Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 7


Ishita+ Raman pyaar milega dubara part 7
HI everyone sorry for late updates its just that my exams are going so im not been able to post long parts whoever complains im sorry my exams finish on the 20 then I will be posting long parts until then sorry I will be posting but short parts
Scene 1
Raman is seen walking outside his home
Ashok comes there
Raman gets shocked
Ashok: heloo Raman
Raman: you what rae you doing here
Ashok: oo please I can walk anyway I want
Raman: never show your selve in front of my house
Ashok: Raman becare ful what you saw you will be sorry like I molested Mihika I can do that to ishita
Raman slaps Ashok
Raman: Ashok Khanna watch it

Ashok: you never consumed with her so whats the big deal
Ashok leaves leaving Raman irritated
Scene 2
Shagun walks into Bhalla home
Shagun: ishita
Ishita: you here
Shagun: im here to claim my rights on my children and Raman
Ishita: I already won the case your divorced from Raman and the kids are mine
Shagun: I want you to get out of here you both never consumed so whats the big dea; wait let me get you water or juice
Shagun goes and mixes alchol pill in her water
Shagun gives her the water
Shagun: drink this
Ishita srinks it knowing its water
Shagun in her mind
Raman doesn’t love her she gets close to him hell get mad hahahha then tiffs
Shagun: bye ishita
Ishita feels dizzy and goes to her room to sleep
Scene 3
Raman comes back sees ishita sleeping
Raman: ishita
Ishita: well mr ravan
Raman: what happened
Ishita: oo nothing its that I found out you don’t love me you don’t even come close to me
Raman: what
Ishita gets up
Ishita: you never consumed with me that’s the prolem and today I will give you a punishment
Ishita slaps Raman once and then again
Raman: ishita

Ishita: what are you gonna do
Raman liplocks her
Ishita gets shocked
Precap: Intiamate moments Ishita wakes up and smiles Shagun starts to cry t regret what she has done in her past
Spoiler: soon a big twist is gona shake up the family Shagun try her heart out and say im sorry to everyone

Long part
Shagun: im sorry ishita its just I aways wanted love nobody ever gave it to me
Mrs. Bhalla: you think we trust a lady like you
Shagun gets up and tries to leave
Ishita: Shagun
Why has ishita stopped Shagun what could be the reason for it? Don’t forget to read my tomorrow part it woll be long sory for this short one

Let me know how you think of this one thanks

Credit to: AHT

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  2. wah! After reading your ff I went to the flash back of our old yhm and some nostalgic moments but I expect something New in your story your own imagination hope you will work on the creative part…… and all the best for your exams prepare well and crack all your exams

  3. nice ..

  4. Hiii aht….Nice episode…but aht this is my last comment as my pre boards are on the way….but I promise whenever I get time…I will read your ff…but please don’t expect comment from me…

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