Ishita Raman series of love part 4


Ishita Raman series of love part 4
Hi friends thanks for the comments and please keep on commenting so lets began busy with exams it will be short

Raman thinks of somehing
Raman: I need Ruhi to do that
Raman comes to Iyer house
Raman: Ruhi
Ruhi comes down
Raman: you want ishi ma and papa to get together right
Ruhi nods
Raman: then you have to do something
Ishita: Ruhi goi to Pihu I have to talk to Raman
Ruhi goes
Ishita: how cheap are you Raman
Raman: What
Ishita: so now your using your own daughter wow Raman bhalla you have proven today your Ravan Kumar Bhalla who would do anything
Raman: o well im not like you
Ishita: please Raman calm yourselve
Raman: Ishita your misunderstanding me
Ishita: were you about to use Ruhi to come to me yes or no
Raman: aaaa
Ishita: Yes or no or ill end this discussion right now
Raman: yes
Ishita: they’re you go you would even do that to a girl who loved you called you Papa
Ishita: I think you should levae Raman
Raman: Ishita
Ishita goes upstairs
Ishita: Raman you have to realise what you did wrong today
Ishita: Raman have a terrific life until yourealise why i am this angry and mad
Ishita; ego is your place and I will break your ego
Ishita: until your ego doesnt break I wont return to the houwse every again

Precap: Subbu entry Subbu and Ishita hug Raman jealous

Credit to: AHT

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