Ishita Raman special series part 1 of 4


Ishita Raman special series part 1 of 4
Hi everyone please support me I am starting this series I would like to know if you all would like it if I receive enough comments this series will be extended I don’t like the leap that’s why im doing this
Scene 1
Niddhi: Ishita you are horrible human give me Ruhi and take your new born
Ishita: Niddhi don’t you ever feel rotten by doing this
Niddhi: why would I feel horrible you ruined my life
Ishita: I didn’t know give me the new born baby please
Nidhi: Ruhi and then the baby comes to you
Ruhi: Ishi Ma the baby needs care so do I? Exchange me come on Ishima
Ishita gets aliitle relecuvant
Ishita takes her newborn and Niddhi takes Ruhi
Ishita and Raman run after the car
Ruhi jumps and someone catches her
Ruhi: Ishi ma
A guy sunglass are shown
His shirt is making him look hot
Ruhi has fainted
The guy takes Ruhi to the hospital
Raman: you fraud Ishita you exchanged Ruhi and she died
Amma: What
Raman: Amma take your daughter away from my eyes
Ishita: Raman but I wont leave my daughter in your hands who do you think you are
Ishita takes her newborn baby and goes with Amma toaMMA HOUSE
Doctor: Sir
Guy: yes doctor
Doctor: she is out of danger you did a good thing by bringing her here on time
Guy: She idnt loose her memory right
Doctor: no I belive I have seen you somewhere
Guy: Really
Doctor: ok then ‘
The guy goes in
Guy: Little girl
RRuhi: my name is Ruhi Bhalla you saved me
Ruhi looks at his face
Ruhi; Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh take soff his glasses yes beta its me
Ruhi: I cant believe it you rescued me I recently watched your Chennai express
Shah Rukh: your cute
Ruhi: Where is my ishi ma
Shah Ruhi: you know the address
Ruhi: yes
Shah: Come on Ruhi lets take you home
Ruhi goes with Shah Rukh
Ruhi: My ishi ma probably thought I died since THAT WOMEN
Shah Rukh: why did your family leave you there
Ruhi tells him what happened
Niddhi entry
Raman and Ishita plan
The newborn baby and accident
Shah Rukh: don’t worry Ruhi well get you home
They reach Iyer house
Ruhi steps in
Ruhi: Ishi Ma
Ishita hears her voice
Ishita: Ruhi

Precap: Reunion of Ishita and Ruhi Ishita to remain angry with Raman SRK to give him tips

Please comment and let me know if this is better than the current track and how much are you liking it and ho was it thank you all

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Makers should have asked u what a brilliant episode If this has happened in yeh hai mohabbatein then its trp would be on top
    But they had made serial worse with leap I really appreciate u for your episode I hope u should be the writer of yeh hai mohabbatein

  2. awwsome ……………………i like it very much…………. plzzzzzzzzz update next episode …..very soon iam waiting fr that…..

  3. Agree with Ahem,Really superb,plz continue next one and one more request,make it little long,.. Waiting for next one…Do as soon as possible

    1. Thanks kv by the way I m a girl

  4. Thank you Ahem, Kv Harshu for commenting thank you all

    1. u r welcome

  5. I like this episode cuz Ruhr get home I love that girl because of her I watch this serial

  6. I like this episode cuz Ruhi get home I love that girl because of her I watch this serial

  7. Awesome

  8. It’s amazing I LUV it I wish this really happened in real YHM and not the leap

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