Ishita Raman series of love part 5


Ishita Raman series of love part 5
Hi friends sorry for not posting my exams have finished im relaxing starting Tuesday you will see long part sorry for all short ones I needed a break that’s why I didn’t post a lot now im back so lets get started
Amma and Ruhi are talking
Amma: Ruhi we have to do something t get your ishi ma and papa together
Ruhi: I know but what can we do
Amma: theyre is one option only
Ruhi: what is that
Amma: Subbu
Amma: Subbu is ishita best friend if we get him too close to ishita raman will do something
Ruhi: will he agree
Amma: Ill just tell him to come theyre best friends watch it happen
Ruhi: your right
Amma calls Subbu and tells him to come

After a few hours
Raman comes to Ishita house
Doorbell rings
Ishita opens the door and gets surprised
Ishita you
The person takes off his glasses its Subbu
Ishita: Subbu
Ishita: come in
Ishita hugs Subbu
Raman sees this and gets alittle jealous
Ishita and Subbu do their childhood clap step
Raman face turns upset
Raman in his heart
Ishita why are you getting too close to him

Subbu: Ishita who is he
Ishita: you don’t need to know come we have a lot to talk about
Ishita and Subbu go upstairs
Amma: Subbu is back Raman I should warn you
Raman gets shocked
Amma leaves
Ruhi: Papa Subbu Uncle is soo nice he gave me a chocolate I think theyre is something fishy
Ruhi leaves
Raman gets thinking
Raman; what if ishita falls in love with Subbu
Amma goes to Mrs. Bhalla
Amma tells her everything
Mrs. Bhalla: Watch I will help you I will help make Raman jealous and them close

Precap: Raman gets more jealous seeing Raman and SUBBU CLOOSE

Sorry for short update

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Tbh, Really felt so good after reading ur ff

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