Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 17 and 18 combined


Ishita Raman Pyaar Milega Dubara part 17 and 18
Hi everyone thanks for the support and comments finally im posting a long part since I was busy sorry and thanks for understanding
Scene 1
Shagun is seen talking to Raman
Raman: Shagun ishita is alive
Shagun gets shocked to know he knows
Shagun in her mind
First I have to be sure as well before I can reach any conclusion so I have o lie to him
Shagun: Raman its your imagination ishita Is dead face it
Raman: your probably right that can be my imagination
Shagun leaves
Shagun: im so sorry Raman I had to lie until I know
Amma sees ishita walking down the street
Amma: Ishu
Ishita keeps on walking
Amma: Ishu stop
Ishita doesn’t know shes calling her
Ishita stops
Amma taps her Ishita taps her
Ishita turns Amma hugs her
Amma: Ishu your alive
Ishita: who are you
Amma: im your mom your Ishita

Ishita; I am Zoya not Ishita
Amma gets shocked to know she doesn’t remember anything
Ishita starts walking and starts to recall her childhood when Amma used to protect her
Ishita: why do I feel this I have to talk to Doctor Shagun her house in nearby let me go there
Scene 2
Ishita comes infront of Bhalla home
Wind blows
Ishita rings the doorbell
Ruhi opens the door
A dupatta comes on ishita face
Ruhi: yes
Ishita: Im here to see Shagun
Ruhi: your voice sounds like my Ishima come in
Ruhi goes to get shagun
Ishita sees the home and starts to recall her moments
Ruhi: shagun mama
Shagun: yes beta
Ruhi: someone is here to see you she keeps saying her name is Zoya her voice sounds like Ishima
Shagun: ok beta go to your room ill go see her
Shagun: ishita here this is a good moment to make her memory come back but I have to be sure
Raman comes downstairs
Raman sees someone sitting
Raman: yes
Ishita: im here to see Shagun

Raman: okay
Raman walks to the kitchen
Ishita turns and sees Raman
Ishita starts to recall many more things
Scene 3
Nellu comes
Neelu; you can meet shagun upstairs
Ishita goes upstairs
Ishita sees her pic with Raman in a room and gets shocked
Ishita looks at her room
Ishita recalls the romantic moments
Ishita goes to Shagun room
Ishita before entering bumps into Mrs. Bhalla
Mrs. Bhalla: sorry
Ishita: its okay
Mrs. Bhalla get shocked to see ishita
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita
Ishita: im Zoya here to see Shagun doctor Shagun
Ishita enters shagun room
Mrs. Bhalla runs to tell Raman
Shagun: yes Ms. Zoya

Ishita: I have a strong recall with this house
Shagun: ok
Shagun gets happy to know shes ishita
Shagun: ill come to your house
Mrs. Bhalla and Raman think of a plan
Mrs. Bhalla: to know if shes ishita well drop water here Tell Ruhi to come and when she is about to trip ishita will save her
Raman: what if shedoesnt
Mrs. Bhalla: anybody would save her but ishita will scream Ruhi and run
Raman tells ruhi
Ruhi: ill do it
Raman texts Shagun she sends ishita
Ishita is seen walking
Ruhi as per the plan is walking
Ruhi is about to step on the water
Ishita recalls Ruhi falling
Ishita: Ruhi
Ishita runs and saves her
Ishita: are you okay beta
Ruhi: Ishima
Ruhi hugs ishita and ishita feels a connection
Dil se dil ka rishta plays

Ishita: beta I have to go
Ishita is seen walking down the stairs
Raman: ishita don’t you remember us
Mrs. Bhalla: don’t you
The whole family comes there
Karan finds out where ishita is and goes there with Mohini after picking her up from school
Karan: Zoya
Mohini: mama
Karan: comeon Zoya lets go
Raman: ishita
Ishita get dizzy And recalls The house
Karan comes to ishita
Karan: comeon Zoya lets go
Ishita starts walking with Karan
Mohini hugs ishita
Everyone is shocked with no words
Ishita then starts to recall everything
Ishita: my name is Ishita or is it Zoya

Karan hugs Ishita
Raman gets angry

Precap: Ashok comes to Bhalla house with Ishita and everyone gets shocked including ishita or is it zoya

Spoiler: Ashok to see ishita lookalike and brings her shocking everyone including ishita or is that Zoya

Ashok: this was all a drama
Raman: get out of here
Ashok: bring her in
Ishita comes in
Both ishita gets shocked to see each other
Everyone else is speechless

Who is Ishta and who is Zoya
Look alike drama to end soon

Credit to: AHT

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