Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 15


Ishita Raman Pyaar Milega Dubara part 15
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Scene 1
Ishita is seen thinking
Ishita: why do I feel a strong connection with someone else who misses me
Karan: Zoya
Ishita also sees Raman behind him
Ishita: Raman
Ishita gets dizzy and faints
Ishita wakes up after a while
Ishita: I wanna remember everything I want to make my life easier
Ishita starts to cry
Karan comes and puts his hand on Ishita shoulder
Karan; you okay
Ishita: I’m fine
Karan: you forgot to put sindoor let me do it
Karan picks up the box
Karan takes it in his finger
Karan is about to put it
Wind starts to come from window and throws the sindoor from his finger to the floor
While Raman on the other hand is looking at Ishita sindoor box and crying
Raman; Ishita why did you leave me
Raman picks up the sindoor and puts it on Ishita pic
Ishita feels someone filling her mang
No one is there
The sindoor on the floor goes to Ishita mang (love connection)

Scene 2
Shagun comes to Karan home
Karan: yes
Shagun: hello I’m here to see Zoya I’m a doctor
Karan: please come
Shagun: what relation does she have with you
Karan: she’s my wife I’m going to office know she’s in her room thank you
Shagun goes to Ishita
Shagun: Zoya I’m Dr. Shagun and also a NGO worker
Ishita: hello please come in
Shagun: tell me do you sometimes see something from your past
Ishita: yes it’s this person I think his name is Raman he keeps coming in my sleep
Shagun in her mind
This is Ishita
Shagun: take rest I’ll keep checking on you tomorrow I’ll come
Shagun comes out
Shagun: that is Ishita its hard being a doctor Ishita is alive I gotta make her memory return
Shagun: maybe I can make Raman and Ishita come infront of each other
Ishita on the other hand is playing with Mohini

Precap: Raman sees Ishita and gets happy but doesn’t get a chance to meet her
Spoiler: Raman to see Ishita a big emotional scene of Ishita and Raman coming up

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Raman: Ishita
Ishita: who is Ishita I fell I know you
Amma: isn’t
Ishita wakes up tensed
Shagun sets in a mission to restore the houses happiness by bringing Ishita back
will Shagun restore Ishita memory or will she fail and won’t do anything

Credit to: AHT

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  2. nice shagun help her to gain her memory…

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