Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 14

Ishita Raman pyaar milaga Dubara part 14
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Scene 1
Raman is seen crying
Ruhi comes and hugs him
Ruhi cries as well
Shagun: I have to prepare food for them they haven’t eaten anything
Shagun: I have to go to the market
While on the other hand ishita goes to the market with driver
Karan: I’ll be back go and buy I’ll be right back
Karan goes
Ishita is walking Shagun is walking the same way
Ishita and Shagun clash
Ishita: I’m sorry
Shagun: it’s okay
Shagun: ishita

Ishita: who is ishita
Shagun hugs ishita
Shagun: I can’t believe your alive
Ishita: I’m not ishita
Shagun: do you remember a name Ruhi
Ishita: that name sounds so familiar
Shagun: your ishita
Ishita gets called by karan
Shagun follows them
Shagun: ishita you lost your memory but I will make sure it returns now I know where you live

Scene 2
Shagun is thinking
Shagun: how can ishita be alive
Shagun goes to the hospital
Shagun finds out there was another name patient Zoya
Shagun: so they must have had a mixup
Shagun: from tomorrow I’ll start mission memory or is that really Zoya and Ishita has died I have to know
Ishita on the other hand
Ishita finds Ruhi reflection in Mohini and hugs her
Karan: no fair why does she get the hug
Karan goes to hug Ishita
Ishita doesn’t feel comfortable
Ishita: I have to go to the bathroom
Ishita goes
Karan gets confused
Karan in his mind
Why did she go away from me

Ishita comes out
Ishita: come Mohini it’s night time let me get you to sleep
Mohini: Mama sleep with me today
Ishita: ok
Karan: ok good night mohini i love you Zoya
Ishita leaves without saying anything
Karan: what’s wrong with her I must find out

Precap: Shagun talks to karan about ishita Karan: she is Zoya my wife

Spoiler: shagun to set out on a mission to know if that’s ishita or Zoya and Raman to see ishita and get happy but will fail to meet her

Ishita: why do I feel like I have a connection with someone else
Karan:  Zoya
Ishita sees Raman right behind
Ishita: Raman
Ishita gets dizzy and faints
Ishita: I can’t remember anything
Ishita cries
Will ishita realize who she is and leave
Or will ishita not remember anything
Will shagun restore ishita memory again

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