Bcoz dat time mera exms chaal raha tha. Nd when I came back. I saw dat there was no IshKara. Mujhe laga tha ki Vrushika break pe hain or something. Nd I was hoping dat she will come back. But then maine IB mein Ridima nd Om ki kuch scenes dekhi.phir kuch months later DBO ka promo dekha I was sooooooo much heart broken. Maine ek aise jodi se pyaar kiya jinki maine sirf 2 scenes dekhe. But I still continued IB nd DBO bcoz of RuMya,Om nd Obro moments. But now there is nothing. I jst read da updates now. Imiss them so much. They will always b my no.1. I love them nd miss them. Abb to sirf IshKara ki ffs e sahara hain.

    Nd about dis article u made me cry by recalling them. Plz write a ff on them.

    Di mera insta ID nehi hain nut main apko always follow kar ti hun. Kya app plz IshKara’s 1st meeting jab Ishana OmRu ko car bechti hain, da tum scene, dat rakhi day scene dat Bela-Mala scene, dat dosa treat, dat chinees resturant scene nd other IshKara scenes post kareinge? Plz…..

    Love nd Miss IshKara. Da unique jodi is missed by their unique fan who watched their only 2 scenes on TV.

    1. Prajkta

      Really yaar Mahi, your love for Ishkara is indeed unique….I wish this petition gets back our Ishkra

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