Ishita Raman series of love part 3


Ishita Raman series of love part 3
Hi friends sorry for late update I have been busy with exams and so much more tension this will be a short one I willpost long ones from April 24 my exams end soon

Ishita: I have to forget all the insult I felt
Raman on the other hand
Raman: yar what should I do
Raman: what would she like
Ishita onthe other hand went to a movie theater
Ruhi: Ishi am I wanna watch fan it stars SRK
Ishita: okay beta
Ishita: two tickets to watch fan please
Person: sorry ma’am were out of tickets
Raman: because I got them
Ruhi: papa
Ruhi hugs Raman
Raman: I went to Amma house and there I heard about the movie and everything
Ishita: Ruhi you go and see I will be going home Pihu is alone
Ruhi: come Ishi ma please
Ishita:’okay I can’t decline to you
Ishita Raman and Ruhi go into the theater
Ishita and Ruhi sit
Raman sits next to Ishita
Ishita moves and puts Ruhi in the middle
Sad yeh hai Mohabatein plays
After the movie
Ruhi: this was the best movie nice one loved the acting and everything
Ishita: beta let’s go
Ruhi and Ishita leave
Raman: Ishita
Ishita calls a taxi sits and the taxi starts to move
Raman: Ishita
Raman runs behind the taxi but can’t reach
Raman calls another taxi sits on it and goes
Raman tries to call Ishita
Ishita phone rings at home
Amma: hello
Raman: hello
Amma: ayo Raman Ishu left her phone home
Raman: okay thank you Amma
Amma: regularly she doesn’t behave like this but when she is hurt she does
Raman: I know Amma
Amma disconnects the call saying she has work
Amma:’I hope Ishu forgives Raman and moves on
Amma hears Pihu crying and goes

precap: Ishita to get angry on Raman foir using Rui

Credit to: AHT

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    ..awesome episode….
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  2. Its interesting….update as soon as possibilities

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