Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 8 and 9 combined

Ishita+ Raman Pyaar milega dubara part 8 and 9 combined
Hi everyone thanks for supporting me all your suggestions are welcomed at the end I will mention tomorrow episode name at the end thanks for the wishes for my exams

Scene 1
Ishita wakes up in the morning and smiles
Raman: now you understand I love you
Ishita: Raman ap bi na let me go now to make breakfast
MRS. Bhalla: ishita
Ishita goes Raman smiles
Shagun has hidden a mic in the house
Shagun: what this failed they have too much love
Shagun starts crying
Shagun: Raman never loved me like that why it looks like I cant break their relation
Ashok comes
Ashok: what
Shagun: I have to apologize to them
Ashok: no you wont or else
Shagun: or else what mr Khanna
Ishita is standing outside Shagun door and is hsocked to hear this
Ishita leaves
Shagun; I will go now
Ashok holds her hand
Ashok: no Shagun
Shagun: let me go
Shagun slaps him
Shagun: I don’t love you I hate you now
Shagun leaves leaving Ashok in anger

Scene 2
Shagun comes to the Bhalla house
Shagun: All the bhallas come out
Everyone comes out
Mrs. Bhalla: you dirty blood here
Shagun; I know I have done many things in the past
Ishita comes
Shagun falls to her feet
Shagun: forgive me ishita im sorry I always wanted love but never got it I am sorry
Ishita is shocked to what to say
Mrs. Bhalla: get out Shagun we don’t trust dirty blood
Raman: get out Shagun
Shagun gets up to leave
Ishita: Shagun
Shagun stops
Ishita: Um shagun I forgive you
Mrs. Bhalla and the family mebers including Raman gets shocked
Raman: what are you saying Ishita
Ishita: I have reasons to forgive her
Raman: what reasons
Ishita: I have seen her fighting for us
Ishita feels dizzy and is about to faint
Shagun: ishita
Ishita faints
Raman takes her to the hospital

Scene 3
Doctor checks ishita
Raman: is she okay
Doctor: we did some tests the reports will come after two days so you can take her we think it’s low blood pressure or Stress
Raman goes to ishita
Ishita: what happened
Raman: its just that you are taking to much stress
They reach home
Mrs. Bhalla: what happened
Raman: they said due to stress or something
Ishita: where is Shagun
Shagun: im right here are you okay ishita
Ishita: im fine you will tay in this house
Mrs. Bhalla: no she wont
Ishita: please mumyji
Mrs. Bhalla: fine I give you and her 2 days allow if shagun has changed you have to proof it if not proven I will not let shagun stay and if something bad happens I will kick you out to
Ishita: fine mumy ji I take the challenge ill prove it
Shagun; ishita you don’t hve to take risk for me ill leave
Ishita: no shagun I believe when you feel guilty it’s a good punishment enough come lets go
Shagun and ishita go
Mrs. Bhalla: shell fail to prove it watch
Mr. Bhalla: you did a wrong thing
Mrs. Bhalla; don’t interfer in my decision
Mr. Bhalla: I will interfeir since its my house matter I am your husband I have the full right
Mrs. Bhalla: youll realize I was right in 2 days

Scene 4
Ishita and Shagun are talking
Shagun; Ishita don’t take risk for me
Ishita: you are like my sister now I will prove you have changed and show them yo have changed
Shagun: thanks ishita
Shagun hugs ishita
Shagun: thank you ishita
Ishita: you will stay in this guest room if you need something just call neelu or me
Shagun: thanks
Ishita leaves
Shagun: why would she do that she did it for me after I have ruined her life
Shagun phone rings
Gerua from Dilwale is her ringtone
Shagun; heloo
Ashok; you think its okay frindshipping them you wil pay a price ishita
Shagun: don’t call me again
Mrs. Bhalla hears this
Mrs. Bhalla in her mind
She cant change shes a dirty blood

Precap: shagun to start behaving good shocking everyone

Spoiler: Shagun changed behavior to shock everyone

Ishita: I will prove your innocence
Shagun; thanks ishita
Mrs. Bhalla on the other hand
Mrs. Bhalla: she will realize shagun hasn’t changed
Is this shaguns plan to shake Bhala family? Has Shagun really changed? Is Ishita gonna get kicked out? Will this break the relations?
Don’t forget to read tomorrow part

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