Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 16


Ishita Raman pyaar milaga Dubara part 16
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Scene 1
Ishita is seen in the market
Raman is there also
Ishita: Mohini no beta
Raman hears ishita voice and turns
Raman sees ishita and gets happy
Raman runs and bumps into someone
Raman gets up and doesn’t see ishita there
Raman: what I saw was that my imagination
Raman: ishita are you alive
Raman: this can’t be

 Scene 2
Shagun: im gonna restore ishita memory
Shagun: I  will return this houses happiness
Shagun: I will do whatever I can
Shagun goes to ishita
Shagun: Zoya did you have anymore memories like that
Ishita: yes I did
Shagun: don’t stress yourself I’ll come back I have to go
Ishita: okay
Ishita goes to sleep 
Amma: ishu
Ishita: who is ishita
Ishita wakes up tensed
Ishita: who is that in my dream
Ishita starts to think

Precap: Amma meet ishita
Spoiler: amma to see ishita and hug her

Amma sees ishita
Amma: ishu
Ishita: what
Amma hugs her
Ishita; who are you
Amma gets shocked
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Credit to: AHT

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