Ishita Raman special series part 2 of 4


Ishita Raman special series part 2 of 4

Hi everyone thanks for commenting you all mde me feel good so after this series i will be making another series season 2 with a different topic thank you all please do comment

Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita hears Ruhi voice
Ishita: why am I hearing Ruhi voice
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita: Ruhi
Ishita runs down the stairs
Ishita sees Ruhi and runs to her
Ishita: Ruhi my daughter
Ruhi: Ishi ma i misseds you so much
Ishita hugs Ruhi
Dil se dil ka rishta plays
Ishita: but Ruhi didnt you fall of the cliff
Ruhi: lets go home then i will tell you
Ishita: wait let me get your siter
Ishita brings the baby down
Ruhi kisses the baby
Ruhi and Ishita walk into Bhalla house
Ruhi: papa, dadi

Eveyone comes out and gets surprised to see Ruhi
Ruhi hugs Raman
Raman: Ruhi beta your alive how
Ruhi: I will tell
Raman looks at Ishita and gets sad for scolding her
Ishita: Ruhi how did you survive that fall
Ruhi starts to tell
Ruhi and Niddhi car runs out of break
Niddhi: o shot now were gonna die
Ruhi: no I will go to my Ishi ma
Niddhi: If I die you die
Ruhi jumps from the window
Someone had caught her
Flashback ends
Ishita: who did this thanks to that person your alive
Mrs. Bhalla: who was it
Ruhi: okay let me call him
Ruhi; Uncle come in
The person walks in
Iyer family comes infront
Amma: Santoshi you wont believe it no one here will
Mrs. Bhalla: who is it
The person comes
The person takes off his glasses
Shah Rukh face is shown
Mrs. Bhalla and the family get shocked and surprised

Mrs. Bhalla: Shah Rukh Putar
Ishita: Shah Rukh Khan
Mrs. Bhalla and the family go to meet him
Raman: we cant thank you enogh
Shah Rukh: no need for the thanks it was my duty
Raman: I need a tip from you
Raman: Sir I wanna make my wife forgive me
Shah Rukh: Apologize with big heart and make her listen
Shah Rukh: so I should be leaving now
Mrs. Bhalla: one minute isnt your film fan comming in 10 days on april 15 and thenn Raees on 3 july 2016
Shah Rukh: yep
Mrs. Bhalla: hope your movies top our family will see the movie
Shah Rukh: Thanks
Mrs. Bhalla: your movie Fan song Jabra fan we wont let you go without dancing on it
Shah Rukh with the family dances on Jabra Fan
Shah Rukh leaves
Raman: Ishita
Ishota picks up the baby and leaves
Raman: Ishita

Precap: Raman to plan to watcha romantic movie with ishita to amke her forgive him

Thank you all After this series a new series I will introsuce with a new topic

Do you people want this series to be extended? Or a next season

Credit to: AHT

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  1. AHT,
    nice episode
    raman is planning watch romantic movie that plan should fail

    Let him suffer little more days without ishita.he was simply shout at her right..
    EGO I HATE IT!! he should know how much ishita suffer bcoz his scolding

    I know is not really yhm
    But i want like this should happen
    If u don’t mind plz can u add this
    My plan…

  2. AHT i agrees with safu dnt let ishitha easily forgive raman

  3. Yeah extend it more

  4. awwsome ………….

  5. I like this episode cuz ruhis back to home and Raman and ishita r together . Ruhi is great actress and she’s so so cute my niece look like het

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