Ishita Raman special series part 8


Ishita Raman special series part 8
Hi friends thanks for the comments I love them please keep on commenting and I am thinking of continuing this series since I have new twist planned out so what do you guys think should I continue it or no So let’s begin

Ishita comes downstairs
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita: yes beta
Ruhi: Phil won’t stop crying
Ishita: hold her
Ruhi holds Pihu and plays with her
Ishita: that’s how you will have to play with her when she grows up
Ruhi: I’ll play with my sister and upcoming baby
Ishita smiles and hugs Ruhi
Ruhi: Ishi ma there is a surprise you have to stay inside
Ruhi takes Ishita and Pihu upstairs
Raman starts to get decorations while the whole family helps
Ishita: Ruhi beta I’m curious what’s the surprise
Ruhi: Ishi ma you will have to wait to know
Ishita: okay
Ruhi: and if you come downstairs before time I won’t talk to you
Ishita: giving me a warning Ruhi
Ruhi: yes you can think that
Ishita hugs Ruhi Dil se Dil ka rishta plays
Ruhi: okay Ishi ma I will be right back up
Ishita holds Pihu and plays with her
Ishita keeps on looking at the time
Ishita: why won’t this time go any faster
It’s 6 pm
Ishita gets ready and comes out of the bathroom
Ruhi screams Ishi am
Ruhi: I have fallen help me
Ishita doesn’t see Pihu anywhere either
Ruhi: no one is home help Pihu is on the couch
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita runs downstairs and sees the lights off
Ishita: Ruhi
The lights turn on
Ishita gets surprised to see the decorations
Everyone comes out
Happy birthday Ishita

Ishita gets happy and gets tears eyes
Raman: Ishita did you like the surprise
Ishita doesn’t respond to Raman
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita putar come and cut your cake
Raman: wait Ishita before you cut the cake I have a surprise for you
Ruhi: what else is the surprise papa
Raman: wait you’ll know
Raman: come in
Everyone turns and see a bug gift
The gift moves
Ishita gets shocked
Shah Rukh face is shown
Ishita:shah rukh khan here on my birthday
Mrs, bhalla and everyone scream in joy
Everyone goes to shah rukh khan
SRK: happy birthday Ishita
SRK hugs Ishita
Ishita: Shah Rukh hugged me
Ishita acts like to faint
Ishita cuts the cake
SRK: I should leave now happy birthday Ishita
Ishita: thank you
Raman: happy Ishita
Ishita: hm
SRK: I do notice Ishita is angry with you Raman you have to ask for forgiveness
SRK: everyone don’t forget to watch fan you can book in advance fan releasing April 15to a cinema near you
Mrs. Bhalla: our whole family will see it we are waiting for fan and Raees
SRK: thank you
SRK leaves

Raman and Ishita in their room
Raman: Ishita look I’m sorry you won’t know how it feels to you haven’t talking to me
Raman starts to cry
Ishita sees this and her heart starts to melt from inside
Ishita wipes Raman tears
Ishita: Raman I’m sorry for torturing you this much I did it to make you realize your mistake
Ishita and Raman hug
Raman: no I’m sorry in became a Ravan sorry Ishita I’m
Ishita: to see how much you did for me I have forgiven you
Raman tries to get naughty with Ishita
Ishita: I’m pregnant
Raman hugs Ishita
Niddhi sends a message to Ishita
Enjoy how much you want Ishita watch what I will do will completely shock you
Ishita gets shocked but doesn’t mention the message to anyone.
Ishita enjoys with her family
This is where season 1 ends now we will begin season 2 I have submitted the part 1 off it don’t forget to read it
It’s tittle is Ishita Raman series of love

Credit to: AHT

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