Ishita Raman Pyaar milega dubara love story part 10


Ishita Raman pyaar milega dubara part 10
Hi everyone thanks for the support you all have given me I love writing this story now remember my exams start so I will be posting short ones until Thursday or Wednesday im sorry to everyone I thank you for your support
Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are talking
Raman: ishita I love you more than anything but I wanna know why you allowed shagun to stay
Ishita: I know I love you to but there is a reason I saw her fight for us at ashok
Raman: what
Ishita: its true we only have tomorrow and the next day to prove her innocence
Raman: lets sleep
Ishita sleeps while raman is awake looking at her
Raman hugs ishita and puts his leg on the and sleeps
Its morning they hear arti

Ishita and Raman wake up
Everyone get downstairs
They get shocked to see shagun doing arti
Shagun touches Mrs. Bhalla feet
Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked
Shagun then gives Prasad to everyone
Mrs. Bhalla: you done with your drama you think you can take ishita place
Shagun: im trying to become ishita sister I wont do anyharm
Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked
Shgun: I will act normal but I don’t have any evil plans
Everyone gets shocked to see shagun changed behavior
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita you have until tomorrow night if she doesn’t harm anyone shell be allowed to live and you have to prove it
Ishita: ji
Mrs. Bhalla leaves

Shagun: ishita I wanna thank you for supporting me actually your reports came there on the table
Ishita: okay
Scene 2
Ishita is seen walking by the table
Ishita: o my reports I forgot to look at them
Ishita opens the seal
Ishita reads cancer examination
Ishita gets relieved no cancer
Ishita sees pregnancy test and its positive
Ishita gets shocked
Ishita GOES TO Raman
Ishita: Raman your gonna become a father
Raman: what
Ishita gives him the reports
Raman hugs ishita
Raman: we never came close until then how did this happen
Ishita: you drank beer 3 months ago and you did somethings with me you don’t remember
Raman: im sorry for not knowing
Ishita: its okay
Raman goes and calls the family
Everyone come

Raman: we have an announcement
Mrs. Bhalla thinks its about shagun
Raman; ishita and I are gonna become parents
Everyoen gets shocked then hug ishita and Raman
Shagun hugs ishita
Shagun: congrats
Shagun is seen happy
Mrs. Bhalla is shocked to see no reaction in shagun
Mrs. Bhalla: she cant change never

Precap: Ruhi and Adi return they hug ishita and then get shocked to see shagun

Spoiler: Ruhi and Adi get shocked seeing Shagun Adi to tell shagun ishita is their real mom Sarika returns since she went out with romi

Ishita report was mistake results
Ishita cries
Ashok: there is a person tahst keeping track of Bhalla
Shagun: what
Ashok leaves

Who is this Person? This is not Sarika this time Who is the betrayer dont forget to read the next parts

Credit to: AHT

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