Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 13


Ishita Raman pyaar milaga Dubara part 13
Heloo everyone sorry for the late update I will post everyday from now on my exams have ended and don’t worry ishita death is a new track but ishita isn’t dead there is a track

Scene 1
Ishita: Shagun
Shagun: what should we do
Ishita: I don’t know
Shagun: I left my phone downstairs
The informer hears this and gets ready and goes
Ishita: I have to go downstairs I’ll get it
Ishita is walking
A person appears and stabs her
Ishita falls
Ishita: Raman
Raman comes and sees ishita on the ground and a person
Raman: ishita
Ishita: aaaaaaa
Shagun: ishita
Everyone come and get shocked to see ishita stabbed
Mrs. Bhalla: who stabbed her
Raman: they’re was a person here and it stabed her
Ishita; Raman I don’t think I’m gonna make it
Raman: no
Ishita faints

Scene 2
Raman reaches a hospital with ishita
Doctor: well check her
Raman: please make her fine
Ishita is taken in observation
Doctor: she is in critical
Nurse: Doctor her heartbeat has stopped Doctor: perform CPU now
The doctor performs it
Ishita doesn’t respond
Doctor: she is no more
Raman starts to cry and Ruhi Adi too
Everyone gets shocked
Shagun: I promise not to leave that person I will take ishita revenge
Mrs. Bhalla: we have to find out who did it
Raman: ishita didn’t die she’s alive she has to be

Scene 3
There is another patient in another ward
A girl comes runny
Girl eye are shown
Girl: Mama
Women: who are you
A person comes
Person: she lost her memory beta it will take time
Girl: I’m Mohini
Women: last thing I remember is my name is ishita and that’s all
Women face is shown it’s ishita
Ishita: who are you
Person: I’m your husband your name is Zoya
Ishita: Zoya
Person: my name is karan
Karan eyes are shown
Karan face then
Ishita: I don’t remember anything

Scene 3
Ishita gets discharged while Raman is there crying
Shagun sees ishita
Shagun runs
Shagun: ishita
Ishita leaves with Karan and Mohini
Shagun: I saw ishita she is alive
Ishita reaches a home
Ishita is taken to a room
Karan: sleep and rest
Ishita goes to sleep
In her sleep
Ishita sees Raman
Raman: your my life.
Ruhi: ishima
Ishita wakes up
Ishita: why am I having these dreams
On the other hand

Precap: Shagun in the market clashes with ishita Shagun:ishita 

Spoiler: lookalike in the story

I hope you guys liked this new track

Promo for tomorrow
Shagun is seen walking
Shagun clashes with someone
Ishita: sorry
Shagun: ishita
Ishita: who Is this ishita

Will shagun do anything to make ishita memory comeback or will ishita remember shagun don’t forget to read my story tomorrow

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Is that ishu’s ghost on Zoya?

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice track yaar…..go ahead…… Eagerly waiting for your next update…..

  3. nice….. is that realy zoya or isu very exit waiting for next

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