Ishita Raman series of love part 6


Ishita Raman series of love part 6

Hi friends we have reached the end of this series since this was a finite serie now comes the time to say goodbye In upcoming weeks I will start a new fanfiction on YHM so stay tuned Thank you for the comments and support you all have given me I personally thank you a lot. I have exams again so I will start a new series soon

Raman comes

Mrs. Bhalla: Raman I heard this Subbu came to ishita I heard he and ishita are very good friends if you hadn’t come to ishita ishita would have married him

Raman gets jealous and goes to his room

Mrs. Bhalla laughs

Mrs. Bhalla calls Amma

Mrs. Bhalla: Mission succeeded

Raman in his room

Raman: ishita cant love him she has to love me

Raman hears ishita and Subbu talking

Ishita: Subbu your soo caring you have done a lot for me I personally thank you for it

Subbu: no problem Ishita you and I are friends since we were small I was suppose to marry you

Raman gets jealous

Raman comes there

Raman: Subbu if you don’t mind I need to talk to Ishita privately

Subbu: sure go ahead

Subbu leaves

Ishita: what is it Raman

Raman holds Ishita

Raman: it looks like your loving him again ha too much cloosiness

Ishita: why would you care

Raman: I know what I did wrong but what about you

Ishita: why are you doing this

Raman: because I Love you A lot Dammit

Ishita gets stunned

Ishita gets teary eyes

Ishita; you love me that much that you cant stay away from me or accept another guy in my life

Ishita smiles

Ishita: Raman

Raman: look ishita im sorry

Ishita: I love you too Dammit

Raman and ishita hug

Raman gets close to ishita and flirts with her

Raman: Your eyes make me wanna fall in them Your arms have done magic on me

Raman without looking for a chance lip kisses ishita and she gets shocked

Raman takes Ishita to the bed locks the door

Amma sees the door locked and gets happy and tells everyone they get happy

Raman and ishita get intiamate

Ishita returns home

7 years later

Ruhi: Ishi ma bye im going to college

Ishita: bye

Adi: Me too ishima im going to college as well

Ishita: bye

Ishita: Pihu

A girl comes looking like Ruhi

Pihu: mama im going to school with dadi

Ishita hugs her

Ishita: bye my beta

Pihu kisses ishita on the check and leaves

Ishita is in the kitchen

Raman comes from the back and hugs ishita

Raman: Ishita you are a angel

Ishita: Raman come on yaar we have 4 kids now one 3 year old my Suhana 7 year old Pihu even adi and ruhi have grown up

Raman: but our love will remain forever

Ishita smiles and hugs raman
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays

Please comment and thanks for the support see you guys in my next story soon

Credit to: AHT

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