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Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 11


Ishita Raman pyaar milega dubara part 11
Hi everyone thanks for commenting due to a lot of people feeling sad for Ishita I am sorry you can’t have romance in one day and then the girl becomes pregnant you tell me if you agree then tell me im sorry again to everyone
Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are talking
Raman: I can believe I am going to become a father
Ishita: I can’t believe it either
Ishita: im so happy
Ishita phone rings its downstairs where the family is talking
Ishita goes and sees doctor call
Ishita: hello
Doctor: Mrs. Ishita Bhalla you aren’t pregnant we send another patient report you aren’t pregnant you just took too much stress im sorry to tell you
Ishita: thank you doctor
Ishita ends the call
Mrs. Bhalla: well have a big baby shower
Mihika: di what will it be a boy or a girl
Ishita (angrily): just stop it Mihika
Amma: Ishu what happened
Ishita starts to cry and runs upstairs
Raman: I’ll go see
Raman goes but the door is locked
Raman: Ishita open the door
Ishita: leave me alone
Ishita cries
Raman: what happened Ishita?
Ishita: leave me alone for a while
Raman: ok just tell me what should we name our baby
Ishita cries more
Ishita: go Raman im not in the mood to talk to you
Raman goes

Scene 2
Raman comes downstairs
Raman: she locked the door and isn’t opening it she said she needs some time alone
Mrs. Bhalla: what happened to her?
Raman: I think she’s just tired
Mrs. Bhalla: no they’re has to be a reason or ishita won’t cry this bad something is wrong we have to find out Raman
Raman: I’ll ask her soon
Ishita comes downstairs with a suitcase
Ishita: Raman I am leaving the house
Raman: what
Ishita: Amma I will stay at my house I don’t want to stay here anymore
Raman: ishita you can’t leave without answering me what happened
Ishita: Amma please tell them not to talk to me
Shagun: ishita what happened
Ishita texts Shagun
Shagun gets shocked
Ishita text says
I am not pregnant I am just trying to make them hate me so I can go I can’t give them happiness
Shagun: ishita that’s not a fact you don’t have to leave this house for that
Shagun: Raman ishita isn’t pregnant there was a misshapen of reports
Raman gets shocked as well the family
Raman hugs ishita
Raman: we will deal with this you are not going to leave this house I tell you
Ishita: fine I won’t
Ishita cries Raman pacify her
An alarm rings
Raman: why is that alarm ringing?
Mrs. Bhalla: oo that was for Shagun proven innocent or not
Shagun: I’ll pack my stuff
Mrs. Bhalla: for telling the truth I consider you have changed for telling us what happened I consider you as my daughter now
Mrs. Bhalla hugs Shagun
Ishita gets happy and smiles

Precap: Ashok meets Shagun and threatens her that there is an informer in this house Shagun gets shocked
Spoiler: The Informer is not Sarika for a fact she is not in this story Romi is but not married in the upcoming episodes Mihika and Romi marriage will happen

My exams end Next Monday so from then I will be posting combined and long parts maybe from next week Tuesday Thank you

Credit to: AHT

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