Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 12


Ishita and Raman pyaar milega dubara part 12
Hi everyone sorry for the late update my exam will end soon im posting a short one thanks everyone for your support
Scene 1
Shagun is seen walking
Ashok comes
Ashok: hello beautiful I missed you
Shagun: what
Ashok: your beautiful as light but your ugly as hell
Shagun: shut up Mr. Khanna
Ashok: why don’t you ishita had a false report and they accepted you ishita did a lot of drama
Shagun; how do you know this much
Ashok: Shagun don’t ask you wont know but do realize there is a informer in this house if I tell that person that person can destroy your whole family
Shagun turns on the recording of her phone
Ashok: there is a informer in Bhalla house that can harm them
Shagun: I wont let that happen
Ashok: think which side you are on bye
Ashok tries to hug Shagun
Shagun: stay away from me
Ashok leaves

Scene 2
Shagun goes to ishita
Shagun: ishita I have to tell you something
Ishita: what is it
Shagun plays the recoding
Ishita gets shocked
Ishita: how can this happen a informer in my house I wont leave that informer this time
Meanwhile the informer gets a call
Ashok: hello
Person: yes
Ashok: kill shagun
Person: what
Ashok: I want shagun gone
Person: ok
Ashok: get your job done kill shagun then Raman is next
Ishita is standing outside Ashok khana room and gets shocked
Ishita was standing since she came to warn Ashok
Ishita comes In
Ashok gets shocked
Ishita: Ashok Khana im warning you that stay away from my family
Ashok: time will tell
Ishita slaps Ashok
Ishita: that’s my warning
Ishita leaves leaving Ashok angry

Precap: Ishita and Shagun are thinking Ishita gets killed instead of Shagun leaving everyone shocked and everyone cries
Spoiler: Ishita to get killed by mistake Raman nd the family members break down Shagun vows to take revenge
Don’t worry fans of ishita and Raman
Ishita will have a comeback but time will tell

Precap for tomorrow
Ishita: what can we do
Shagun: I don’t know
Ishita gets killed
Raman and familymembers breakdown and cry
Shagun vows Revenge
Has ishita story really ended? Is ishita still alive or has ishita really dies?
News for people who are sad
Ishita will have a comeback but in a different style there will be a twist

Credit to: AHT

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  1. What?? Ishu’s death..OMG…

    1. hI Nivedha thanks for comenting i wasnt able to post a part today since i was busy i will post soon Ishita death is a new track there will be twist Dont worry Ishita will return to his story soon

  2. what twist

    1. its a track dont worry ishita wont be dead this is a new track im thinking of will post sunday thanks

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