Ishani came down looking like a princess shikar looks at her lost himself smile and tell himself I will never let you cry.
They performed rituals and got married
At night shikar asked Ishani to sleep in the bed he took his pillow went and laid in the couch
Ishani looking at the window went and stand there she was looking in to the sky somewhere her thoughts is running about ranveer but later she thinks about ritika and amba words which she told herdecided that should not interfere between them

She drifted to sleep.

Next day morning Ishani woke up he saw shikar is getting ready to office Ishani fresh up and came herself
Shikar came and stood in front of her. ..showed his hand FRIENDS. …
Ishani gave a light smile yeah friends.
Shikar :then we should interact with each other
And sorry if I HuRt you ever
Ishani :with a guilt face sorry shikar please give me some time i…..
Shikar interrupted. need to change Ishani do
You just be as you are both went down had their breakfast.

Shikar left to his office

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  1. Duva

    Loved it keep it up keep rocking what is ur age

  2. No siss pls unite ishveer. Although shikhar is gud guy rv didnt do anything wrong purposefully. My self also didnt like ritveer but also didnt like ishkar also. Because they r friends but not cant able to them as married couple. As per ur story now rv live wit devil ritika and ishu to lead happy life wit shikar. I mean i know ishu will fall love with shikar in future. I think u doing injustice to rv charector. Shikar only turned gud guy after falling love to ishu but before u remember what he doing with a girl when ishu came to give lawyer fees. Flirting with girl in bed.and sis u said previos episode that matsh run successfully in ishkar track. But that is not 4 ishkar because fans waited for ishveer reunion real story ishkar marriage happened most of fans couldnt accept that thing. Both ishu and rv deserve eachother. Pls sissy make it ishveer story anyhow. I didnt force u but kindly requesting.

  3. The episode was good I just wants to know that what you are going to show in your story and I am eagerly waiting for that ?

  4. Jasminerahul

    ishkar r married.they r friends.sweet.ishani is guilty that she isnt able 2 return him d luv he gives her.but loved shikar saying her not 2 change.he is so adorable.waiting 2 know if ishkar will b friends 4ever or will ihani fall in luv with him.
    plz don’t discontinue this ff like most of d ff writers do

  5. ishveer always

    Nisha is this storyline mean that Ranveer & Ishani will never unite?? If it is then i will not read this ff. I always love ishveer so much. i am not a ishkar fan. if it is not about ishveer then it will b too much boring. Please nisha i hope that it is regarding our ishveer. If not then i will not b reading this goddamn ff.

  6. ishveer always

    Did u c nisha?? All of the readers r ishveer lovers, not ishkar fan. I mean u r comparing ranveer’s love with shikar’s. Shikhar who flirted with thousands of women before he met ishani. & Ranveer is a one woman man. From childhood he is loving ishani purely. Ritika’s matter is different s he just took her responsibility but doesn’t love her. I hope that u do understand nisha. Please unite our beloved ishveer. Otherwise don’t write this ff. Nobody will like this

  7. Good epi…

  8. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Yes i too agree with ishveer always. Shikar can be only a good friend to ishani even in the show. More than that ishkar cannot replace ishveer from our hearts and can never ever do it. Ishveers love is unending and unconditional. Sorry but this was my pov

  9. Sis ok then make our rv die. Although it is paining to tell i cant see ishu love someone while rv is alive. What happen if she will know rv not marrird ritika and that child was her in her womb wasnt rv’s

    1. ishveer always

      R u mad fh??? What’s wrong with u?? Ranveer can’t die. All is needed is to reunite our IshVeer. Not to make ranveer dead. If any 1 should be dead it will be ritika. I can’t see ishani with that stupid womanizer shikhar. It’s only our ishveer. Not the blo*dy ishkar

      1. Then how can we able to see ishu love someone while rv is alive.when original matsh there r some fans supported ishkar but i only loved ishveer.but as per this ff that is the only solution to continue this ff.

  10. ishveer always

    I hope that nisha will bring our ishveer together. Pls nisha don’t make ishani & shikhar together. Bring ritika’s real face & make shikar to reunite our ishveer. Pls it’s a request. Neither shikar can replace ranveer nor ishani can love any 1 except ranveer. The only solution is ishveer will b together. Not that ishkar. Hell i can’t even imagine about ishkar. Pls nisha do something & unite our ishveer. Ishani is only for Ranveer & Ranveer is only for Ishani. Shikhar & ritika r both disgusted outsiders in their lovestory

  11. Nandana

    Nice episode dera i really like dit but waiting for ishveer union and continue writing dear and update the next soon dear…………

  12. Siddhi

    Hey guys what’s your problem you can’t tell that she should stop writing it.I also love ishkar and no one will say anything

    1. ishveer always

      Hey oil your own machine alright. Who the hell r u to tell whats right or wrong. U love ishkar that’s your business. I don’t give a damn what u think about ishkar too. I didn’t said anything wrong, i jst said her too reunite ishveer that’s it. & everybody wants that except for u. So don’t order me what to tell or what not to tell. U love blo*dy ishkar & you better keep it to yourself

    2. No sis we didnt told to stop. We said to turn this story as ishveer. Because rv didnt have any wrong. So how can he lose his childhood love for shikar. If ishu told to him the truth to rv then she married (isnt possible) shikar its somehow ok.

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