Ishita Raman special series part 5 (correct one)


Ishita Raman special series part 5
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Ishita falls down and faints
Raman: Ishita
Raman: Ma hello everyone
Everyone comes and sees Ishita fainted
Amma: Ishu
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita putar
Raman picks her up and takes her
Ruhi: Ishi ma is she okay
Mrs. BHalla: she is okay
Ruhi hugs her
Raman bring Ishita to the hospital
Raman: Doctor she just fainted
Doctor: we have to check her
Doctor checks the blood pressure
Doctor does some tests
Doctor: the reports will come tomorrow
Doctor: you can take her home but come back tomorrow it could be serious or not
Ishita wakes up and sees herself in the hospital
Ishita: Raman what am I doing here
Raman: you fainted
Ishita: so mr bhalla took care of me well done Raman you have done a lot your ego hurts me then you try to ask for forgiveness
Raman: Ishita you have to come back tomorrow to collect your reports
Ishita: ok
Raman and Ishita go home

Ama: Ishu what happened
Ishita: nothing Amma the doctor said to come back to collect the reports tomorrow
Amma: okay
Ruhi hugs Ishita
Ruhi: Ishi Ma I knew you were okay
Yeh hai Mohabatein plays

Ishita in her room feels nauseous
Ishita: why do I feel like vommenting
Doctor calls Ishita
Ishita: hello
Doctor: you don’t need to come tomorrow your pregnant Ishita
Ishita: what
Doctor: you are
Ishita cries happily
Doctor: take care
Ishita: thank you Doctor

Pre cap: everyone gets happy knowing Ishita pregnancy and Raman tries to hug Ishita but Ishita doesn’t let him

Credit to: AHT

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