Ishita Raman special series part 4


Ishita Raman special series part 4
Hi everyone thanks forommenting and giving me suport without your support I couldnt have done this lets get into part 4 this series has been extended
Scene 1
Ishita: Ruhi
Ruhi: yes Ishi Ma
Ishital: take pihu to Mrs. Bhalla
Ruhi: okay
Ruhi takes pihu
Raman sees Ishita alone and comes from the back and hugs her
Raman: Im sorry Ishta my madrassan you know how much I love you
Ishita: o now you love me what about that day you said can never be a mother
Raman: im sorry ishita
Ishita leaves
Raman starts to cry

REaman: i shpould have controlled on my anger but no I yelled at her and now what shall I dod
Raman cries
Ishita sees Raman crying and goes on
Ishita: I cant forgive you this easily Raman you have done many things to me sorry Raman you cant be forgiven easily
Ishita moves on
Shagun: hi Ishita
Ishita: heloo
Shagun: I heard about Ruhi death and came running
Ishita tells Shagun everything
Shagun: you did a right thing by not forgiving him let him face a price for saying thoes words you are innocent Ishita
Ishita: come and meet Pihu
Shagun: you named her a very good name Pihu
Shagun goes to meet Pihu
Ruhi comes to Ishita

Ruhi: Ishi ma are you angry with papa i
Ishita: no beta
Ruhi: tell me the truth Ishi ma
Ishita: yes beta im angry with your father
Ruhi: Ishi Ma I know about his behavior let him face the truth dont be that easily folled and if they hurt you alot then make them face a honest truth
Ishita: wow you just sounded like teacher
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita: Ruhi
Ruhi and Ishita hug Dil se dil ka rishta plays
Ruhi: I love you Ishi Ma
Ishita: I love you too beta
Ruhi leaves

Ishita feels dizzy
Ishita: Neelu get me a glass of water
Neelu: here yu go bhabhi
Raman sees Ishita
Raman: Ishita
Ishita doesnt respond
Raman: Im sorry

Precap: Ishita faints and is taken to the doctor

Ishita will remain angry will Raman for some more time

Credit to: AHT

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  1. OK Good going but how much this Raman is facing…..plsss let now Ishita forgive Raman

  2. Nno he should face little
    Nice episode plz update next episode

  3. superrrrr …….. reallyy nice ………episode..

  4. Nice beautiful awesome what to say there are no words you should be there in place of ekta mam or I advice you .you are such a good writer why dont you publish a novel

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