Ishita Raman special series part 7


Ishita Raman special series part 7
Hi friends I posted a very short part 6 so I sont make my readers sad here you go another part just for the people who love to read this fanfiction read part 6 and then 7 thank you for the support I am conducting a poll at the end please reply to it
Scene 1
Raman: Ishita I don’t know how you will forgive me
Ruhi: Papa
Raman: yes beta
Ruhi: I know ishi ma is upset with you but you have to understand how she feels Would you have lied it if Ishi ma said your not a father or never will be a father
Raman: I would have fel hurt
Ruhi: that’s what ishi ma feels she feels Hurt from you
Raman: so what should I do beta
Ruhi: you have to make it all up to her buy her gifts chocolates and apologize a lot I know my ishi ma her heart will melt seeing this and will forgive you
Raman: thank you beta
Ruhi: tomorrow is Ishi ma birthday maybe you can invite her favorite superstar that is Shah Rukh if he has time he will come
Raman: you know what Ruhi you’re a genious
Ruhi: Whos daughter am I
Raman hugs Ruhi and thanks her
Adi returns
Adi: Ishi ma Papa Ruhi
Ishita comes and sees Adi and hugs him
Ishita: Adi how have yo been
Adi: good
Adi hugs Raman and then ruhi
Ruhi: Bhaiya you took forever to come
Adi: o please ruhi don’t be angry look im sorry I came
Ruhi hugs Adi
Neelu brigs Pihu
Neelu: Ishita Bhabhi Pihu is crying
Ishita takes pihu in her arms
Ishita makes pihu stop crying
Adi: whos daughter is this
Ishita: this is your little sister Pihu
Adi holds Pihu
Ruhi: Adi bhaiya and ishi ma is gonna give us another brother or sister
Adi gets happy
Raman goes outside
Raman: I have to get to meet SRK
Raman sees a poster
Shahrukh on comedy nights bachao
Today at 6 pm
Raman goes to the studio
SRK sees him and recognizes him
Shah Rukh: Raman you here
Raman tells him everything the birthday plan and everything
Shah Rukh: I will see if I can come tomorrow
Raman: ok thank you sir
Raman comes back
12: 00 AM
Everyone comes to ishita
Everyone: happy birthday ishita
Ishita gets up and gets happy seeing this
Ishita: thank you
Mrs. Bhalla: sleep we will talk in the morning
On morning
Ishita wakes up and sees a gift next to her
She opens it
It’s a beautiful saree with a letter
It says
Ishita here is aliitle something for you wear it in the afternoon im soryr for my behavior with you but I have planned something you will love Your my life ishita and I cant thank you enough for handling me soo well- From Raman I love you Ishita
Ishita smiles
Ishita: No ishita not that easily you cant forgive him let him face something
Ishita: I love you too Raman but you have to understand somethings that’s why I cant tell you how terrible I feel by doing this so you think I can live without you
Ishita: I=You have to really realise the mistake
Precap: Ishita birthday party ishita to get many surprises


Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan `

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