Ishita Raman special series part 6


Ishita Raman special series part 6
Hi friends thanks for supporting and commenting and prithvi let Raman face problems its not always ishita fault let him face it he has to face it he hurt ishita a lot please keep on commenting my exams have come so wont be a lot of posts
Ishita: im pregnant
Ruhi hears her and goes to hug her
Ruhi: congratulations Ishi ma
Ruhi: I will get another brother or sister
Ruhi runs downstairs to tell the family
Ruhi: Dadi Papa
Mrs. Bhalla: what happened Ruhi putar
Raman: what happened
Ruhi: Ishi Ma is pregnant and I am gonna get another brother or sister
Mrs. Bhalla Raman and the family gets happy
Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita
Amma also hugs Ishita
Mrs, Bhalla: were gonna have a big celebration

Ishita goes upstairs and cries happily
Raman comes
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: what
Raman: thank you
Raman tries to hug Ishita ‘
Ishita pushes him
Ishita: you lost your rights to hug me the day you said I can never be a mom I wont forget that easily you think I can forget it easily
Raman: Ishita you have to forgive me Im sorry Janu
Ishita: oo now your gonna call me janu (Honey) I wont talk to you until my heart lets me I don’t have this big heart
Ishita cries
Ishita; I don’t have a big heart to forgive
Raman goes and cries
Raman: I did bad with ISHITA I SHoulsnt have done it

Precap: Raman thinks of a plan to make ishita forgive him

Sorry for the short part exams busy

Credit to: AHT

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